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Why American Christian Persecution is Here & Increasing

by Jerry Kelley (11/11/2023)

Those who know God and God’s people can see it. Persecution patterns repeat historically.

Seven hundred years before Christ, Isaiah was commanded to shout out loud, like a trumpet, and answer the popular question of his day to a people who thought they were pleasing God. (Isaiah 58)

The question, “Since we seek your Word, fast and pray, why God, are you silent?”

The problem – God’s people were not as God-pleasing as they mistakenly thought. American Christians, Protestant and Catholic, have the same problem. Christ is trying to get our attention too by –

  • 2000 American churches, forced to lockdown, have not returned after covid.
  • Christians are in US federal prisons now based on their beliefs.
  • Christians have been discharged from the US military and lost retirements based on their beliefs.
  • U.S. military terrorist training lists Evangelicals at the top with Catholics following other bad actors, like Al Quaeda, Hamas, and the Ku Klux Klan.
  • FBI has raided the homes of Christians and arrested those who questioned the 2020 election and CRT in their schools.
  • FBI has been spying on Catholic churches.
  • Protestant pastors’ sermons were once subpoenaed by Houston city officials, backed down, but they and other cities’ officials will be back to put pastors in jail for their sermons against sin (“hate speech”).
  • Christian cadets at the US Air Force Academy have been discharged and forced to pay for their education. (The US military now has recruitment problems in all branches at a time our enemies are growing stronger with plans to target Americans via attacks of soft domestic targets by terrorists.)
  • Children have already been taken from good parents by multiple states.
  • California Senate recently passed a law labeling parents “abusive” if they do not agree with their “public” school’s transgender agenda. (Yes, their children will be taken by the state for this new regulation. “Spiritual abuse” will be added.)
  • Small businesses by Christians and others were forced to close, while big-chain stores remained open. (Are you aware that small business people are some of the major donors to the Republican party? Honestly, ask yourself – What party platform is the most immoral, anti-god, and anti-US Constitution platform in America? Have you been keeping up with the latest scientific understanding of viruses and vaccines? Are you sharing this knowledge in your communities? Do you understand that American lives were lost and doctor’s licenses were taken by scientific lies and censorship? Are you aware that truth is the best weapon against growing public fears? If public fears are not abated, why shouldn’t churches be closed down again? If you doubt that plans for another pandemic exist, you must see The GREAT AWAKENING documentary on this website’s home page in the Censored Documentary box.)
  • Major banking schemes of excluding traditional believers via inhumane labels by the Southern Poverty Law Center (Google them and look what they define as “normal.”) and coming social credit scores are designed to exclude people of traditional faiths, despite the fact such believers are the most generous toward people of all colors who are in need.

Let’s ask some questions starting with God’s Word and the so-called “seeking after it.”

Writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Peter wrote:

I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through your apostles. (2 Peter 3:2)

Christ, via the Holy Spirit, said through Peter, when the apostles speak, Christ speaks. In this verse, Christ commands Christians to go back and review His Words from OT prophets. Now let us review a few selections from OT prophets to see if we are really Christians – Christ obedient-followers

Q: How many Christians are so desirous to know God/Christ’s heart that they read the minor prophets?

Q: Could “Christians” be mistaken about their salvation since Christ said that only those who do the Father’s will goes to heaven (Matthew 7:21) and many ignore the Father’s commands given via OT prophets.

Q: Could we be suffering, because we don’t know what OT prophets (Christ’s heart) said against social, cultural and political evils and thus we don’t know what to do about it?

Christ spoke through Hosea and said, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

Christ spoke directly and said, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

Q: Do “Christians” understand that Christ wasn’t preaching the Gospel in Matthew’s quote above? While the Gospel is primary, why are “Christians” silent on other very important issues just as Christ set the example for us in Matthew 18:6 above?

Q: Do “Christians” really want to be like Christ?

Q: If “Christians” had this passion of Christ, why have our “public” schools been so decadent and children-unsafe for decades?

Christ spoke through Solomon and said, “The heart of the righteous studieth to answer . . .” (Proverbs 15:28)

Christ, speaking through Peter, said,  “ . . .Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15b)

Christ spoke through Solomon and said, “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” (Proverbs 18:17)

Christ spoke through Solomon and said, “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked.” (Proverb 25:26)

Q: Why are Christians not questioning the lies taught in their “public” school? Why are Christians not questioning the popular sound-bite lies in their communities?

Q: How knowledgeable are “Christians” of the deceptions that go unquestioned in their “public” schools and communities? How willing and ready are they to combat them?

Q: Do “Christians” understand that some of the once most atheistic/agnostic scientists are now believers in God because of the growing scientific evidence? Do they know who they are and of the evidence?

Q: Shouldn’t American children know about this?

Christ spoke through Paul and said, “Those who oppose him (Christian) he must gently instruct, . . .and that they will come to their senses and escape the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.” (Selections from 2 Timothy 2:25-26)

Q: Do Christians understand that the lost are prisoners of a spiritual war based on lies?

Q: How can Christians rescue the lost if they are not prepared to defeat lies?

Christ spoke through Hosea and said, “You have kings, but not by me.” (Hosea 8:4)

Q: Are we reaping what we’ve sown for decades, while Christian “public” school teachers were made into second-class citizens and atheistic/agnostic teachers had full academic freedom of expression for their philosophies?

Q: Could this explain why militant socialists, anti-Christian and God-hating political power increases?

Q: Since the American Church was once in control of public education, but gave it up to the state, doesn’t this one mistake now demand that the American Church become political to regain its lost influence in public education?

Q: Why have so many churches been silent on the second-class citizenship status of Christian teachers in “public” schools or silent concerning School Choice policies for decades?

Christ spoke through Isaiah and said, “Is not this the kind of fasting (religious activity) I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke.” (Isaiah 58:6)

Q: Those reading Isaiah 58:7, will likely say, we’re OK, because of our nurturing ministries. But isn’t partial obedience still disobedience?

    Christ directly taught, They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you . .  . in prison, and did not help you? He will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me. Then they will go away into eternal punishment. . .”  (Selections from Matthew 25:44-46)

Q: Will Christ be asking, “Why did you ignore children trapped in atheistic/agnostic government schools and Jan 6th political prisoners? Did you not realize as you ignored them, you were ignoring me?

Christ spoke though Solomon and said, “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?” (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Christ directly taught, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”  (Matthew 5:13)

Q: Is not Christ warning that “Christians” will be trampled by godless men into second-class citizenship status and worse if we are saltless (lack persevering quality) in our communities?

Q: Could it be that our persecution is a function of our social, cultural, political and evangelistic inactivity and that from our biblical ignorance, caused by too many ministers hesitant to give us all of God’s Word on the controversial social, cultural, political and spiritual topics?

Christ spoke through Jeremiah and said, “But my people do not know the requirements of the Lord.” (Jeremiah 8:7b)

 . . . They do not plead the case of the fatherless to win it, they do not defend the rights of the poor. Should I not punish them for this? Declares the Lord. (Selections from Jeremiah 5:28-29)

Q: Do “Christians” understand that thousands of children have been sex-trafficked via our open southern border policy and that 85,000 are now reported missing?

Christ spoke through Amos and said, I hate, I despise your religious feasts; I cannot stand your assemblies. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Though you bring choice fellowship offerings, I will have no regard for them. Away with the noise of your songs! But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:21-24)

Q: Is Christ much more concerned with righteous public policies flowing throughout our society, like a mighty river, than our token worship services?

Christ spoke through Amos and said, “Hate evil, love good, maintain justice in the courts. Perhaps the Lord God Almighty will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph.” (Amos 5:15)

Q: Does this not speak directly for social and political action by really loving and caring people, who are seriously concerned for suffering humanity, since our public policies have been hijacked by wicked politicians and evil bureaucrats?

Q: When was the last time your minister encouraged you to help with legal expenses of other Christians that the godless bring lawfare against?

Q: Does Amos’ verse above show that God’s mercy can be withheld from a group based on their civil inactivity which is disobedience against Christ’s Word?

Q: Do you wonder how Christ will judge you while you inactively watch the news and mistakenly believe “God’s in total control”?

Christ spoke through Obadiah and said, “Because you stood by in your ‘neutrality’ while Jerusalem was attacked, I will judge you as attacking Jerusalem.” (paraphrased of Obadiah 11)

Christ spoke through John and said, “. . . the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” (1 John 5:19b)

Christ spoke through John and said, “ . . .The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” (1 John 3:8b)

Q: Dear Christian, how much do you want to be like Christ again?

Christ directly taught, “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matt 25:30

Christ spoke through Paul and said, “Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.” (1 Timothy 4:16)

Christ spoke through Paul and said, “ . . . Continue to work out your salvation with fear andtrembling.” (Philippians 2:12)

Q: Dear Christian, were you ever warned by your minister to be sure to complete your salvation?

Q: Could it be that while Armenians and Calvinist argued over the loss-ability/non-loss-ability of salvation, that both sides lost souls to eternity by their incomplete salvation doctrines?

Q: Why is it that many “Christians” can quote Paul’s, ” . . .You are not under law, but under grace” (Romans 6:14b), but cannot quote Paul’s “Do we then nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law” (Romans 3:31)?

Q: Can Christians explain why Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired words are not contradictions?

Q: Could it be while Catholics mistakenly attempt to earn their salvation through works, that Protestants fail to work out their salvation via biblically obedient and Holy Spirit directed works?

Christ directly taught, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.’ Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” (Matthew 7:21-23)

Q: Could it be that these amazing miracle workers were used by Christ in special ministries to meet the needs of the hurting, but these “ministers” remained disobedient to Christ in other areas?

Q: Could it be possible that these amazing ministers falsely measured their union with Christ based on their special gifts alone, which was Christ’s gift to them to meet the needs of the hurting, and not by their living-out all of Christ’s commands?

Q: Could it be that these amazing ministers for Christ would have boldly claimed that Christ was their Lord too, if they were challenged with just one example of their ignorance and rebellion against Christ’s heart on social and political troubling issues, they were silent on?

Q: How can anyone awaken a deceived soul who’s mistaken about the Lordship status claim in their spiritual life?

Christ directly taught, “But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 8:12)

Q: Of all people, since the “children of the kingdom” should have known better, what fooled them?

Christ directly taught, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. (Luke 13:24)

Christ taught via Peter, “Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 1:10-11)

Christ spoke through Peter and said, “And, if it is hard for the righteous to be saved . . .”  (1 Peter 4:18a)

Q: As you think about the above verses, what jumps out at you? How does any of this compare to what you’ve been taught?

In contrast, salvation is usually presented as a result of a single decision, made in a moment of time by confession and faith only, and not a process. Christ’s teachings show otherwise. In truth, salvation is both an event and a process.

But it is so much more popular to explain how easy a soul can be saved and once you’re in, you’re in! You’ve just gotta believe!  John 3:16 – remember?

Christ taught otherwise via James, his half-brother. You see a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone. (James 2:24) The demons also believe in Christ. (James 2:14-26)

Christ taught the same via Paul. “God will give to each person according to what he has done. To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.” Romans 2:7

Once you’re in, it’s also taught that spiritual maturity or sanctification is a natural work of the Holy Spirit. “It just comes naturally. So don’t worry about it.”

Q: If sanctification (spiritual maturity) is so natural, why then is the divorce rate among “Christians” not that different from non-Christians?

Q: Why did Christ warn the Revelation Churches to return to their first love or to overcome, so their names would never be blotted out from the book of life, if spiritual maturity was so natural? (Revelation chapters 2 & 3)

Once a new family is part of a growing Christian fellowship, it’s important that only nurturing ministries are emphasized. This keeps everyone busy with feelings they are truly serving God. Nurturing-only ministries ensures that the fellowship does not risk negative reactions from anyone in the group or outside in the community. After all, we must constantly maintain a positive image to attract more families. If a minister is pressured to get “political,” it’s always best to invite an outside speaker for this, but don’t dare to do anything beyond this, if you want to keep the unity in the fellowship. If sin is preached against, be sure it only pertains to individual sins like drugs and sex outside marriage. Don’t dare mention our corporate, collective, public-policy political sins. Politics unnecessarily alienates people. (Amazingly, the woke churches, have jumped on popular fears, like climate change that’s supported by scientific censorship. If one gets into the scientific details, the scare that the world is coming to an end is not so imminent.)

In contrast to Christ’s warnings above, many ministers have majored in motivational and psychological comforting sermons. This is “Church as a spiritual hospital” or the “Seeker sensitive” approach. This is where you can hear, “There’s nothing you can do to take yourself out of God’s loving hands,” despite the fact, the Holy Spirit inspired Jude to say, “Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life” (Jude 21). Did you also notice that eternal life was not exactly possessed by Jude’s listeners? The former is easy listening and doesn’t put any guilt trip on anyone. Therefore, it ensures a continuing returning clientele in a culture of Christian consumerism. Where’s the outward focus and strategy on reaching the lost and opposing evil public policies that entrap souls with lies for eternity? Instead, “We’re going to church to recharge our spiritual batteries.” Forget the idea that American Christians need a spiritual bootcamp for predatory training in the spiritual war we are now in.

Unfortunately, this defines American Christianity in practice and is more common and grievous to the Holy Spirit and Christ than most “Christians” perceive. Besides ensuring spiritual and biblical immaturity continues, it’s also eternal soul-damning. For this reason alone, there shouldn’t be any doubt why Christ is permitting the American Church to come under increased persecution. Look at all the OT stories of God’s people. They didn’t know to repent until things got really bad. We are well on our way toward serious persecution.

One pastor privately admitted why pastors avoid scientific apologetics. The reason – Pastors are fearful that old-earth creationists and young-earth creationists will create debates and controversies in their fellowships. This is also why School Choice is seldom addressed. There’s fear and confusion about the real cause of State Controls.

Christ spoke via John’s revelation and said, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, . . .shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death” (Selections from Rev 21:8).

One pastor, during his Sunday morning sermon, admitted, “There are people here who believe we should wear face masks and others who believe we shouldn’t. Personally, I’m not going to go there.” (The scientific facts on N95 facemasks are out. If this minister keeps his people ignorant, then they have no truth-tools to calm the fears of their neighbors. Why shouldn’t Christ permit another plandemic and close down his church again? If that minister is sinfully silent on popular lies in his community, how is his congregation to oppose the darkness with the truth?)

One pastor privately admitted that their staff does not want the risk of protesting the Air Force Academy commander’s call for expelling Christian cadets at the local Air Force academy. Yet that Church has a sign outside saying, “YOU ARE LOVED.” What a farce! Real love involves brave sacrifice. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).

One can easily get the impression that it’s not the IRS, but fear of controversy that silences most ministers. If pastors had full rights to espouse their political views, some would publish their concerns, but too many others have fellowships to grow and wouldn’t dare. 300,000 American churches are still silent on the listed abuses against Christians as outlined earlier in this essay. Why are they still silent?!

It seems these “pastors” are already living Alexander Solzhnitsyn’s warning in Live Not By Lies. He stated, “We just fear acts of Civil courage. We fear only to lag behind the herd and to take a step alone, and suddenly find ourselves without white bread, without heating gas and without a Moscow registration.” Solzhnisyn could have added, “and with diminished donations.”

Solzhnitzyn added, “And they put on trial anybody they want and they put sane people in asylums . . .” Are not the American godless doing that now to their political enemies – Christians, while “Christian” ministers remain silent?

Speaking through Isaiah, Christ said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, … who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent, … for they have spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel. Therefore, the Lord’s anger burns against his people . . .” (Selections from Isaiah 5:20-25)

Is not silence an affirmation that nothing needs correction?

Amazingly some pastors respond as the godless, who want to invent their own reality, by not answering or asking questions, but block emails instead. One closed the church door in my face to immediately cut off the conversation. Many others do not even acknowledge my letters. Such responses are clear violations of Christ’s command through Isaiah – Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord” (Isaiah 1:18). As the godless pick us off individually, the ministers’ day of judgment will come if they remain silent.

Q: Would not the miracle workers in Mattew 7:22-23, doing amazing things for Christ as their “Lord” too, also likewise react as the above if so challenged?

Now let me give the question that today’s pastors are unable to answer with a little preparation first.

Here’s the preparation: On May 22, 1787 twelve Christian businessmen met in a London printshop and developed “the most ambitious and brilliantly organized citizens movements of all time.” That’s according to Adam Hochschild, author of BURY the CHAINS – Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves, page 3.  What did they do? In a 9-out-of-10 culture that thought nothing wrong with slavery, they flipped it without a war, 23 years before our Civil War and successfully eliminated slavery throughout the British Empire. How did they do it? They passed out tracts, essays, initiated boycotts, held meetings, developed societies, collected petition signatures, put up signs – ideas and actions that today’s political activists have learned and adopted from these godly Christian men and are now using against us with their lies. What were these early Christian activists fighting? Lies about slavery. One being, that slavery was a blessing to remove such people from barren wasted land. Even the Amazing Grace hymn writer, John Newton, once believed Blacks lacked souls. Can you think of any lies we need to contest? How is the American Church going to do this if her ministers remain cowards? If we don’t contest the lies, what will stop the continued legal prosecution by injustice based on lies? How can any minister be so deceived and think he’s “political,” if he does not follow the example of these British Christian men and challenge the lies in their communities by invading their communities with truth, instead of expecting the community to come to their fellowships?

Now the main unanswered question: Why didn’t American Christians learn from the British Christians? Civil War era ministers, North and South, gave the same answer ministers give today – “The Gospel is primary!” No debate there, but is that Gospel Christ-honoring if it’s not following Christ’s Words as spoken from OT prophets too? How Christ-honoring is that “Gospel” if it doesn’t transform society? Over 600,000 American Civil War dead testifies that God can be grieved with judgment following. Yes, there are believers in Jesus Christ in hell because of their silence and fears to stand for truth on the slavery question. (See John Newton’s personal testimony in the next essay if you doubt that. A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy – Prov 29:1) ) Today’s ministers need the same answer the British Christian activists gave William Wilberforce when he was considering leaving politics for the ministry. See Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s movie – Amazing Grace for their answer given to Wilberforce . . . “Sir, we believe you can do both.” Listed Holy Scriptures in this essay shows that Christ commands it!

Consequently, Wilberforce successfully defeated British slavery via politics.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Glod
– Jesus Christ in quoting Moses, who was inspired by God, in Deuteronomy 8:3 (Matthew 4:4).

Now imagine standing in front of this infinitely Holy God, who judges by every word of God, as well as the attitude of hearts toward His Word. (The man who hates his brother is equivalent to a murder and without everlasting life – 1 John 3:15 Even the attitude of unforgiveness keeps people out of heaven – Matthew 6:15). If you had an attitude of choosing what you wanted to obey from God’s Word and taught the same by your life-actions, how do you honestly think such rebellion will go for you on your judgment day?

“For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, . . .”  – Christ via Samuel (1 Samuel 15:23a)

LINK (59 min) A Call for Freedom – Reformation Documentary with Dr. Erwin W Lutzer

While the Catholic Church once comforted “believers” with false salvations via indulgence sales, too many Protestant Churches have taken the laities’ money and comforted mistaken “believers” with false salvations too. This is evident by common Protestant biblical ignorance and lost convictions for the things that troubles Christ. Where are the warnings that without a hunger for God’s Word, a soul cannot claim a desire to please Christ? A heart and soul that is not totally seeking biblically obedient faith for all of life does not have a saving faith. Isn’t the major sin ignoring or taking God on one’s own terms after Christ has given you everything?

How many Protestants, ignorant of their Bibles, can say with the Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther . . .

My conscience is taken captive by the Word of God. To go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Martin Luther


LINK- See Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s personal 3-page-essay warning – Live Not By Lies (We are well on our way to his country’s nightmare)


 LINK – See Angel Studios – Live Not By Lies

Why Vote if Elections are Stolen?

Good question. This question could also be a measure of truncated spirituality.

If we only vote, we will lose.

Speaking through the prophets (2 Peter 3:2), Christ said “Those who obey God resist the wicked.” (Proverbs 25:26; 28:4)

Will Christ ask on your judgement day . . .

  • Why did you believe evil men in public office was my decision, when I spoke through Hosea and said you have kings, but not by me? (Hosea 8:4, 1 John 5:19)
  • Why didn’t you do all you could to destroy the devil’s works like I set the example for you? (1 John 3:8)
  • Why were you not passionate against satanic indoctrination of children in your “public” schools like I was (Matt 18:6)?
  • Why did you have no active compassion and justice for the Jan 6th political prisoners unjustly held? (Hebrews 13:3)
  • Why did you think nurturing was the primary virtue, when I spoke through Isaiah and said there’s a place for combative ministries too – like freeing those in bondage – both American students and US political prisoners? (Isaiah 58:6,7)
  • Isn’t partial obedience still disobedience? (Isaiah 58:6,7)
  • Didn’t you realize when you ignored the least of these in prison, you were ignoring me? (Matt 25:41-45)
  • Did you not realize I judge those as wicked who have no concern for justice? (Proverbs 29:7, Psalms 94:16, Amos 5:15, 1 Timothy 1:10)
  • Were you not aware that I judge those standing by in neutrality as equivalent to perpetrators of crimes against humanity? (Obadiah 11)
  • Why should I accept you based on faith alone, when the demons also believe in me? (James 2:14, 17, 19)
  • Did you not realize that true spirituality, like real saving faith, requires biblically obedient faith? (Matt 7:21-23)
  • What did you do to work out your salvation? (Phil 2:12)
  • How did your temporal pursuits compare to your eternal pursuits? (Matt 16:26)

Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. (1 Timothy 4:16 goes also with 2 Peter 1:10-11)

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21)

But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 8:12)

Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. (Luke 13:24)

And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matt 25:30

And, if it is hard for the righteous to be saved . . .  (1 Peter 4:18a)

Only voting, at such a time as this, is a testimony of truncated spirituality and a function of an incomplete salvation.

Besides permitting tyrants to removed children from good parents, wicked lawfare against good people opposing wicked public-policies, forcing church and small business closures, discharging Christians from the US military, imprisoning citizens based on their beliefs, and vote stealing to secure tyranny in America, what else must Christ permit in America to get the church’s attention to act against the evil anti-Christ media, bureaucratic, corporate and public policies? Could it be that the Holy Spirit has been so grieved by popular American easy-nurturing-only Christianity, that yields a false salvation, that God’s judgment is now falling upon us to get our attention? When will we repent and follow up with works of righteousness as Christ has commanded in both Old and New Testaments? (Matt 3:10, Rev 2:23, 2 Chronicles 7:14)

Share CensoredEvidence.org and Live Biblically Obediently, otherwise there is no eternal salvation and freedom will be lost.


For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure –
                                                                     Christ via Solomon – Proverbs 11:14 




Questions for Ministers & Christians or How to grow tyranny SILENTLY

Questions for Ministers & Christians or How to grow tyranny SILENTLY
by Jerry Kelley

Abstract: Unalienable Rights – God given Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Fundamental Question: Why is God now removing them?

Let’s take a brief step back in time and ask questions pointing to our issues today as well.

While John Newton, the Amazing Grace hymn writer, was the captain of a slave trading ship, he faithfully conducted Sunday services on his ship. During ocean crossings, with its long hours of solitude, Newton knew of no other calling that “affords greater advantages to an awakened mind, for promoting the life of God in the soul.” He spent one to two hours praying and reading his Bible each morning and prayed for “all debauched and profane persons such as I myself too long was.”(1) While docked, he also had lengthy Bible discussions with a visiting captain from time to time, while below deck men were chained together and lying in their own body waste and vomit. Thomas Philips personally witnessed and reported, “ . . . after enduring much misery and stench, so long, among a parcel of creatures nastier than swine.”(2) Men, women and children, all suffering from hunger, thirst, trembling with fears, sick and fatigued, and heartbroken for seeing family members killed in attacks from neighboring African tribes and stolen away months earlier, when docked at the arriving pier, many without clothing were shamefully paraded in front of the buyers. Mothers and daughters clinging to each other, were whipped until separated with loud cries and flowing tears. Husbands and wives, brothers and sisters were also separated. Never to see each other again.

John Newton, later in life, when reporting of the African wars said, “I judge, the principal source of the Slave Trade, is, the wars which prevail among the Natives” and “I believe, the captives reserved for sale, are fewer than the slain.”(3) Newton added that the desire for British goods modivated conflicts. For the CRT-indoctrinated, racial crimes are not functions of “white” rage, but of sinful greedy men of all colors. Unfortunately, rage for our time is more a function of media manipulation than truth. “Even Native Americans turned prisoners of war into slaves and sold them, both to neighboring tribes and to the Europeans.”(4) Newton added, “When the Women and Girls are taken on board a ship, naked, trembling, terrified, perhaps almost exhausted with cold, fatigue, and hunger, they are often exposed to the wanton rudeness of white Savages.”(5). Another clue of immoral sinful men again.

And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 
Genesis 6:6 (KJV)

John Newton left the slave trade after nine years of employment and only because of health reasons. He later became an ordained Anglican minister and then pastor of a growing popular church in London. Newton’s church had outstanding, comforting preaching, inspiring wonderful, worship songs and fellowship with nice and friendly people – reasons why Newton’s church was popular. Bury the Chains’ author, Adam Hochschild wrote, “Yet during the better part of a decade in the slave trade, and for some thirty years afterward [after leaving the slave trade in 1754]John Newton seems never to have heard God say a word to him against slavery.”(6)

Question 1: Does Hochschild’s criticism of John Newton, the Christian minister, cut into your heart? (It will be shown that John Newton heard God’s voice, but his initial and constant rejection of it, as a “Christian,” began to bring him into God’s judgment per his own testimony. This parallels the careless disregard many ministers and “Christians” have over a passon of Christ they mistakenly think will not be judged and punished too.)

Question 2: Are there any social or political evils you are resistant or hesitant to speak against? Why is that?

Question 3: Are you aware of those still in prison over two years, without speedy trials in violation of our Constitution, for simply walking through Capital doors, Security purposely unlocked on Jan 6th to let them in?

You can see Capital Security unlocking doors and one little boy still crying for his father on the home page of this site. While the godless, lying media emphasized the Capital attacks on the west, they didn’t show the peaceful protesters permitted entering on the east.

Question 4: For the past two years, did you ever tell your congregation how they can help free the crying little boy’s unjustly imprisoned father?  (Go to the bottom of the Home page of this site to see this little boy crying for his unjustly imprisoned father.)

  • Is not this the kind of fasting (religious activity) I have chosen: to lose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6 (NIV)

Question 5: Is it possible to get closer to the heart of God than when one sacrifices for the freedom of others?

Question 6: What if it was your son, brother, or father who was in prison under false terms, would you remain silent?

  • So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. – Jesus’ Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12 (NIV)

One wonders what went through John Newton’s heart and soul as he read Isaiah’s God-directed instructions against slavery and wicked bondage or Christ’s Golden Rule in his Bible. You will see other verses he and other ministers, even today, skip over as we continue this inquisition. One also wonders about our own ministers’ hearts and souls as they maintain their silence and indifference to our heavenly Father’s commands against evil public policies Old Testament prophets spoke often against.

  • I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through you apostles. 2 Peter 3:2 (NIV)

The Holy Spirit said though Peter, when the apostles speak, Christ speaks. Here we see Christ commanding us through Peter to seriously obey the holy prophets’ words as coming from our unchanging Father, who is one with Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Question 7: The Mesa County, Colorado Election Clerk, Tina Peters, a Christian lady, accidently caught Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jena Griswold’s software creating two sets of election books in a voting machine.  Not all votes were transfered to the second set of election books. Are you aware of this? 

Griswold wants Tina in federal prison via a rewrite of the script.

Question 8: Should Tina Peters have silently complied to the SOS’s request to retract her findings? If she shouldn’t be silent, why are you silent? See the Colorado box on this site for this evidence.

Question 9: Will our ignorance, silence and indifference put Tina in prison because we didn’t help her? Do you realize that by helping Tina, we are securing honest votes for all parties?

Question 10: If ministers don’t speak up and help Tina, why should any Christian participate in public service for our communities?

Question 11: Are you aware of the thousands of Christians discharged from the military and who lost retirements or that the military now lists Evangelicals at the top of their Terrorists Training list with Catholics following other bad actors?

See The Enemy’s Plans box on this site for this information. These people are the most generous and quick to help Americans of all colors in need, yet all Christians will continually reap the results of political evils and loss of religious freedoms if they remain silently indifferent and “saltless” against it.

  • Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked. Proverbs 25:26 (NIV)
  • Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Proverbs 31:8 (NIV)
  • Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers? Psalms 94:16 (NIV)
  • On the day you stood aloof while strangers carried off his wealth and foreigners entered his gates and casts lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them. Obadiah 11 (NIV)

Question 12: How can anyone worship Christ and at the same time remain silent and indifference to the Father’s Word and Christ’s heart to social and politically enslaving evils?

Question 13: Do you think history will hide your sinful silence for today’s issues or that continued injustices will not touch you or your loved ones if it is not resisted and defeated?

HEADS-UP WARNING: This essay is not isolated to physical slavery. It includes atheistic-indoctrinated-slavery American Christians have permitted for decades in defiance to Christ’s Words on education and who also disregarded past warnings of American prophets foretelling of the horrible consequences that are upon us now and increasingly coming. Evidence for all this will be given.

The apostle Paul wrote against slavery (1 Timothy 1:9-10) in the very slavery-saturated Roman Empire and had his letters distributed to all the churches far and wide. This alone could have put Paul in prison and those who distributed his writings.

Paul listed “slave traders” (NIV) / “menstealers” (KJV) as contrary to sound doctrine. 1 Tim 1:10 (KJV)

Question 14: Do you think the apostle Paul gave the threat of prison a hesitant second thought?

Question 15: If tax exemption status had been an issue in Paul’s day, would that have censored his Holy-Spirit-inspired directions to Timothy against Rome’s public policy of involuntary slavery?

Indentured or voluntary servanthood, an agreement to payback a loan via one’s service, another topic in scriptures, is not the topic of 1 Timothy 1:9-10.

Question 16: Does this show that Paul’s Holy-Spirit-inspired message to Timothy was not just concerned with the preaching of the Gospel?

English Christians, who knew their Bibles – Quakers, odd in dress and backward in speech, opposed slavery first, but no one listened. They were later joined by the newly forming Methodists, led by John Wesley. Wesley preached against slavery at risk of his life.

Commentators have noted, “Victorian Britain was the most religious society that the World has ever known.”(7) John Newton lived in the era just before or The Georgian era that was the religious seed for the Victorian era. The medical researcher and convert-from-atheism, because of the latest biological discoveries and author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Dr. Michael Denton, wrote that Britain’s religious culture was to change when in 1859 Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species. “The acceptance of this [Darwin’s] great claim and the consequent elimination of God from nature was to play a decisive role in the secularization of western society.”(8) (By the way, Denton shows scientific problems against evolution that has been censored from our “public” schools for decades. Shouldn’t children learn all the science on Darwinian evolution – for and against? Why doesn’t  the American Church fight for this?) We are focusing on a time just before massive secularization when religion played a central role in popular British discussions on almost any topic. Church attendance also found the least resistance before 1859. Going to church was the socially acceptable thing to do.

Question 17: What was John Newton, the Anglican minister, and his growing church doing while the Quakers and Methodists (an offshoot of the Anglican Church) were trying to awaken their “Christian” society to the evils of slavery?

Caribbean masters depended on a constant flow of new slaves, because of the high death rate. “An Antigua planter who bought some slaves from John Newton told him that his policy was “…with little relaxation, hard fare, and hard usage, to wear them out before they became useless, and unable to do service; and then, to buy new ones, to fill up their places.”(9) The Church of England was one such absentee slave owner too. Its missionary arm, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, would brand its slaves with a red-hot iron, SOCIETY. “The clerics on the society’s board notice the plantation’s high death rate, but made no move to change how it operated.”(10) The Archbishop of Canterbury wrote to a fellow bishop, “The Negroes in our plantations decrease, and new Supplies become necessary continually. Surely this proceeds from some Defect, both of Humanity, and even of good policy. But we must take things as they are at present.”(11)  Why didn’t someone question their “good policy” or even check to see if they were receiving all necessary information?!

Question 18: How would you have communicated that the “Defect” was connected to these “men of God,” who thought they were Christ-pleasing, but instead were living as though they were ignorant, indifferent or in rebellion to God’s Word?

Question 19: Is not this the same question we must ask of our ministers who remain silent on social / political evils of our time and how to combat the evils?

  • The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 1 John 3:8b (NIV)

Question 20: If worship involves the desire to be like the God one is worshipping, who really were the true worshippers on Sundays – the Anglicans or the Quarters / Methodists?

Question 21: Is our worship really Christ-pleasing as we ignore freeing the falsely accused unarmed “insurrectionists” or failing to protect Tina Peters or failing to seek justice for  military Christians who lost careers and retirements or failing to oppose evil indoctrinating bondage of atheism/agnostism on America’s youth in our “public” schools or silently permitting popular lies go uncontested in our culture?

The Church of England’s “good policy” continued because sugar grown in the Caribbean was king. It provided wealth to not only British plantation owners, but to many other trades – insurance companies covering for slave companies and sea captains in the risky business of transporting slaves across an ocean, as well as manufacturers of goods to take to Africa to sell for slaves. Who knows of the number of members in Newton’s Anglican church alone who profited from the slave supporting businesses?

Question 22: Could it be that John Newton and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s congregations thought all was well between them and God because of their Sunday morning positive messages, their self-congratulating feelings for all their wonderful missionary activities done in Christ’s name, and their growing congregations?

Isaiah chapter 58 and Amos chapter 5 are excellent biblical sources why God/Christ does not accept worship from His people who ignore and disobey His Word on social / political issues even in their ignorance. Isaiah 58 shows God’s people were puzzled. They fasted, prayed for revival and “worshipped,” but it was all in vain. They knew God wasn’t listening to their prayers, but wondered why. Many American Christians are just as perplexed. Do you really want a Great Awakening? Keep reading.

Woe to you who long for the day of the Lord! Why do you long for the day of the Lord. That day will be darkness, not light (for you, because of your disobedience). Amos 5: 18 (NIV)

I hate, I despise your religious feasts; I cannot stand your assemblies. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Though you bring choice fellowship offerings I will have no regard for them. Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!  Amos 5:11-24 (NIV)

WHAT! Let justice roll on like a river? Does that speak of right public policies and the politics that drive it flowing throughout society? Is God more focused on the practicality of true spirituality than its rituals?

Question 23: Do you wonder what John Newton or the Archbishop of Canterbury would have thought if a Quaker had sent them a letter with Proverbs 29:7 “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern”?

Question 24: Could it be that these men and their congregations would have vehemently protested that they were not wicked because of all their charitable missionary activities?

But justice for the poor is simply justice, which involves protecting rights, it is not charitable giving. Many American Christians mistakenly think and say, “I’m already pleasing God. What else can I do? Don’t blame Christians for society’s problems! Christians have done a lot of good already! How can God be upset with us?

Question 25: If British Christians overlooked justice for African slaves and were judged evil by God, why shouldn’t Christ judge American Christians as evil for ignoring His passionate millstone-necktie and swimsuit policy (Matt 18:6) for anyone deceiving a child against Him in our “public” schools – since such is satanic bondage too?

Question 26: Could real economic pressures and social status of some church members, along with biblical ignorance with life’s busy responsibilities contribute to Newton’s and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ignorance, hesitancy, confusion, silence and failure to take right biblical actions in their politics and social policies?

Newton would add, “The Slave Trade was always unjustifiable; but inattention and interest prevented, for a time, the evil from being perceived.”(12) Members in Newton’s church were busy with life’s responsibilities and confused by popular lies. All are similar parallel impediments for Christians today. Most American Christians are unaware of the social evils they have ignorantly promoted too.

America has paid dearly for past transgressions and you will see how, it is on the verge of paying a much more horrible price if she continues in her ignorance and silent carnalities of putting the cares of this life over Christ’s concerns. That ignorance rests upon our ministers to oppose popular lies, with all fervency, as if our house is on fire, because it is now.

  • . . . they do not know the way of the Lord, the requirements of their God. Jeremiah 5:4b (NIV) 
  • This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word. Isaiah 66:2b (NIV) 
  • But my people do not know the requirements of the Lord. Jeremiah 8:7b (NIV) 
  • Since they have rejected the word of the Lord, what kind of wisdom do they have? Jeremiah 8:9b (NIV) 
  • My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. Hosea 4:6 (NIV)

God, speaking though Hosea said, that He will remove his hand of protection from the children of those who ignore His law. The O.T. Law is composed of at least three parts. 1) Issues pertaining to religious symbolism pointing to Christ, like sacrifices. These Christ fulfilled. Isaiah 53 is a classic example. 2) Issues pertaining to specifics of Israel’s society and culture. And 3) Issues revealing the righteous character of God/Christ that never changes. We are seriously obligated to obey them. This is why the apostle Paul wrote, “Do we, then nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law,” Romans 3:31 (NIV). Most “Christians” do not even read the minor prophets. How can they know Christ’s heart on their social / political problems?

How did Britain’s children suffer that Hosea’s God said happens to people who don’t take God seriously in all elements of their lives? Newton reported of the deaths of Britain’s young men with, “[A]t least, one fifth part of those who go from England to the Coast of Africa, in ships which trade for Slaves, never return from thence.”(13) We can easily see the connection of Britain’s sins and God’s protective hand being removed from Britain’s children, but British Christians couldn’t see it. Too many were biblically ignorant and confused by lies circulating in their society. They were also focused on slavery’s profits.

American Christians are blinded for the same reasons. How have American’s children suffered? God has permitted the killing of our children by atheistic students we have nurtured in atheism in our supposedly “values neutral public” schools while we were busy with our profits. God has been trying to get our attention, but the cares of this life, maximizing profits (offerings too) and biblical ignorance have blinded us as well. Supporting detailed evidence is coming in this essay.

American churches were once in control of education for over two hundred years, but gave it up to the state. This one mistake alone demands that the American Church become political now to influence public education for the good.

Question 27: What does it mean to say, “Christ is Lord over all of life,” if ministers are hesitant to show Christians by examples how to be Christ’s representatives in all of life, including the political?

Question 28: Why shouldn’t Christian churches now be obligated to engage the political because of the state’s atheistic influence on children?

Question 29: Are too many “Christians” today following their culture’s leanings rather than God’s Word?

Question 30: If British “Christians” can be viewed as wicked in God’s eyes and not know it, what exempts American Christians from this same serious error?

Question 31: Do ministers share any blame for “Christian” ignorance and apathy on social or political evils and the problems in our schools?

In England, slavery was viewed as a “mild domestic service.”(14) It was believed that slaves came from a “remarkable horrid, dreary and barren country” and “that it was a kindness to deliver them out of it.”(15) This isn’t different from the social and political lies we hear today. The slavery issue was controversial for English pastors because of the deceptions. Only the truly informed, biblically obedient and brave tackled it and the lies surrounding it. Ramsay, a minister, taught the Bible to slaves in his home. One angry white man stood at the communion table in his church and showed him with curses while others walked out when Ramsay prayed for the conversion of slaves.(16) Should Ramsay have later visited his members with warning of their eternal judgment, despite their confessed faith in Christ? How does one confront a mistaken “believer”? Maybe Ramsay did. We don’t know.

Today our lying and censoring media have confused and divided Americans on many issues that are controversial too. Should pastors become elements of peace by bringing truth to deceived Americans, even if some walk out of their services?

FACT: Satoshi Omura and William Campbell are Nobel Prize winners for the discovery and development of ivermectin. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for years, safer than Tylenol, and if used early saved lives from Covid deaths. It’s also cheaper than vaccines. These scientists were censored.

FACT: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology behind Covid vaccines was also censored because he explained how viruses evolve. They become more communicable and less fatal. Yes, Omicron provides more robust natural immunity than vaccines. You can see Bill Gates regretting that “sad” fact at Censored Science on Covid and Vaccines box on this website. Gates is not likely to get his 20-to-1 return investment with Big Pharma now. Dr. Malone also explained that subsequent vaccine boosters diminish one’s natural immunity.

FACT: Director of NIH, Dr. Francis Collins together with Dr. Anthony Fauci, along with government and major media, have censored outstanding scientists at a time when all the best minds should have focused on the pandemic problem.

FACT: Former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon, believes 500,000 Americans have experienced early death because these vaccines were not tested per established safety protocols. (How prolife are we if we don’t share this information?) See Censored Science on Covid and Vaccines box on this website for all this evidence. If Christians distribute door-hangers with the above information and their church’s contact information, could it inspire their communities to trust them and seek them out for more information?

More Lies / Censorship by the Media Resulted in Lost Lives and Livelihoods hit the following topics:

  • Continuous bureaucratic messages from various institutions say we should still fear Covid (Walk into any UCHealth or Social Security office and note the Covid signs and face masks requirements, all false tokens of fear. Military bases have many still working from home today – date: 5/25/2023.)
  • World Health Organization’s growing power grab on personal liberties and religious freedoms
  • Losses of 2,000 American churches that have not returned after Covid
  • “Public” school abuses (indoctrination) on children without parental knowledge or School Choice
  • FBI arresting parents and other Christians for opposing CRT and gender mutilation of children
  • Prisons for January 6th unarmed “Insurrectionists” permitted into the Capital without warnings
  • Antifa members not punished for burning down minority-owned businesses
  • Major censorship of massive electronic election fraud evidence in all fifty states
  • Two years of daily lying on the Trump-Russa collusion hoax Muller’s investigation debunked
  • Censorship of Joe Biden’s questionable foreign relationships with money bribe transfers
  • Turning Global Warming into a cult-like topic by censoring scientists who disagree

Today’s controversial issues pertaining to health, life, death, lost incomes, decimating America’s economy, Christians discharged from the military with lost retirements. (The military has major recruitment problems now and has plans to lower entry requirements.) Increased indoctrination in elementary schools, children sexually deformed, lost freedoms, lost honest votes with added phantom votes, and jailed political prisoners without due process. What is the difference between American ministers’ silence, in their main Sunday services and major media’s censorship on what’s really happening?

Question 32: If it’s evil for major media to censor truth, why isn’t our pastors’ silence on important life and livelihood information judged as evil too?

Question 33: If popular deceptions are not countered with the truth, how are Christians going to be effective for Christ and for the good in their environments?

Question 34: Should the characteristic of “controversial material” be the controlling factor in what’s censored in our churches?

One local pastor admitted that different opinions exist on the wearing of face masks. He quickly terminated the topic by saying, “I’m not going to go there.” If this minister is unable to give the empirical scientific evidence on the ineffectiveness of N95 face masks, will he speak the truth that could help his congregation with other important life sustaining issues that are also offensive to others? How prolife are we? Does this pastor realize that continued false pandemic fears, if allowed to grow, will shut his church down again?

What were some of the possible biblical passages that could have been cited by the Quakers and Methodists and discovered in John Newton’s private devotion against slavery?

  • Anyone who kidnaps another and either sells him or still has him when he is caught must be put to death. Exodus 21:16 (NIV)
  • Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt. Exodus 23:9 (NIV)
  • Is not this the kind of fasting [religious activityI have chosen: to lose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6 (NIV)
  • This is what the Lord says: For three sins of Gaza, even for four, I will not turn back my wrath, Because she took captive whole communities and sold them to Edom. Amos 1:6 (NIV)

Question 35: Looking at the verses above, do you honestly think John Newton never heard from God, as Hochschild wrote, or was it more like John Newton didn’t have the courage to oppose the sinful, popular public policies of his day that were so divisive? (Read carefully, more evidence is coming.)

Question 36: From the references above, would Isaiah, Amos and other prophets speak of the need for politically action with loud voices against evil today?

Question 37: Are Christians ready to engage their world for right social and political policies over the priorities of their jobs by informing other Americans – ministers and Christians too?

John Wesley wrote Thoughts upon Slavery in 1774. John Newton finally wrote fourteen years later when he joined the slavery protest with, Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade in 1788, which included his public confession. Newton was instrumental in encouraging William Wilberforce to continue this fight in Parliament, while Wilberforce was considering the ministry instead. With the parallels in titles, one can’t help but think that Newton was finally influence by Wesley. He was, but why the fourteen-year delay?

Question 38: Are there any Holy Scriptures you have read and ignored because most other “honorable” church people you know don’t live by or teach the biblical standards?

Question 39: Are you thankful Newton encouraged Wilberforce to be effective politically for defending the weak and vulnerable by defeating the slave trade politically instead of going into the ministry?

Question 40: Do you understand that Newton had to become public and risk opposition for his position against slavery in supporting Wilberforce with pro-slavery people in his church?

Question 41: Do you have any idea how God would have judged Newton if he had remained silent?

Unfortunately, today some popular notions/cultures/policies have creeped into some churches. Did American Christianity buy into the mistaken idea that we must look like our culture so we’re less offensive and more accepting in order to help hurting people confused by it? Are we willing to compromise God’s Word with sin? If so, what does it mean to be saved from sin?

Question 42: With such “seeker sensitive” messages/policies, who’s kingdom are our ministers building – Christ’s or their own?

Enemies Within The Church is a must see documentary. Check out www.EnemiesWithinTheChurch.com. (Now this link doesn’t work. Order from Enemies Within The Church, 1603 Glenn Ellen Rd, Sioux City, IA 51106. Qty: 1-9 for $14.95 each; Qty: 10-24 take 15% off.)  We must know and use God’s Word as our standard even when it’s not popular.)

  • Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. Jeremiah 29:7 (NIV)
  • Hate evil, love good, maintain justice in the courts. Perhaps the Lord God Almighty will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph. Amos 5:15 (NIV)

Question 43: Does the above verses call for political action by Christian citizens in a government of, by and for the people?

Question 44: What are you doing to encourage others to be ministers for Christ in our political world? What political tools are you giving them?

  • “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” Matthew 5:13 (NIV)

Question 45: Isn’t Christ teaching that Christians must be preserving elements in every area of society or that society will trample Christians into second-class citizenship status?

Looking at the lost Christian freedoms, lost Constitutional rights and the aversion many pastors have on addressing evil public policies and politics, it should not be a mystery why Christians are losing their basic American rights. For anyone believing Christians today have been fully engaged and effective, more evidence is coming to closely tie our failures to the consequences (trampling) of loss religious freedoms by our government and the killing of Christian children by atheistic students.

Question 46: Are you aware that approximately half of Evangelicals are registered to vote and of this group, half actually do vote?

Question 47: If Christians fail to vote for Godly leaders, how can Godly judges be appointed?

They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes without my approval . . . Hosea 8:4a (NIV)

Unfortunately, we must now do more than encourage Christians to vote. As you review the massive electronic election fraud evidence at CensoredEvidence.org, we’ve lost the full power of our votes. Don’t be confused with some localized wins. We’ve lost more and will lose even more in the future because of the growing sophistication of electronic election fraud. Truth is our weapon. We must share it far and wide. When Americans fully understand, their votes are being cancelled by phantom voters, made in real-time, followed by voter rolls cleanups to hide the crimes, Americans will respond to protect their vote when they realize that godless, socialistic, and woke tyranny is coming upon us.

Yes, there will be those with the attitude, “Hey, why not cheat, since we know we’re right.” Ask these same folks, “Well, if your favorite candidate “wins” without your vote, will they read your letters of concern?” Tyrants in any party, who “won” by cheating, don’t care what concerns citizens or others even in their own party. The militant godless socialists in the Democratic party and the godless globalists in the Republican party is the one-party now. Yes, elements in both parties have been cheating in our elections for years. Please see the growing evidence from independent sources on this site.

Some states are implementing important measures now, but about half the country even knows of all the possible ways election crimes are committed. Even too many well-meaning Conservatives do not have a clue of the many ways elections have been stolen. Too many in our churches are overly occupied and distracted with life’s responsibilities. It’s time for our pastors to respond as pastors did in pre-American Revolutionary days to educate and motivate their people against tyranny and encourage them to spread the word to protect American freedoms for all citizens in all political parties. There are lawsuits needing support and fellow citizens to inform.

Question 48: Should Christians protest?

Question 49: Do you know what a good protest accomplishes and how to conduct one?

Question 50: Did Mordecai do the right thing with his public protest? (See Esther chapter 4)

Question 51: How would you grade Christian effectiveness in social policies or politics for our time? How many in your circle of influence know of election fraud and medical crimes?

Question 52: Can you honestly admit you share in the responsibility of our “Christian” pathetic political response?

Question 53: What have you done to help Christians spread the word on perils to American and religious freedoms at this time or of future church closures, bank accounts seized and children already taken from good parents by the state?

In his Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade, Newton acknowledged that after “many able pens …and respectable persons have already engaged,” he finally got involved too. Newton wrote that he had the “a conviction, that silence, at such a time, and on such an occasion, would, in me, be criminal.” (17) Notice – It’s the same message Mordecai gave Esther if she remained silent. . . “you and your father’s family will perish.” (Esther 4:14) This same judgment will fall on us for our silence too.

Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Psalms 97:10 (NIV)

Don’t miss the psalmist’s point. Those who really love the Lord are the faithful ones active and vocal against evil and only they will be protected by the Lord. This is the same message Mordecai gave Esther.

Question 54: What really made Newton’s silence criminal – The standard of others speaking against slavery first or failing to oppose what God always opposed and had already commanded in His Word?

  • The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 1 John 3:8b (NIV)

Question 55: Do we understand that God is no respecter of persons and requires all of us to model Christ’s attitude and action against evil?

Question 56: Are you waiting for “respectable persons” to speak first before you go public? Who is your idol? Is it the true God?

Thomas Clarkson, leader of a new abolitionist group in London, was almost killed by proslavery men on a pier one night. He had inspired twelve Christian men to meet in a London print shop and “begin one of the most ambitious and brilliantly organized citizens’ movements of all time.”(18) What did they achieve? Starting with a nine-out-of-ten culture that thought nothing wrong with slavery and very necessary for the economy, they turned their culture around twenty-three years before our Civil War without a war.  They used sermons, petitions, tracts, essays, societies, signs and boycotts – techniques invented by them are still used by political activists today to inform others of abuses and oppose commonly accepted lies, but are totally ignored by American pastors today. Thus, too many Christians fail to stand for righteousness and against wickedness in the public square. (Don’t be fooled by the pastor who invites popular personalities as “politically effective,” but fails to organize his people to inform their communities.) Public widespread communications are the keys to political success even in the face of hateful and life-risking confrontations. Lies must be confronted with facts, evidence and testimonies of personal transformations – all available on this site. These reformers believed that if Britons knew what really happens in the slave trade, people will oppose it. They were right. If Americans really understood how their freedoms of voices and votes are vaporating, they will oppose the evils.

  • Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 (NIV)

Question 57: Should Christians silently permit widespread lies to deceive an unsuspecting public without any push back with truth?

  • Woe to those who call evil good and good evil . . . Isaiah 5:20 (NIV)

Question 58: Are there any woes to those who fail to correct the good-to-evil swap and vice versa?

Question 59: If one knows the truth and remains silent, doesn’t that make that person guilty of lying too?

Question 60: Should Christians be involved politically?

Joseph and Moses appeared before Egypt’s Pharaohs, the OT prophets before multiple Kings, Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar, Nehemiah before Artaxerxes, and Esther before Xerxes.

Question 61: Do Christians have a God-directed responsibility to stand before legislative bodies and plead for righteousness with sound reasonings and warnings of horrible consequences to the innocent?

Question 62: Do Christians have a God-directed responsibility to quickly spread truth and publish a public-policy protection plan, as Esther did with Mordecai’s instructions that went throughout the kingdom on fast horses? (Read Esther 8:8-17)

Question 63: Shouldn’t the sinful decisions of politicians/judges and sinful silence of pastor’s be published to show their defiance and disobedience to Christ’s Words and then recalled/expelled from their positions or funding completely cut off?

Question 64: Do you know what it takes to be effective politically for Christ? If not, how can you help Christians in this important arena?

Question 65: How many in your congregation know the biblical references against not just slavery, but social and political evils of our day and how to oppose it?

When History was Used for the Glory of God – An Important Lesson on Helping the Right Cause

Jeremiah was once on trial for his life, but Israel’s elders stepped forward and recalled their history how God rewarded a faithful king and punished a wicked one. In that court conflict, a spiritual battle was contenting for Jeremiah’s life, but history rightly used and shared, spared his life. You can read about it in Jeremiah 26:12 – 24.

Question 66: Are we ready and quick to share important lessons in our history?

Thomas Jefferson knew the Bible spoke against involuntary slavery. Approximately one-hundred years before the Civil War, he wrote, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever. Commerce between master and slave is despotism. Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate [Bible] than that these people are to be free.” (19) Both Wesley and Newton gave scriptural references with warnings of God’s judgement in their essays too.

Question 67: Should Christians fear God’s judgment if His word is ignored?

Christ gave a warning to the Smyrna church, which was outstanding in comparison to all the other Revelation churches, by saying, “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Rev 2:10)

Question 68: Why didn’t Christ say, “You already have eternal life,” since he gave no rebukes to them in contrast to the other churches? Doesn’t this speak to the full obedience to the Lordship of Christ in all of life in order to reap eternal life?

  • He (Jesus) became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him – Heb 5:9b (NIV).
  • Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. 1 Timothy 4:16 (NIV)
  • Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 1:10-11(NIV)
  • If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, . . . 1 Peter 4:18 (NIV)
  • Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who dose the will of my Father who is in heaven. Matthew 7:21 (NIV)
  • But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 8:12 (KJV)
  • Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. Luke 13:24 (NIV)
  • . . . without holiness no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14b (NIV)

Question 69: Why is the admonition that salvation is not just a single-time event, but a necessary sanctification process over time, missing in many of our successful alter calls?  Could this be why too many “Christians” (including pastors) are really not Christian? (See the free digital book: That Other Jesus we don’t talk about – How we’ll lose our souls and country if we remain silent for more details at CensoredEvidence.org.)

Question 70: Could it be that God uses evil to test the faithfulness of His people and their commitment to His Word and Him?

Question 71: Have we made becoming a Christian so easy via confessional faith only, so we could grow our own “ministries” faster? Is the ministry you are supporting fully biblical?

Question 72: Why didn’t American Christians respect Thomas Jefferson’s biblical warning on slavery or follow in the British Christians’ example in opposing it?

Question 73: Is the over 600,000 American Civil War dead a testimony in agreement with Jefferson’s anticipated fear and biblical understanding of a God that can be grieved by disobedience and willful ignorance of His Word?

Substantial portions of the professing church in the North either took no role in abolition or actively opposed it.”(20) In the South, churches retreated into pietism – the church’s only business is to preach the Gospel and the way of salvation and say nothing against the evils in the world. (21) Of all people, American Christians, reading God’s Word and position on slavery, knowingly rebelled against God. Because of this sinful rebellion, apathy, and “neutrality,” God’s judgment fell on them. 300,000 American churches are grieving Christ’s heart by their sinful silence against social and political evils today.

A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed – without remedy. Proverbs 29:1 (NIV)

See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?  Hebrews 12:25 (NIV)

God tries to get his children’s attention, but if they rebel, they will reap God’s judgment. John Newton had sufficient warnings via his personal Bible study to know that he would fall under the judgment of God if he continued his rebellious silence, thus he wrote that he had “a conviction, that silence, at such a time, and on such an occasion, would, in me, be criminal.” (22)

Slavery Today Includes Atheistic-Indoctrination-Slavery

  • And that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will. 2 Timothy 2:26 (NIV)

Question 74: Where is the Christian strategy to free the prisoners of this spiritual and mental warfare in our “public” schools?

He (Christ) will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” – Christ in Matt 25:45 (NIV)

Any strategy that restricts evangelism to church attendance only is severely limited if it does not include our “public” schools. Why should the atheists/agnostics have sole unlimited evangelistic freedoms for their philosophies supported by our taxes in our “public” schools? Nontraditional religion is in our “public” schools.

  • You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for his is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44 (NIV)

Despite the fact that recent scientific discoveries have advanced the evidence for God like never before, the population of atheistic and agnostic American youth continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Satan, the father of lies, takes people captive primarily by their minds.

  • But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depts of the sea. Matthew 18:6

Question 75: Do we really share Christ’s passion against evil influence on children?

Question 76: What could be more evil than we permitting Satan to blind and bind children in lies for decades?

Question 77: Does Christ’s passion, expressed in Matthew 18:6 above, involving children’s education, suggest that something more than preaching the Gospel is commanded by Christ?

Question 78: Are you aware that the IRS permits churches to participate in legislative issues? Why not fight for School Choice?

Question 79: With all this humanistic cultic indoctrination, why have pastors remained silent about School Choice for decades?

Question 80: School Choice will provide an opportunity for evangelism of unchurched youth and their parents who now desire to remove their children from our “public” schools. Can America be any riper for a Great Awakening and Revival if Christians had Christ’s passion for School Choice in public education?

If all we do is vote for School Choice, it will never pass. School Choice wins where an organized effort exist opposing the most powerful special interest group on the planet – the National Education Association and its lies. If you don’t fight for School Choice, then fight to insure all the science on origins be taught in our “public” schools. Shouldn’t churches take an active roll to inform those, too busy with the cares of this life, of the crimes against their children schools are hiding from parents? Door hangers could help here.

What “public” school teachers are teaching behind parents’ backs and laughing about it (8-minute LINK)

Today we face a form of slavery, even more evil. Hundreds of thousands of young souls have been taken captive by satanic lies (1 Tim 2:24-26) in our supposedly “values-neutral public” schools for decades, while Christians paid their taxes to support it without any uniform resistance from us. David Noebel, author of the books: Clergy in the Classroom and Mind Siege is also founder of Summit Ministries. He said, “We are losing our finest Christian kids every day to a religion. I call it Secular Fundamentalism.” Dr. Noebel then asked, “Why are we only allowed to present this worldview to our young people in our classrooms today? The vast majority of Christians in this country don’t have the foggiest idea of what’s going on.”(23) You can blame their constantly comforting ministers who are fearful to raise controversal topics in their sancturies too.

Many ministers and Christians also know nothing of the atheistic/agnostic scientists who have had their beliefs radically changed by the Discovery Institute’s work. (See Discovery.org and their free videos in the “Censored Science on God’s Existence” box on this website while they are available. YouTube is constantly taking down stuff.)

  • Antony Flew was a famous British atheist for over fifty years. He went public in 2007 with his book, THERE IS A GOD – How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind. Who influenced him? Answer: The Discovery Institute. They influenced the following scientists too.
  • Dean Kenyon, Professor Emeritus of San Francisco State University, wrote the leading chemical evolutionary college textbook with a colleague in the 70s. Watch Unlocking the Mystery of Life, available on this website and you will see he’s a different man today.
  • Gunter Bechly, a renowned German paleontologist, has author or co-authored about 160 scientific publications, including one on evolution. He was curator for amber and fossil insects at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2009, during the bicentennial Darwin worldwide celebration, Dr. Bechly arranged intelligent design materials on the light weight balance scale side and the “real heavy evidence,” The Origin of Species, on the other scale. If you go to revolutionarybehe.com and scan to the 37:00 time, you can hear Dr. Bechly say, “I made one big mistake. I read the books on the lightweight side.

Question 81: Don’t have time to learn the science? Why not tell people to see “Censored Evidence for God’s Existence” box at CensoredEvidence.org?

[Side Note: When scientific evidence for God is mention, it’s surprising to hear, “We follow the Bible here.” It’s surprising because the Bible led to scientific discoveries. Matthew Fontaine Maury is the founder of oceanography and known as the “Pathfinder of the Seas.” What inspired him? Answer: His reading of Psalms 8:8 “. . . all that swim the paths of the seas.” If there were paths in the seas, he wanted to find them. Another verse that has inspired other scientists is Psalms 111:2 “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.” There’s also the popular quoted Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” It’s unfortunate many Christians can’t give a basic commentary how Psalms 19:1 gives God glory. What’s worse, is the missed opportunity to show how science properly understood and interpreted supports the Bible. The author of divine revelation (Bible) is also the author of natural revelation (science) as mentioned in Romans 1:20. Instead, we have permitted sinful men to pollute the correct interpretation of this natural revelation to America’s children, as cults have done with God’s divine revelation. For “Christians” to remain apathetic against this major sin of deceiving children, must seriously grieve the Creator’s/Christ’s heart and is also sinful for apathetic “Christians.”   “The heart of the righteous studieth to answer . . .”  –   Proverbs 15:28a (KJV)]

With all the latest developments in biochemistry, physics, astronomy and paleontology, the evidence for God keeps growing, but most of the world including Christians are completely ignorant of it. It’s been purposely censored from everyone.

Here is evidence for what can only be described as a supernatural event. There is no way that this could have been predicted within the realm of physics as we know it. – Allan Sandage – Astronomer and convert from agnosticism to Christianity because of the science – God’s natural revelation (Romans 1:20).

The best data we have (concerning the universe’s origin) are exactly what I would have predicted, had I nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, and the Bible as a whole. – Arno A Penzias, Nobel Laureate, physicist

One pastor admitted that “Pastors avoid scientific apologetics for fear the Old and Young Earth Creationists will have debating conflicts in their churches.” What an absolute pity to be fearful of conflicts when many are searching for God and the meaning of life and most Christians can’t even start with the growing scientific evidence for God. Without such knowledge, Christians don’t have a clue to actively promote all the sciences be taught in our schools or even begin a meaningful evangelical exchange with an atheist or agnostic. We are losing at the most fundamental level due to sinful fears and ignorance among “Christians” because of silent pastors.

But the FEARFUL and UNBELIEVING . . . shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. . . Rev. 21:8

Debates over School Choice will occur in our sanctuaries for the same reasons. The fear of state controls with direct institutional state funding is as real as the fear of Canaan land’s giants once were. Yet, funding students via scholarship vouchers, like GI bills, are not direct institutional subsidies.  State controls have not always followed. They will in this culture if Christians do not fight to protect the rights of all parents to send their children to the schools of their choice. To not fight for School Choice is a surrender to the present growing godless tyranny anyway. This will accelerate the loss of not just Christian liberties, but other basic American freedoms too. Do not think that tuition tax credits will escape attacks either. Instead of dividing among ourselves over funding mechanisms, it’s better if we unite and support all freedom of School Choice mechanisms/funding options. Otherwise, no one will win against the most politically powerful National Educational Association.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  – Thomas Jefferson

Question 82: Could it be possible that the Holy Spirit is grieved with our empty Sunday school classrooms, Monday through Friday in every American city, that could have been filled via a School Choice policy, while children are mentally, spiritually, physically and sexually harassed in our “public” schools by master-degreed atheists and atheistic students?

American Christians have permitted atheistic/agnostic indoctrination and bondage in our “public” schools for decades with little to no opposition from us. When American Christians realized they too have grieved Christ’s heart, by ignoring Christ’s passion for education, as American and British Christians once grieved Christ over slavery, America will have a revival and a rebirth of freedoms. Without this, mental/spiritual enslavement of American’s children will accelerate and increased godless tyranny will overtake us, as they steal even more political power in fraudulent elections, while we remain distracted with our own profits, pleasures and (church) programs. America and souls will be lost forever.

Question 83: Are Christians really passionate against the evil indoctrination of children? If so, why are our “public” schools in such a mess?

Question 84: If Christians were Christ-passionate against atheistic/agnostic indoctrination of children, why are secular religions growing among America’s youth? If there is no God, why shouldn’t gender, morality, and fair civil/political rules be questioned now?

Question 85: Do you share Christ’s concern and passion against evil teachers, institutions and public policies?

Question 86: How have you modeled the passion of Christ while our “public” schools have excluded the scientific evidence for God and accelerated moral, social and political decadence?

Question 87: What if most American Christians are not in synchronization with Christ’s educational priorities as Christians once were out of synchronization with Christ’s heart against physical slavery? What would be the consequences? (Hint: See Hosea 4:6)

Past American prophets who tried to warn us of the consequences are:

Rachel Scott, the first Christian student killed at Columbine, had a minister stand by her fresh grave and shout out in grief, “Where are prophets of God?!” If this minister had even the slightest element of Christ’s grieved heart on our well-known troubled schools, he would have heard from these prophets, because he would have been studying this issue for Christ’s solution. He, like most other “Christians,” assumed others were doing what Christ had commanded all of us to do.

  • Five years before the Columbine Massacre, Samuel Blumenfeld wrote in his 1994 book: NEA – Trojan Horse in American Education, “The system [public schools] has become so corrupt and perverse that children are at enormous risk the moment they enter it. They are at risk academically, spiritually, morally and physically.” (Ref: Last page in Preface to the 1994 Printing.) Blumenfeld wasn’t the only one warning us.
  • John W Whitehead in The Stealing of America (published 1983, pg. 123)
    If the church fails to have a significant witness in public education, where most of the next generation will be trained, then the next generation will inevitably be more hostile to Christianity than this generation. That could spell disaster.”  We are seeing the fruits of this today.
  •  Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s early 1980’s A Christian Manifesto recording, said the following: (Source: Truths That Transform, P.O. Box 33, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33302 www.coralridge.org 1-800-229-9673)

Where have the Bible believing Christians been in the last forty years?!! . . . This country is close to being lost, not first of all because of a humanists’ conspiracy. I believe there are those who conspire, but that is not the reason this country is almost lost… This country is almost lost… because Bible believing Christians in the last forty years, who have said that they know that the final reality is this infinite personal God, who is the creator, … they said they have known it, and they have done nothing about it as the consensus has changed! There has been a vast silence.”

“We face a worldview which would have never given us our freedoms, forced upon us by the courts and the government by men holding this other worldview… This other view is totally intolerant. I do not think we are going to get another opportunity if we do not take it now in this country. If the Christians specifically and others who love liberty, but specifically the Christians, do not do something about it now, I don’t believe your grandchildren are going to get a chance.” 

Hosea’s Prophecy Is Coming True for Our Time – The Killing of Christian Children by Atheists We Have Nurtured in Our “Public” Schools

The growing secularistic mindset shows anti-Christian sentiments including the killing of Christian children now, while the secular media hides this from Christians.

Case 1: Columbine Massacre: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and one teacher. Ten of the students were killed in the library where reportedly had over 50 students in the library. Students were asked if they believed in God. If they said yes, they were shot. The ballistics report revealed that it was Eric Harris who had killed Cassie. The “Basement Videos” reported Harris saying, “I will shoot the Christian girls in the head.” The secular media worked very hard to hide these facts. See Appendix C: The Columbine God Question – Why it’s Debated and the Ramifications by going to www.OurFault.org, then select the “Excuses” tab. Scan down to Sacred Rebellion, a free book by me with reasons why Christian children are targets in “public” schools.

The relationship between atheistic hardcore secularism and violence was clearly expressed during the tantalizing exchanges and cruel terrorizing violence of Columbine’s bloody and heartless massacre. The media both tried to hide it and then later confused Christians about it when it leaked out.

Case 2: Christian students shot while praying: In Paducah, Kentucky a student open fired on students praying. Three girls were killed another was paralyzed from the waist down, and four other students were wounded. Kids Who Kill, Mike Huckabee, George Grant, Ph.D. (published 1998) pg. 11.

Case 3: Transgender killer targeted Christians: Three nine-year-old children and three adults were killed at a Nashville Christian school by a Christian-hating transgender killer who broke into the school, while the secular media responded with sympathy for the transgender confused.

Case 4: Another Transgender killer wanted to shoot up schools and churches in Colorado Springs

Source 1: Freedom Press – News for the people, by the people article titled: Trans Suspect Apprehended Prior To Attack on School by Darian Douraghy, April 8, 2023.
Source 2: Chaplain Klingenschmitt, PhD article titled: Copycat Transg Church/School shooter Stopped, April 12, 2023.

The common, past Christian response to all this wickedness is, “God’s in control.” This does nothing but inoculates Christians against Christ-pleasing action against wickedness. The better answer is, “God is trying to get our attention, so we will have the real passion of Christ on education and other social/public policy issues.” It’s the fulfilling of Hosea 4:6 again:

  • My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. Hosea 4:6 (NIV)

God is removing his protecting hand over us and our children because we have ignored Christ’s desire for education. Many “Christians” will oppose this with, “God isn’t that cruel!” It’s true, God isn’t cruel, but our carnalities and rebellion give God no other choice to get out attention, since many of us only seriously seek God when we are hurting. Our mistaken understanding is that church attendance and giving offerings is all that God requires of us. Read Isaiah 58, Amos 5 and Hosea 5 carefully.

There are other consequences for ignoring God’s Word – It’s tyranny. As Israel forgot God’s Word and lived as they felt right, they seriously grieved God/Christ. They came under multiple tyrants. American is falling under the same judgment of tyranny for ignoring God’s / Christ’s Word too.

Question 88: Could we be as blind to our sins of permitting atheistic-mental-slavery of America’s youth, as British and American “Christians” once were to physical slavery?

Question 89: If nurturing isn’t the prime virtue, do you know what is? (Obeying God)

Question 90: Look at the decadence in our schools for decades and most pastors are still silent! Do we not have the passion of Christ?!

Question 91: What will happen to us if we do not have the passion of Christ against satanic indoctrination in our “public” schools?

God speaking through Obadiah said to a group of people standing back in their neutrality while Jerusalem came under attack, “I will judge you as attacking Jerusalem.” (Obad. 11) This same judgment, by our unchanging God, will fall on American Christians for failing to have the passion of Christ against wicked atheistic indoctrination of children and for their “neutral” position which isn’t.

  • Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done. Proverbs 24:11-12 (NIV)
  • A curse on him who is lax in doing the LORD’S work! Jeremiah 48:10a (NIV)
  • On the day you stood aloof while strangers carried off his wealth and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them. Obadiah 11 (NIV)
  • “His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant!’  [Matt 25:26a]  . . . And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matt 25:30 (NIV)

Question 92: Do we not realize that this too will bring the judgment of God upon us?

Remaining neutral against wicked policies of any kind, puts us in the position of being judged by God as causing the evil to the innocent.

Question 93: Because too many have been preoccupied with the carnal cares of this life, should we be surprised if God begins judgment on our personal peace and affluence with failing economies, job losses and higher taxes?

Since we have rejected the passion of Christ’s educational instructions on our youth for decades and have sowed political apathy to fix it, look what we are reaping now:

If men are not ruled by God, they will be ruled by tyrants” – William Penn, English Quaker / Founder of Pennsylvania, who learned this from the Old Testament by God’s disobedient people multiple times.

American “Christians,” by their actions for decades, have made their own little Jesus-idol-gods into a different Jesus – a Jesus that has no concerns with public education or politics, despite the real Jesus’ quote in Matthew 18:6 and His speaking through the OT prophets. This is our idolatry. It will bring tyrants upon us as rebellious Israel reaped with their idols substituted for the real God too.

The fruit of our godless secular education has given birth to a militant socialistic anti-Christian culture ready to burn down churches and prolife facilities. They’re ready to advance the “truth” they define, however radical in human sexuality, political involvement and public policies, with the total censorship of counter arguments from anyone? Why shouldn’t they now steal elections by any means possible to assert their lawless tyranny on everyone, in defiance to the Constitution, and with fines or imprisonment on anyone who oppose them and then publish lies and shame the truth as conspiracy theories?

Question 94: Are you aware of the many ways to steal elections?

Question 95: What are you doing to resist electronic election fraud?

Question 96: Have you consider assigning different people with various task specialties needing Christian attention or specialty studies to inform your and other groups?

Question 97: Do Christians really understand the threat to their freedoms?

Question 98: Do you have the courage to challenge your comfortable Sunday morning congregation for prayer, social and political actions against our government’s silent war on Christians?

Question 99: Do you understand that America and many souls will be lost if pastors and Christians continue their silence against evil public policies and political evils?

Summary – Conclusion

We started with John Newton and the popular British “Christian” rebellion against God/Christ’s Word in their support of slavery. Parallels were made, based on Hosea 4:6, between British and American Christian children suffering due to their parent’s ignorance, rebellion and silence against Christ’s Words and heart on social/political evils. Then we saw what happened when British Christians began to take Christ’s Words seriously in their politics.

Thomas Clarkson’s London printshop meeting of twelve Christian men formed “the most ambitious and brilliantly organized citizens’ movement of all time” against slavery.(18) They believed that if they could simply inform their fellow citizens on the abuses of others, they could win. We are fighting the same battle of misinformation and lies. Spread the information on massive electronic election fraud and citizens in all parties will protect their votes. Spread the information on vaccine dangers together with safe and effective treatments, or how our government/media lied about and thus killed thousands of Americans, and you will earn a position of a trusted source in your communities. Spread the information how our woke military is discriminating against Christians and the country will learn that our armed forces are being weakened in all branches at a time China and Russa are threating with military maneuvers and war.

We’ve seen the American Church’s disobedience to Christ’s words, by failing to speak against slavery and how this led to our Civil War with over 600,000 American lives lost. In contrast, we have seen the results of British Christians who went political with Christ’s message and were successful to outlaw slavery without a war 23 years before our Civil War.

To the church in Thyatira, Christ said, “Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches the hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds” Rev 2:23b (NIV).

Steven E. Woodworth, author of While God is Marching on – The Religious World of Civil War Soldiers, said, because of North and South American churches’ silence – “Calls for the reform of slavery went unanswered in policy.” (24) Today 300,000 American churches are repeating this same sinful error of censoring truth and our government’s silent war on Christianity. Our church’s silent “neutrality,” isn’t neutral. It’s a sinful rebellious living-statement against Christ’s heart and will reap the results of closed churches, jailed pastors with fines due to “hate speech,” bank accounts and children seized from Christian parents by the godless state with unimaginable loss of American freedoms by unelected godless tyrants ruling over us with their Great Reset.  (It’s the militant socialistic Democrats and the godless globalists Republicans with saturated wokeness in both groups who are cheating in massive electronic election fraud. See the evidence on this website.)

A disengaged church has the same effect on society as a raptured church – the acceleration of godlessness.

We are not living in the last days, but the last days accelerated.

We have seen John Newton mistakenly think all was well between him and God, while he engaged in wickedness against Christ’s heart. We have also pointed out Christ’s grieved heart by “Christians” who lack fighting passion against satanic bondage of children in “public” schools.

What an eternal, horrible shock it will be when unrepentant “Christians,” who thought our holy God was only concerned with the exclusion of personal sinful proclivities, discover that their silent rebellion against God’s Word on social / political issues, driving education policy, will bring God’s judgment on them too. They will be asked “Why did you reject my Word?” It’s a failure to understand that full biblical obedience is a soul-saving and nation-saving requirement. As you saw, John Newton’s eyes were opened when he made his personally biblical discovery that his continued silence against evil would bring him under God’s judgment too. Will God’s Word convicted today’s Christians who follow culture over God’s Word or who fear men more than God? Will Christians seek to protect America’s children from a militant godless world of atheism and agnosticism that’s well on its way of full tyranny over us?  

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexual immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars – their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death. Rev. 21:8 (NIV)

. . . without holiness no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14b (NIV)

“Woe to the obstinate children,” declares the Lord, “to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin;” Isaiah 30:1 (NIV)

“But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it, declares the Lord.” Jer. 12:17 (NIV)

“So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” – Christ to the Church in Laodicea (Rev 3:16 NIV).

Could our “Christian” failure to promote Christ’s passion for public education (Matt 18:6) be as grievous to Christ as the American “Christian” failure to oppose slavery once was? If Christ brought Civil War punishment on American Christians for their political silence against slavery, what prohibits His judgment on us for our political silence of satanic-mental-spiritual bondage of America’s youth in our “public” schools we support? Doesn’t this last bondage hold more serous and eternal consequences for the deceived and their apathetic permitting of evil public policies?

LINK: A 2-minute take from an Academy Award-Winning actor, John Voight of a domenistic war on Americans 

LINK: A 5-minute report from Candace Owens – The Plantation: Then & Now Ms. Owens should have included the RINO Republicans, sucking up to the teachers’ union, for another reason why minority children are trapped in under performing government schools. (You must select PragerU videos again to hear the audio)

LINK: Pastor Mike Thompson, author of Third-Heaven Authority, says persecution for the Church is coming. But says to stay joyfully obedient to Christ and we will see God’s miraculous deliverance.

LINK: A WAKE UP CALL FOR THE CHURCH – ERIC METAXAS (Why persecution is coming to American Christians)

LINK: Eric Metaxas interviews Larry Taunton about Francis Schaeffer – The prophet of coming tyranny many did not believe

LINK: MISEDUCATED: The Decline of America’s Schools

LINK: PragerU’s title = Unwoke Inc  My title =  How Weedy Seeds of Tyranny Grows & Who’s Pulling the Weeds?


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Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.
Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me home.
The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be,
As long as life endures.
Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.
When we’ve been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’ve first begun.
–John Newton, 1725-1807

Action Items:

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  • Help Tina Peters with legal expenses. See the Colorado Box on CensoredEvidence.org
  • Petition for full disclosure and release of all Jan 6th political prisoners. Dennis Prager and others believe that Conservatives are as likely to get fair trials in some parts in America as blacks in southern courts during Jim Crow.
  • Send letters shaming our representatives and military leaders for breaking their oath to defend the Constitution from domestic enemies by discharging people of faith from our military. Prepare for Nuremberg-like trials against our military leaders for trampling American  Constitutional protected rights.
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  • Spread this message and website CensoredEvidence.org to other churches, pastors, and Christians far and wide
  • Boycott businesses, especially UCHealth for promoting unreal covid fears and Target for allowing men into women’s restrooms
  • Petition legislatures for single-day in-person-paper-ballot voting with exception for military and disabled
  • Petition local sheriffs to confiscate voting machines because of electronic election fraud
  • Support FBI / NEA / and other whistleblowers.

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Independent Testimonies of Election Fraud

(11 min) LINK – New Evidence of Election Fraud and it was covered up by the FBI

Democratic Voices on Americans’ lost vote

Google and download HBO documentary: Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections.  This 1.5 hour documentary proves electronic voting machines can be wirelessly hacked while the most astute bureaucrat is ignorant of wireless integrated circuits (ICs) on voting machine motherboards and their connection to the Internet. “Connections to the Internet is a violation of the Federal Election Commission’s rulings,” said Gary Miliefsky, Cyber Security Expert.

(3 minutes) Clint Curtis, a Democrat, testifies in Arizona on how a programmer can steal votes (He did it for another while a Republican.) It gets worse if you want to hear all of it here. (35 minutes)

Mark Cross – An Electronic Election Fraud Subject Matter Expert, explains in laymen’s terms how our elections are being manipulated at multiple levels and how very easy it’s fixable.

(16 min) Unmask Election Fraud

(4 min) A Mule Called Wanda – The Curious Case of a Ballot Stuffer (From the Mayor, police to Wanda, look at all the corruption)

Nov 15, 2023 Voter Fraud Caught on Video

Nov 14, 2023 Minnesota Investigation Finds 172,000 + Voter Issues

Nov 7, 2023 – Judge Overturns Election – Calls Evidence of Fraud Shocking

How to Steal Elections & How to Stop it – In EASY to Understand Terms: https://rumble.com/v2gpvb8-7-april-2023-am-show-conservative-daily.html

 How to Combat Election Fraud with Professor David Clements


Jay Valentine, with Omega4America, reports how new software technology enables them to see voter roll manipulation in real time. He explains that phantom voters exist in all states and how Democrats will steal the 2024 election and stop the MEGA movement again. Scan to the 39:14 point and listen for 4 minutes at LINK: https://frankspeech.com/video/americans-want-house-republicans-tackle-fbis-corruption   See also https://www.omega4america.com/category/stop-voter-fraud-before-it-happens/

Dr. David Clements – Not a Single Electoral Fraud Case was given an Evidentiary hearing Be sure to hear Dr. David Clements 4 on HOW YOU CAN OPPOSE ELECTION FRAUD


5/2/2023: The Fingerprints of Fraud, Vol 1 LINK: https://frankspeech.com/video/fingerprints-fraud-promo   AND  https://votedatabase.com

Political Cartoons: Election security bill scuttled by "Moscow Mitch" ahead of 2020 primary

Eric’s bipartisan review of HBO Kill Chain and election fraud in 2016 and 2020

(You may need to register for a Rumble account. It’s free.)

Major Media once reported how electronic voting machines are hack-able

CNN August 2017 video titled, “We watched hackers break into voting machines.”  Jay Braun, who organized the vote machine hacking event at DEF CON was asked, “Do you believe that right now we are in a position where the 2020 election will be hacked?”  Mr. Braun replied, “Oh, without question.” 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA2DWMHgLnc&ab_channel=CNNBusiness

A PBS News Hour August 12, 2018 report titled: An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes. 

 Link: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/an-11-year-old-changed-election-results-on-a-replica-florida-state-website-in-under-10-minutes

Data Scientists & Rube Freeman’s Testimony

Was once posted on LindellTV.com. Needs to be posted on Frankspeech.com.

See Rube Freeman and four friends at the Georgia State Farm Arena caught on a security camera scanning ballots multiple times after Republican poll monitors were sent home.  She later posted the following on social media, which was quickly taken down:

Thank god my baby had a plan and today we put that plan in action after those Trump Supporting and FOX News thought they won and left the building.  My baby knew how racist Georgia was and we know how the vote was gonna go so we resorted to plan B and now you see the results of my brilliant baby.  Joe Biden is now the winner and I’m looking at all Georgia with a side eye because I know for a fact that Georgia voted for Trump by the largest numbers and if we didn’t do what we did he would have won Georgia.  I’ve seen and I notice many black names who voted for Donald Trump and that really bothers me because y’all the reason he won.  My baby told me “Its gonna be our own community who gonna make Donald Trump win.” and she was right because Donald Trump won and it’s very sad.  I was nervous about plan B but I’m glad we did it because it saved he country and I will pray for forgiveness.  If the people find out what me and my baby did we could be in a lot of trouble and possible jail so I would like to ask everyone to delete all the picture, videos, …”  

Eric Metaxas interviews Denver Business, Joe Oltmann’s, Accidental Discovery of Dominion’s Eric Coomer as an Election Hacker Confessor

Link: https://metaxastalk.com/podcast/tuesday-november-24-2020/

Click on Hour 2 and then scan to the 10 minutes and 30 second point:

Program Title: Businessman Joe Oltmann has inside information of how Eric Coomer, a security genius for Dominion Voting Systems, assured Antifa members that Trump would never win re-election.

Link: https://metaxastalk.com/?s=Oltmann  or https://metaxastalk.com and search for Oltmann

 EXCLUSIVE: Coomer Deposition Release!  Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, extreme Left Bias  

By Ben Wetmore

Published Oct 12, 2021


Hello from Mike Lindell,

Dominion just can’t catch a break!

For over 2 years we have been exposing Doninion’s destructive acess to our votes and rigging our elections with faulty machines.. Well now the libel suit that Donminion filed against FOX is showing us what we already knew.  Just weeks before the 2020 election, Dominion’s Director of Product Strategy and Security, Eric Coomer, acknowledtged in private that “our sh*t is just riddled with bugs.”


Gateway Pundit reported: Discovery in this case revealed that Doninion’s own employees expressed serious concerns about the security of its machines.

More information at LINK: http://link.frankspeech.com/q/XyegjzBDX-I-ptWSS4B8dRv4U-W2aMgfzqHqVOuM0gMreuB-QVPrbvGWM4

FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ Investigations on Election Fraud as Bill Barr Claimed. HIs “No evidence of election fraud,” is understandable now – the DOJ never looking into it. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmvyvwGyee8

Additional Fraud Evidence Reports & Links

Frank – The Voice of Free Speech


GAME OVER of captured election fraud.

Check out this Article from the American Thinker Title:
The riveting ‘2000 Mules’ proves there was massive election fraud

In April 2022, everything changed.
Catherine received a call from one of the Texas-based FBI agents, who informed her that the FBI’s Washington D.C. office was now involved in the investigation. The Texas agent informed them that it was possible that they were going to be the targets of the FBI. He suggested that their best option was to go public with what they had learned. In August 2022, Catherine and Gregg convened a meeting called “The Pit.”  At the event they told their story for the first time in public to an audience that included citizen researchers, journalists, and law enforcement personnel. 

In September 2022, Konnech sued True the Vote for defamation, racism, and xenophobia for revealing their findings publicly. The court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) to Catherine and Gregg that required them, among other things, to provide to Konnech the names of all the individuals who were involved in the discovery of the poll worker data in China.

To put this in context, here is a quote from this recent article in AND Magazine by former CIA operations officer, Sam Faddis:

“Let’s imagine that a drug dealer facing criminal charges filed a lawsuit in civil court to make the cops provide the name of a source inside his organization. Would anyone think for a moment that would be a reasonable request? Would anyone have any doubt as to the fate of the informant if he was identified?

That’s how ludicrous this is and how obscene.”

On October 4, 2022, the company’s CEO, Eugene Yu, was indicted in California on charges including fraud, embezzlement, and data breach resulting in the theft of the personal information of election workers in LA County. The arrest was announced by LA District Attorney, George Gascon. 

The arrest was the result of an indictment by a grand jury convened in Los Angeles, which is the nation’s largest voting bloc.

LA County is just the first of many counties that True the Vote is working to support. There are far more layers of subversion still to be exposed, with this company …. and potentially many others. 

October 7, 2022, Catherine and Gregg’s attorneys made an initial appearance in federal court in Houston to answer the civil lawsuit filed by Konnech. It was at this hearing that the judge issued a highly unusual order…that Catherine and Gregg (through their attorneys) reveal the name of the individual who originally presented them with the poll worker data on the server in China. Their attorney reluctantly complied and revealed the name of this individual.

October 27, 2022, Catherine and Gregg appeared in federal court in Houston prepared to demonstrate that there was a criminal matter in LA County regarding Eugene Yu and Konnech. The judge refused to consider this evidence and directed Catherine and Gregg to reveal publicly the name of the other individual in the hotel room where Gregg viewed the poll worker data in January 2021. Catherine and Gregg offered to cooperate with the court and Konnech’s lawyers by providing the name of this individual under seal. The judge refused this offer. At the end of a long day of testimony by Catherine and Gregg, the judge found them in contempt of court. They were provided an opportunity to “cure” the contempt on Monday, October 31 at 9:00 AM by revealing the name of the second individual in the hotel room. If they did not “cure” it, they would be immediately remanded into custody by the US Marshals.

October 31, 2022, Catherine and Gregg refused to name the individual who was in the hotel room in January 2021 because he was not involved in the sourcing of the poll worker data. Catherine and Gregg strongly believe that this individual’s life would be in danger should his name be revealed publicly. They were immediately remanded to the custody of the US Marshal’s Service.



See what Tina Peters, the Mesa County Election Clerk, saw that forever changed her life. Link: https://selectioncode.com (Be sure to quickly unmute the speaker icon on the lower right. If the link doesn’t work try the following link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/IAfUjiWoJVeP/

Oct 5, 2023 the FEDERALIST – 10 Ways Democrats Are Already Rigging The 2024 Election

The Election Crime Bureau Summit


Vudu – Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels, Watch Movies & TV Online

Hacking America’s Computerized Voting Machines

The Deep Rig Documentary (articlefeed.org)

Your Wake Up Call –  Help Save Our Country

Jeff O’Donnell’s Site: megaraccoon.com
Be sure and scan down to “Jeff O’Donnell and Draza Smith: Election Fraud “Cruise Control” (PID) Update.” If you have limited time, scan to the 55:52 point and see Draza’s How to Steal an Election. It pulls together just some of the electronic election fraud captured in multiple states. By the way, PID stands for “Proportional – Integral – Derivative” controller. In common terms a “governor” that can be used for speed control or other industrial control applications. In Draza’s analysis the electron fraud governor is used to achieve a particular winner to loser ration. It’s a way to cheat just enough to make the contest look like a tight horse race. How can they do it? By stuffing the registration rolls with phantom voters to use for the favored candidate and removing the votes of real citizens. Side note: When a governor (PID) is having problems hitting a set point, it can go into oscillation. Unrealistic vote collections with oscillations have been captured. Remember – the vote count should never go negative, but have been so captured in time graphs they covered in the first part of this presentation.

More vote stealing https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/tonight-selection-code-movie-2020-election-steal-released-tonight-find-link/

 Nov 15, 2023 – Ballot Fraud Scheme Uncovered – 29 Felony Counts

June 7, 2023 – Election Fraud & FBI shielding two firms from China

Public School Abuses to Children
Anyone who can watch this and do nothing, does not have the heart of Christ per Matthew 18:6 & will be so judged by Christ.

Why I Stopped Teaching – May 16, 2022

Public School Teachers Admit on Camera to Deceiving Parents while pushing A Radical Agenda

Healthy children with minimum to zero covid-dying risks are being paralyzed by Bill Gates’ vaccines. LINK: Home – Plandemic (plandemicseries.com)


The  NEW U.S. Supreme Court brief of massive election fraud evidence sufficient to decertify electoral votes in 5 states is:


Please go to Frankspeech.com and scan down and click on “SUPREME COURT BRIEF.”  This will open to a page that makes it very easy for citizens to prompt their attorney general to take action. It also provides additional evidence via exhibits.  AGs like legislatures will not act unless they are pressed by their citizens. They should be recalled if they refuse to fix and prosecute the fraud.  PopulistRevolt.com is great for emailing all members of legislatures via one email as well.

U.S. Senate 1st hearing on 2020 election irregularities: Title: Senate holds a hearing on examining irregularities in the 2020 election — 12/16/2020 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHtobbugTJU
Scan to Jesse Binnal’s testimony on Nevada’s election in the U.S. Senate at the 50 minute, 11 second point.

See over 30 ways to hack your votes by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer


See How the Paper in Maricopa Violated Voters Rights and Understand why THE PAPER IS KEY!


Your Wake Up Call – Help Save Our Country, Share This Everywhere | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

You can also find this 22-minute video under Frankspeech.com. Select “TV” tab, then Lindell-TV” and then “Load More,” on the very bottom.   “Load More,” on the very bottom, may need to be selected multiple times as this section fills up.

Or go to Rumble.com then search for Cyber Symposium, then Col. Phil Waldon “Your Wake Up Call.”

Phil Waldron (Colonel U.S. Army (Retired) quoted from the February 2021, Time magazine front-page titled: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.”
You may scan to the 9 minute, 38 second point for the following Time magazine quote:

This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election . . . But it’s massively important for the country to understand that it didn’t happen accidently. Democracy is not self-executing. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs.

Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.  

They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding.

That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream—a well funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.

Note carefully what happened. Judges, secretaries of states and/or attorney generals changed the voting/election laws in various states.  All such recorded actions were and are illegal per the U.S. Constitution.  Only state legislatures may change these laws per Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Therefore. by their own confession and actions, these people are guilty of breaking the federal election laws. Should we be surprised that the same group that diminishes and tries to work around our Constitution, is caught breaking it?

Mike Lindell shows the extent of vote stealing in all states:

Title: The Big Lie on Frank Speech with Mike Lindell at the Cyber Symposium


Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Testimonies:

Go to rumble.com and search for “cyber symposium” to see the multiple election fraud reports.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, November Public Press Report on November 9, 2020.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k2WZMsbQLI

Verified Voting Project:


Epoch Times References on Election Fraud:


Every American must forward the truth if you want to keep your freedom.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is unique among conservative think tanks whose emphasis is on public policy and institutional reform in that it sees its role as that of a battle tank, geared to fight a war that many still don’t recognize. For 27 years, since its founding in 1988, the Center has been warning that the political left has declared war on America and its constitutional system, and is willing to collaborate with America’s enemies abroad and criminals at home to bring America down. For most of those years the Center was a voice crying in the wilderness with few willing to recognize the threat from the enemy within, a fifth column force that was steadily expanding its influence within the Democratic Party. With the election of a lifetime radical to the White House in 2008, the perceptions of conservatives began to change. But the Center remains unique as an organization dedicated to the war and to developing strategies to win it.

Link: David Horwitz Freedom Center (horowitzfreedomcenter.org)

Tarrant County (Texas) Election Integrity Findings: (https://tarrantelectionintegrity.com)

American Citizens & Candidates Forum for Election Integrity

Here are a series of very short and eye-opening videos warning of the World Health Organization (WHO) coming world-power political power grab and ultimate control over us. People need to help spread the word to oppose the corrupt WHO.

Sheriffs Finding Election Fraud


Sheriff Exposes Major Voter Fraud Scheme as Politician Arrested on 14 Felony Charges (13 minutes): https://www.theepochtimes.com/sheriff-exposes-major-voter-fraud-scheme-as-politician-arrested-on-14-felony-charges-facts-matter_5079306.html?utm_source=Enews&utm_campaign=etv-2023-02-25&utm_medium=email&est=Q%2FjkNg56X655zhmlwjh3hjZWfa9IslI87nspcW78f8zOhUmPyGyrx8ueFSr0QjtAMXG5VXY%3D

Note: Sheriff’s audio cuts out in a few places in above link, but you can hear their full public review at: Lodi City Council Member Shakir Khan Arrested Press Conference – San Joaquin County Sheriff  56 minutes – https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=903881547473065


Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling shows how Wisconsin election laws were broken and a Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) official, who broke the law, admitted such was the case.  Scan down to the third video and don’t get distracted with Fox’s title:  “Racine County Sheriff alleges election law violated”

Link: https://www.fox6now.com/news/wisconsin-election-law-violations-racine-county-sheriff-reveals-findings

Massive Electronic Election Fraud in plain language

By Jearell C Kelley, P.E.; ESD CPM – Former Technical Consultant to the U.S. Space Force

Voting machines are computers. Computers that glitch produce no useful work. They hang. So forever dismiss explanations of strange vote reporting behaviors as “computer glitches” as total nonsense. If computers report anything intelligent at all, either true or false, it was no glitch. It either correctly measured the right vote count or it was programmed to report the desired winner/loser. Hung computers report nothing. Computers do not have freewill and must be commanded with the most elementary instructions. Without functioning software, even with power, computers are just dead-dumb electronic components.

Others have tried to awaken the public on electronic voting machine vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, too many Americans have yet to wake up and take action against these crimes. Because of censorship, false narratives, and the technical challenges of electronic voting inclusive of – how vote totals are reported, daunting and mysterious cyber security issues, statistical challenges of vote-per-time graphs or candidate ratio-per-time graphs, too many educated Americans are not yet convinced that massive electronic election crime is even real. It’s much easier to express a fashionable skepticism that gives a false license of “neutrality” and pseudo “intellectuality” waiting for more “evidence.” Such passivity will ensure tyrannical controls will increase.

HBO documentary’s Kill Chain, The Cyber War on America’s Elections proved that voting machines can be wireless hacked when they showed a DEF CON hacker wirelessly hacking into a voting machine. The hacker explained how votes can be easily changed remotely now.  Another worldclass hacker at DEF CON agreed. “This hacking is trivial.” Because no paper trail is involved, no one would know, not even local precinct workers running the election. This also means one can dismiss the popular narrative, “Voting machines are not connected to the internet,” as total nonsense too.

The April 2021, Military and Aerospace cybersecurity seminar advertisement, had one class titled: “Why We’ll Never Keep the Bad Guys Out.” Think about that. Our military computers are the most secure in the world and we still can’t keep the bad guys from hacking into them? YES!

When one puts the last two paragraphs together with foreign state actors that would love to plant confusion among Americans over their elections, the conclusions are not difficult to reach. In fact, in this brief essay, you will see how the Russians did hack into our 2016 voting systems. I did not believe that the Russians hacked into our 2016 election when I first heard this, but I do today.

Internet hacking is not the only way to steal votes. Dormant malware can be loaded onto a voting machine (computer) that is able to come alive later when vote counting is to be performed. (Military secure environments restricts anyone from plugging thumb drives into computers for maleficence reasons too.) HBO’s documentary again gives strong evidence to this fraud with Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp. Impressive statistics show very likely that he stole his position in 2018 by this technique. If he did it before without any penalty, why wouldn’t he steal it again in 2022? He included the electronic voting machine personnel (ES&S) on his staff when he “won” in 2018. Georgia’s citizens should ask why. It appears that his scheme and staff paid him back for his “win” in 2022 as well.

On November 21, 2022, The Arizona Sun Times reported with one headline, “Maricopa County Voting Centers Plagued with Tabulation Errors on Election Day Affected Areas Averaging Well Over 300 Percent More Republicans than Democrats.” Another report stated, 62.21% of vote centers observed by eleven roving attorneys, saw hung printers and tabulators which caused long lines and voter suppression. Don’t be surprised. Computer programs in printers and tabulators, like ticking time bombs, can do this.  There’s strong evidence the Russians did it to us in 2016 when they hacked into VR Systems, a company responsible to maintaining registration databases. Scrambled databases were created which made it difficult for poll workers to verify the identify of registered voters. Voters in multiple parties and several states were disenfranchised by the long lines created. Not all could wait to vote. Every election official in the U.S. should have known about this, but our FBI hid it from all of them except Florida’s election officials. All Americans should ask why? Google and download HBO documentary: Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections for the supporting evidence.

The parallels between Arizona and Georgia Governors’ races cannot be more similar. Both state secretaries were in charge of their own elections. Strong evidence of voter disenfranchisement existed with long lines caused by the breakdown of voting systems in both states. Should we be surprised that both incumbents (one Republican and the other a Democrat) “won”? Seems like they learned well from the Russian 2016 hack.

Deperno Law showed how a tabulator (used to count votes) can flip votes on legitimate paper ballots with software changes made in seconds. See the Michigan box at CensoredEvidence.org. 

The Selection Code documentary (See the “Colorado” box at CensoredEvidence.org) showed Clinton Curtis’ testimony in the U.S. House Judicial Committee on Public Hearings, December 13, 2004, being asked, “Mr. Curits, are there programs that can be used to secretly fixed elections?”Yes,” he replied. Then was asked, “How do you know that to be the case?” He said, “Because in October of 2000, I wrote a prototype for Congressman Tom Feeney at the company I worked for in Florida that did just that.” You can also hear Mr. Curits explain how the vote counts can be so programmed to avoid a recount because they are just under what’s required by law that would force a recount. This means elections can be electronically stolen in such a way that do not automatically force a recount. If full forensics are never performed no one would ever know, not even precinct or many election officials.

Because of the lawful and courageous actions of Tina Peters, clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, fraudulent electronic election actions were caught again. Two sets of election books (databases) had been created and not all votes were transferred to the second set of election books. Tina Peters discovered this accidently when she did a backup of her systems, as she was required by law to do, before Dominion came in to do their “Trusted Build.” It’s interesting that Colorado’s state secretary, involved with Dominion’s “Trusted Build,” has also restricted forensics of Colorado’s elections. Now if everything was according to law, why would Colorado’s SOS seek to hide her actions? (Don’t be deceived by the media or Colorado’s Secretary of State bogus charges toward Ms. Peters. The U.S. Constitution, the highest law in America, gives final election authority to state legislatures, not state secretaries.)

Side Note on Strange Election Officials’ Behaviors:

After expelling Republicans poll monitors, cardboard barriers were put on windows to block their view. Others inside cheered to the announcement: “This is what democracy looks like.” 

Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Chaos, Blocked Windows and Observers (breitbart.com)

Should more Americans begin to question the honesty of officials – both elected and bureaucratic?

Evidence of Massive Electronic Fraud

Criminals leave fingerprints. Today’s computer/cyber election criminals leave their fingerprints in the very odd statistical vote patterns over time. It is anticipated that even this evidence will become more subtle to detect in the future as election criminals get smarter with future Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This strongly implies that we must push for full forensics after all electronic elections to verify who the real winners and losers are until electronic voting machines are eliminated.  Americans must get serious quickly with their opposition to electronic voting if they want to protect their vote and not be ruled by tyrants in any party.

The fingerprints of electronic election fraud have been seen in at least five different types of very unnatural vote patterns over time. They could be called Front Loading Votes, Parallel Voting with equal Synchronized Delta Vote Increases, Synchronized Unnatural Vote Spikes, Subtracted Votes and Resignment of Winners/Losers at the Final Count. Let us go over each type with real world interpretations of their significance because these patterns were seen in other states and at the national level too.

Front Load Voting

front loading votes

The Front-Loading Votes graph is presently explained by mail-in and early dropped-off ballots by mostly Democrats. It’s generally recognized that Democratic voters are more likely to vote by mail than Republican voters, but how much more likely? Voters in all parties like the easy convenience of dropping off and mailing their ballots without ever having to wait in lines again. For this, one should question, “Why the zero vote counts for Race #2 candidate at the initial vote count time?” It isn’t likely that the resolution of Race #2 vote counts is so low that they are virtually zero in comparison to initial votes for Race #1. (Trust me. Too many busy and dumb Republicans exists.) These are not statistically real-world numbers. What is more likely, is front loading Race #1 with phantom voters to such an extent that initial counts for Race #2 candidate looks like it’s zero.

Side Note on Phantom Voters:

Phantom voters have been found in registration rolls in multiple states. Knowing how many phantom voters exist in a registration database gives insiders a margin of votes to use in selecting inside candidates. These phantom vote additions can also appear throughout the races as the following graphs illustrate. In fact, in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election there were more votes counted than registered voters. Yes, they overshot their Phantom voter working margin. Why was Pennsylvania’s 2020 election certified anyway? Two possible answers: Too many citizens didn’t know about it or what to do about it.

I personally found phantom voters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Working off the 2020 voter registration roll, within my first hour of a random search, five units associated with a particular very small apartment complex did not exist. Maybe one or two people forgot their unit number, but would five forget? Are these voters for real? If such was found so quicky in my first random search, could many more phantom voters exist than is realized? YES!

In my new neighborhood, where most are original homeowners, the owner said, “No she has never lived here.” Is this another phantom voter? Then a receptionist, at a small business said, “My mother lived most her life in Oklahoma. I don’t know if she ever lived in Colorado Springs. My mother died over twenty years ago, and yet I still got my mother’s ballot for the 2020 election.” Did someone have to work hard to make this happen or is this just another “glitch” in the system?

Then Colorado state officials got caught prompting illegals to vote. Are we suppose to believe this was a mistake? See link: “It was a mistake.” Colorado CAUGHT Mailing Postcards to Register Illegals for the Midterm Electio.. (bitchute.com)

The Maricopa County, Arizona canvassers / audit found over 86,000 “voters” that did not exist in the most popular database. (Reference: “Cyber Ninjas Report, Vol III,” page 56, Section 5.7.9 No Record of Voters in Commercial Database.) If you are not in found in someone’s database, it’s very likely you don’t exist. The margin of victory in the Arizona presidential 2020 election was just over 10,000 votes.

Parallel Voting with Equal Delta Vote Increases

Parallel Voting with Equal Delta Vote Increases

The above graph illustrates an example of parallel vote collecting. It could also be a phenomenon of measured fractional-weighted votes (to be explained). The computer algorithm could be set such that if the candidate for Race #2 got X number of votes, then candidate for Race #1 got a near equal or slightly larger faction of votes too – say 1.1 times X, if candidate’s #1 increase didn’t happen naturally. This vote pattern says that if X people voted at time T1 for Race #2 candidate, then X or slightly more than X people also voted at Time T1 for Race #1 candidate and that both candidates continued to receive equal or near equal additions throughout the voting day for all updates. This says that voters in opposing parties voted in opposing synchronization all day long just naturally without any prompts. How real is this?

One would expect that as the evening grew later, fewer would be voting. Everyone wants to go home, eat supper and see the results. But no, this pattern is sometimes missing. If one candidate received a larger update later in the evening then his opponent also received nearly the same large updated additional as well at the same time. It’s as if the opposing parties, without any other input, naturally voted in equal numbers constantly throughout the day against each other. How did they know to do this? While the size of these vote additions sometimes showed no logical pattern of dropping off over time, they are very unnatural in that they do not model fatigued voters or the random pattern of voting. Why didn’t some of the earlier voters come later or later voters come earlier for either candidate? The constant synchronization delta vote increased patterns are not natural.


Synchronized Unnatural Spike Voting

syncronized unnatural spikes

Most of the vote increments over time in this race, showed constant (slope) increases over time for both candidates. The odd synchronized vote spike pattern happened when the red candidate just began to overtake the blue opponents’ numbers, but for some strange reason the blue opponent just happened to receive a sudden spike increase in votes that do not match the earlier rate of growing votes. Strange how it happened at exactly the time it was needed by the blue candidate. Why should the blue candidate wait until he/she is about to be overtaken before he/she receive a large spike of additional votes? Why didn’t this spike occur earlier or later? Voters don’t response that fast to reported results anyway. It’s odd that a synchronized spike happened once in any contested race as an opponent is about to be overtaken, but for multiple synchronized occurrences of this synchronized pattern in the same race when the candidate is just about to be overcome by the opponent multiple times demands the question – What outside or programmed intelligence is manipulating these results? This multiple synchronized vote spike pattern happened in the Pennsylvania 2022 governor’s race. The “loser” conceded, but should he?

A fourth odd voting phenomena has been observed – The reassignment of final numbers to different candidates after the race has completed. This happened in a three-way race in Garfield County, Colorado. At approximately 1 am eastern time, Edison data showed a three-way exchange of vote total assignments. Just prior to this time Anderson was leading, with Peters as second and O’Donnell in third place. But suddenly, without additional votes and total counts constant for all candidates, Peters was moved into first place, O’Donnell into second place and Anderson moved to last place.  Yes, a reassignment of total votes was observed. Note carefully, total counts didn’t change, just the final assignments. Who’s doing this? Reference: Jeff O’Donnell Unmasks the Election Stolen Before Our Eyes in the Colorado box at CensoredEvidence.org and scan to the 28:50 time point.

There is also a fifth phenomenon of decreased vote counts for a candidate over time as well. Why should any candidate’s votes ever decrease over time? This happened multiple time in multiple states. What may be the classic example of this is when about a million votes were added to one candidate and then later subtracted from the same candidate in one race. It’s as if someone noticed, “Wait, such an additional vote spike is so unnatural it will be caught, I better remove it.”

Unfortunately, there are other ways to electronically steal an election. Jeff O’Donnell and Draza Smith showed very unnatural candidate ratio oscillations that occurred in some races. What they call a PID controller, others know as a “governor” or “automatic controller.” Controllers are used in speed or industrial control applications. Engineering Control Theory is used to model and define their controlling actions. When such a governor is having control problems of achieving a particular set point (winner to loser radio in our example), the controller can go into oscillation. Draza and Jeff found such oscillations. This suggests the electronic election fraud happened much higher than the local county/precinct levels. Reference: Jeff O’Donnell and Draza Smith: Election Fraud “Cruise Control” (PID) Update in the “Additional Fraud Evidence Reports and Links” box at CensoredEvidence.org and then select the Jeff O’Donnell’s link.

The above very odd time-graph vote patterns have occurred at both the state and national levels.

We haven’t even discussed Dr. Frank’s accidental discovery of manipulated vote patterns in various counties across the United States in the 2020 election. Go to Frankspeech.com and scan down to “Scientific Proof – Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History.”


Considering the signs of incompetence and fraud with unashamed and unapologetic public actions against full forensics by Arizona’s Mesa County Board of Supervisors, multiple state secretaries and district attorneys, or intimidations by the FBI, or the bulling and expulsion of Republican poll monitors, together with just the above voting machine vulnerabilities and very questionable election statistical outcomes; why shouldn’t Americans distrust their elections now? What reasons exist to counter the captured fraud of state officials or explain away their obvious hiding tactics? Why shouldn’t Americans come under more tyrannical controls, if they do not demand full forensics to prove who really won in any race as long as electronic voting machines exist?

If my favorite candidate won by cheating, did my vote count? If they can “win” without our votes, will they read our letters of concern? Why should Americans trust our electronic election processes now?

For what reasons can Americans expect to remain a government of, by, and for the people; if Americans do not oppose this?

Censored Science on COVID and Vaccines

Censored Science on COVID and Vaccines

UNSILENCED – CANADA’S UNDERGROUND MEDICAL REBELLION (This site appears to be constantly updated. This minidocumentary is worth the search)

NBA STAR – WHY I STOOD UP AGAINST VACCINE MANDATES (Scan down and you will see it in the video titled “Standing Against Mandates,” which follows “BLM Branch Co-founder’s Election Bombshess – Trump ‘Best Candidate’ for President.”)


Aug 24, 2023 – Florida Surgeon General: Do Not Cooperate with Mask Mandates

Nov 14, 2023 Rand Paul, physician & Kentucky Senator, On Covid, Lab Leak & Anthony Fauci that’s been censored.

600+ hospitals to close in rural America due to deceived, incompetent and evil bureaucrats

Aug 27, 2023 – COVID Restrictions Returning as Rumors Alleged – Push for New Vaccines, Mask Mandates: Conservatives Call for Civil Disobedience

Former Pfizer VP (Dr. Michael Yeadon) reports of “Massive Fraud on a Global Scale & 500,000 Americans have experienced early death due to covid vaccines” from theepochtimes.com

13 minutes – Why you should think twice before considering a COVID booster

The Malone Institute – Help Needed: Collecting Scientific References

Bill Gates “sadly” admits Omicron is better than vaccines. Scan to the 6:53 minute time at link: Munich Security Conference: Finding a way out of the pandemic – YouTube In other words: Nature immunity is better. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology behind the vaccine, admitted during the evolving pandemic that nature immunity was better. Why was he ever censored? Maybe because Dr. Malone also recognized Omicron as a blessing in disguise. It was much less lethal with much more protections against delta variants than vaccines. That definitely cuts into Big Pharma vaccine profits and politicians desiring to stroke crowd fears so more phantom voters can be used via mail-in ballots.

Just 18 minutes more on “The Real Bill” LINK: https://rumble.com/v1hur41-the-real-bill.html

What Medical Experts are now saying – 1 minute 18 seconds

February 26, 2023 – The CDC Finally Concedes That Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccinated Immunity.

(34 sec) Megyn Kelly Regrets COVID Shot, Confirming Autoimmune Condition 

Bill Gates’ failing 20-to-1 investment return on vaccine research, explains Bill Gates’ “sad” response above and appears to be connected to Dr Andrew’s Hill’s suppression of Ivermectin: Ivermectin Suppression Likely Killed Millions Link: A Letter to Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie – Ivermectin Suppression Likely Killed Millions (rumble.com)

Dr. Andrew Hill, The Man Who Killed Millions? – The Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse.com)

Healthy children with minimum to zero covid-dying risks are being paralyzed by Bill Gates’ vaccines. LINK: Home – Plandemic (plandemicseries.com)

Plandemic Director – Mikki Willis – Fear is the Virus. Truth is the Cure.

UNFORGIVABLE – 125 Children Dead, One Thousand Disabled & 50 Thousand Injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA Link: UNFORGIVABLE – 125 Children Dead, 1K Disabled & 50K injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA – The Expose (expose-news.com)

February 17, 2023: Idaho Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Outlaw mRNA COVID Shots. › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

Authors Conclude ‘Relatively Safe’ as Dozens of Children Die After COVID-19 Vaccination – Published reports whitewashing fatal complications LINK: https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/authors-conclude-relatively-safe-as-dozens-of-children-die-after-covid-19-vaccination_5174839.html?src_src=Ccpv&src_cmp=2023-04-09&est=xXno73PXS3lg6Q7T0%2BV45nMuLEOvYRqWXywZ79SuZ2laUje7i2gMIh%2FeNJ52G3J8hIg%2BC9Q%3D

Epidemnic of Sudden Adult Deaths’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre LINK: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/post/daily-dose-epidemic-of-sudden-adult-deaths-with-dr-peterson-pierre



June 1, 2023 – CDC Drops Bombshell on the Vaccinated – For a review, look who drunk the Covid cool-aid (Covid Conspiracy Theories of stopping transmission, etc).

June 5, 2023 – EXPOSING the FDA’s Orwellian Lie About Ivermectin

Private Messages Show that Fauci Group thought COVID came out of lab, but lied anyway

Truth for Health Foundation

US funded Wuhan Lab’s research & paid twice for some services. Link:  IG Probe Launched to Investigate Possible Theft of U.S. Taxpayer Funds For Wuhan Lab Research Projects › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

COVID-CCP IS NOT OVER YET or why bureaucratic tyrants will control us if truth isn’t shared.

Here are a series of very short and eye-opening videos warning of the World Health Organization (WHO) coming world-power political power grab and ultimate control over us. People need to help spread the word to oppose the corrupt WHO.


Dr. Robert Malone on what will happen to your children (1 minute) Be sure to scan down to see his short video

Vaccine Fraud and the Drive to Control People and Make Big $$$ 

See Pfizer director admit vaccines were never tested for stopping virus transmissions. Why then the false narrative, “Get vaccinated for others” AND why were people, with no premedical conditions, forced to get vaccinated? Will our military stop violating Americans’ Constitutional First Amendment rights, whose religious convictions prohibit vaccines that do nothing for the supposedly “public safety”?

Florida tells young men to avoid mRNA Covid shots

FDA News Release – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: June 25, 2021 – Today, the FDA is announcing revisions to the patient and provider factsheets for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines regarding the suggested increased risks of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination.

TrialSite News Truthbombs Pfizer and Moderna, Robert W Malone MD, MS
Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud, HHS Administrative State Collusion

Dutch Mainstream Media Reports Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries https://twitter.com/wakkerwordenaub/status/1621815612275146753

Sasha Latypova – COVID-19 Countermeasures: Evidence of the Intent to Harm


Covid Medical Help at: MyFreeDoctor.com — Free Doctor consults all 50 states!

Truth for Health Fountation – Resources for those who have been hurt by vaccines or had loved ones killed by the suppression of effective medicines against COVID. This is a helpful resource for legal actions against medical tyrants.

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine technology inventor, reported 1/23/2022 that the vaccines are not working and present risks to children. In an earlier EpochTV.com report, Dr. Malone says that while omicron is more transmissible, it is much less fatal and provides antigens against earlier forms of covid. Omicron is a blessing in disguise.

Dr. Malone’s Message to Parents: If Your Child is Harmed By COVID Vax ‘You Will Carry the Burden for the Rest of Your Life’ › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

Movie: Headwind – Dr. Robert W. Malone (A documentary series about people in the eye of the storm) 1 hour 18 minutes

Significant time stampes of Dr. Malone:

  • At 21:00 to 23:40 – outlines who is allow to speak
  • At 23:58 to 26:21 – testifies of rules broken before proceeding with humans
  • At 26:21 to 27:38 – specifies studies skipped – “This is the largest experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world”
  • At 27:47 to 27:55 – Why are you Robert speaking out? “I’m seeing my profession destroyed.”  (One can add by the bureaucrats)
  • At 36:23 to 41:59 – graduate work reviewed, patent discoveries, bureaucratic/legal impediments, grant blacklisted, unknown long-term side effects, and issues vaccinating children
  • At 45:48 to 46:17 – vaccine batches identified that has killed people
  • At 48:07 to 48:18 – multiple vaccinations damage the immune system or cause “immune compromised”
  • At 52:24 to 55:27 – Ivermectin life-saving effective and used in 30% of countries
  • At 1:08:40 to 1:10:20 – Do you think there’s going to be accountability? Comments on moral obligations
  • At 1:10:53 to 1:11:37 – Assessment what went wrong, while bureaucrats congratulate themselves.

Questions for Ministers/Priests: Do you have any moral obligation to explain bureaucratic corruptions, that has contributed to thousands of unnecessary covid/vaccine deaths, so potential legislative/legal solutions can be implemented that prohibits unchecked bureaucratic controls in the next pandemic? Is this any different from fighting against unchecked abortions? Do you realize this involves your God-given political voice and actions? Why not extend this fight as actions against any bureaucratic non-legislative-determined controls altogether? How pro-life are we?

Link to movie: Headwind – Dr. Robert Malone

Invisible Manipulation: Robert Epstein: Inside Big Tech’s Manipulation Machine and How to Stop It (theepochtimes.com)

Senator Ron Johnson’s POWERFUL 38-pminute summary of a 5-hour medical researchers and doctors’ committee
Link: COVID-19: A Second Opinion – YouTube (NOTE: It’s a YouTube video it can be taken down at any time.)

Full 5-hr briefing here: VIDEO RELEASE Sen. Ron Johnson COVID-19: A Second Opinion Panel Garners Over 800… (senate.gov)

Scan down and click on MASKS: Science or Political Science? at this link: Masks: Science or Political Science? – Defending The Republic”

COVID-19_Masks (c19science.info)

Home – COVID-19: Science-Based Information (c19science.info)

FLCCC Alliance or FLCCC.net

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation -> VacSafety.org

1) Natural immunity is up to 13 times stronger than vaccinations.

Source: Science, Vol 373, Issue 6559

Link: Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital | Science | AAAS

Link: Facts Matter (Sept. 13): Study shows ‘Natural Immunity’ up to 13x Stronger than Vaccine Effect: Israel Preprint (theepochtimes.com)

This data is based on a 2.5 million Israeli study and demonstrates the power of the human immune system. The Nussenzweig’s group shows that people who recover from a SARS-CoV-2 infection continue to develop increasing numbers and types of coronavirus-targeting antibodies for up to 1 year even against delta variants. In contrast, twice-vaccinated people stop seeing increases a few months after their second dose.

An independent report from Australia confirms this. See The Epoch Times January 12, 2022 article by Daniel Khmelev titled: “Australians In Hospital With COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated.”

Link: Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital With COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated (theepochtimes.com)

2) Subsequent vaccinations can diminish the natural immune response.
Source: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor with over 15 patents.
Link: PART 1: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on Latest COVID-19 Data, Booster Shots, and the Shattered Scientific ‘Consensus’ (theepochtimes.com)

Dr. Malone has repeatedly said that covid vaccines have saved lives. Scan to the 30:53 point to hear Dr. Malone support for the censored headline above and information below:

Vaccine responses are not linear. More is not better. There are many cases where if you dose more or dose more frequently or move beyond a prime and a boost, you can actually quench the immune response. You can move into “high zone tolerance.” You can move into a situation where your immune responses drop.  . . . [T}here’s a paper showing that you can actually quench T-cell responses. You get an improved kind of a super immune response, they assert in that manuscript, after a single dose when you’ve been previously infected. But with the second dose, your T-cell population actually gets quenched, which is consistent with high zone tolerance. So if that paper was to be expanded and verified with more robust numbers, it would suggest that one dose after natural infection would be a good thing. Two doses would be a bad thing. Now that’s the equivalent of three doses if you think about it, natural infection being dose one.”
– Dr. Robert Malone

An independent source agrees. DeseretNews reported, “Too many COVID-19 booster shots could hurt our immune system, EU warns – The EU warned too many vaccine booster shots might not be good for our bodies.” By Herb Scribner@HerbScribner Jan 12, 2022, 3:00pm MST

Link: COVID booster shots: Do boosters hurt your immune system? – Deseret News

FACTS MATTER by Roman Balmakov: VAERS Data Analysis Shows Numerous Health Problems More Likely Due to Vaccines Than Coincidence

Facts Matter (April 8): VAERS Data Analysis Shows Numerous Health Problems More Likely Due To Vaccines Than Coincidence (theepochtimes.com)

3) Who are the “at risk” of dying from Covid?

Elderly, obesity, and premedical conditions like diabetes or respiratory issues define the “at risk” conditions. These people could benefit from the short-term vaccine spike protection, but do not ignore the vaccine risks either.

Source: Bay Area News Group in a July 30, 2020 at 4:08am published title: “Three charts explain who is dying as California tallies record coronavirus deaths – Older Californians bear the brunt of deadly consequences of increased coronavirus transmission” by Harriet Blair Rowan, hrowan@bayareanewsgroup.com
Link: Coronavirus: Three charts explain who is dying in California (mercurynews.com)

Covid deaths appear to have been inflated. The data is both confusing and not well defined.

Source: Go to EpochTV.com, The Wide Angle with Brendon Fallon’s January 6, 2022 report titled: “NY hospitals asked to make clear whether ‘Covid Patients’ Are Actually Hospitalized Because of Covid”

Link: NY Hospitals Asked to Make Clear Whether ‘COVID Patients’ Are Actually Hospitalized Because of COVID (theepochtimes.com)

Drastic policies, such as vaccine mandates, have been supported by data such as hospitalization rates of COVID patients. But are all the people who are designated as “COVID patients” really hospitalized because of the virus, or is it often due to other underlying illnesses?

What is the other disease epidemic affecting American adolescents that is potentially more dangerous than COVID-19?

4) What are the numbers of Americans dying from covid vaccines?

In an article titled: “Estimating the number of COVID vaccine death in America” By Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, Mathew Crawford
Quoted in Source: “Part 2: Dr. Robert Malone on Risks of Vaccinating Children, Herd Immunity Misconceptions, and the Omicron-Vaccine Mismatch”

Link: PART 2: Dr. Robert Malone on Risks of Vaccinating Children, Herd Immunity Misconceptions, and the Omicron-Vaccine Mismatch (theepochtimes.com)
Scan to 29:04

Note: VAERS or Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database can be used to estimate the number of excess death caused by COVID vaccines. “A simple analysis shows that it is likely that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the current COVID vaccines as of August 28, 2021.”

5) Why is the FDA not openly reporting on vaccine risks?
(Many medications have risks.)
Source: CROSSROADS with Joshua Philipp, January 9, 2022, in a review titled: “Live Q&A: Judge Refuses FDA Request; Gives 8 months for Pfizer Data; Trump Social Network Nears”
Link: Live Q&A: Judge Refuses FDA Request, Gives 8 Months for Pfizer Data; Trump Social Network Nears (theepochtimes.com)

NOTE: The FDA wanted 75 years to fully release the Pfizer data. Everyone should ask why?

U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to produce more than 12,000 pages on or before Jan. 31, which was what the FDA had proposed in part. Pittman then ordered the agency to “produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist reported on COVID-19 treatments, including one method that may have “stamped out COVID-19 in Bangladesh.” Dr. McCullough also reported on the staggering numbers of vaccine deaths and notes that other drugs are quickly removed if they induce 50 deaths.

Source: America Thought Leaders with Jan Jekielek on January 1, 2022 reporting on “PART 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realities and VARES Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths”
Link: PART 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realities and VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths (theepochtimes.com)

6) When multiple minds are best, especially with new problems, why are Fauci and Collins censoring other scientists?

Source: The Epoch Times’ Truth Over News article with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke, January 6, 2022, titled: “Silencing Scientists”

Link: Fauci and Collins Silence Scientists: ‘There Needs to Be a Quick and Devastating Published Takedown’ | Truth Over News (theepochtimes.com)

They reported: “Recently released emails reveal an attempt by two of the U.S. government’s most senior officers to silence acclaimed scientists who did not toe the official line on COVID-19.

The October 2020 emails between Anthony Fauci and his boss, Francis Collins, highlight the behind-the-scenes efforts to take down the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

The Great Barrington Declaration was an October 2020 letter, signed by many acclaimed scientists, that ran counter to Fauci’s and Collins’ lockdown narrative.

Fauci and Collins have demonstrated a history of colluding with Big Tech and the corporate media to censor views that run counter to their personal interest.

The efforts by Collins and Fauci to silence American scientists serve as a chilling

reminder of the extent and intensity with which First Amendment rights have been undermined in the pandemic era.”

Follow the Science or Follow the Money – https://amgreatness.com/2022/03/29/follow-the-science-or-follow-the-money/

Interview 1675 – The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Bing video

7) Why is herd immunity not achievable for COVID even with vaccinations?

Source: Go to epochTV.com, American Thought Leaders, September 2, 2021 report titled: PART 1: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on Latest COVID-19 Data, Booster Shots, and the Shattered Scientific ‘Consensus’

Link: PART 1: Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on Latest COVID-19 Data, Booster Shots, and the Shattered Scientific ‘Consensus’ (theepochtimes.com)

“July 4th was the goal when we were going to have 70 per cent vaccine uptake. We didn’t meet that. And there was a lot of discomfort with the Israeli data. Then all of this new information is rolled out, the Israeli data in particular, having to do with the increasing number of infections and hospitalizations.

At first the position was that this was only occurring in the unvaccinated cohort. Then that became increasingly untenable and it became clear that it was occurring in the vaccinated cohort. The same became true with the UK data set, which is stronger than the American monitoring system. They do a lot more sequence analysis.

So now we had this paradox that those that had been vaccinated, while the data still suggested that they’re largely protected from disease and death and more protected than the unvaccinated from disease and death, they’re no longer protected from infection. It became clear within the data, and through multiple sources, that the levels of virus replication in the individuals, even who had been vaccinated previously, was the same or higher as the levels of virus replication in those that had been un-vaccinated. And also that those that had been vaccinated and had breakthrough infections, which is what we’re talking about, were also shedding virus and able to spread virus.

So that raised the prospect that they were kind of the new super spreaders, because they would have less apparent disease and yet still be shedding high levels of virus.

That set up a situation where a lot of folks were on edge. There were still a lot of media pushing that this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but that became increasingly untenable as the data rolled in.”   – Dr. Robert Malone

Ivermectin is safer than Tylenol and saves lives if used early

Dr. Paul Marik M.D., with other 600 peer reviewed papers, said that ivermectin is safer than Tylenol, highly effective against SAR-COVID-2, and could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives if used as early treatment. Identification of the coordinated censorship against these facts is left for the viewer to beware.  Dr. Paul Marik | New Hampshire Ivermectin Bill. (rumble.com)   (5 min, 12 sec report)

Dr. Scott Atlas shows the politicization and censorship in American science and explains what’s expected from virus variants – No need to worry as variants become less lethal. He also explains why children should not be vaccinated and shows how other nations followed science with better results.   Dr. Scott Atlas’ observation of bureaucrats censoring science

Dr. Scott Atlas: A Powerful, Unelected ‘Cabal’ Controls Both Scientific Funding and Health Policy in America (theepochtimes.com)

Other questions that need investigation:

1) Why are healthy middle-age and young people (the minimum-to-zero risk group) forced to vaccinate when vaccinations can diminish their natural immune response?

2) Should the young continue to live in isolation and mask-up when those without premedical conditions show no mortality and they also have the ability to acquire natural immunity more readily than when they are older?

Florida Department of Health Officially Recommends AGAINST COVID-19 Vaccines For Healthy Children. Link: Florida Department of Health Officially Recommends AGAINST COVID-19 Vaccines For Healthy Children › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

3) With the Democratic party positioning themselves as the “protectors of minorities,” why is the Democratic party pushing vaccine mandates for healthy young Caucasians when millions of medically vulnerable and elderly minorities in third world countries do not have access to vaccines?

4) Why is there emphasis on vaccines and complete official silence on treatment for covid?

5) Why is the censored science different from the popular narratives building our fears?

6) Why is any science censored or lied about?

7) Could it be possible that lots of money can be made or political power secured with election fraud via mail-in ballots, if a populace can be controlled and kept in fear?

8) Did money and political power create monsters among us, including the lying and censoring media?

9) What impact does belief in lies have on American mortalities and phony elections?

Sound of Silenced Science LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2LaDrDL4g4&t=224s

June 1, 2023 CDC Drops Bomb Shell on the Vaccinated

REBELNEWS – Watch: WA cops keep up fight against unjust vaccine mandates

Censored Science on God’s Existence

Censored Science on Origin Studies and Scientific Evidence for God

( 5 min) Antony Flew’s Conversion from Atheism LINK: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=antony+flew&hps=1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMbKsIAib5YM (Flew was a British atheist for over 50 years. Read his book: THERE IS A GOD – How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind. Who influenced him? The Discovery Institute.)

(6 min) See Richard Dawkin’s admission toward Intelligent Design & a follow up question. LINK:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlZtEjtlirc

(12 min) Darwin Debunked Using Modern Science

LINK: Unlocking The Mystery Of LifeIf it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely breakdown.Charles Darwin [Reference Quote in Charles Darwin – The Origin of Species With a special Introduction by Julian Huxley (Published by The New American Library of World Literature, Inc. in 1958 on page 171 in Chapter 6 titled: Difficulties Of The Theory)]

Dr. Dean Kenyon, a once popular chemical evolutionary textbook writer and scientist, has a major change in position. Other biochemists are beginning to acknowledge the growing problems with natural selection as Darwin’s originally recognized potential problem with evolution.  LINK:  https://vimeo.com/71162398

LINK: Darwin’s Dilemma [T]he distinctness of specific forms, and their not being blended together by innumerable transitional links, is a very obvious difficulty. Charles Darwin [Reference Quote in Charles Darwin – The Origin of Species With a special Introduction by Julian Huxley (Published by The New American Library of World Literature, Inc. in 1958 on page 287 in Chapter 10 titled: On The Imperfection Of The Geological Record)]  Note: Precambrian fossils include animals of soft body tissues. Therefore, if precursors to the Cambrian fossils existed, they should have been preserved.

Now with Darwin’s above mystery, see how the latest paleontological discoveries (fossils) flip Darwin’s Tree of Life upside down and confirm intelligent design. See what some evolutionary scientists now say and how the empirical science confirms the biblical text. LINK: https://www.shiatv.net/video/5a6df529b4cd78137c5a

LINK: Hummingbirds’ ,  LINK: dolphins and LINK: whales’ mysteries recently discovered amplify Darwin’s problem: [I]n many cases it is most difficult even to conjecture (guess) by what transitions organs have arrived at their present state; – Charles Darwin  [Reference Quote in Charles Darwin – The Origin of Species With a special Introduction by Julian Huxley (Published by The New American Library of World Literature, Inc. in 1958 on page 180 in Chapter 6 titled: Difficulties Of The Theory)]

LINK: Birds

LINK: The Elephant’s Trunk

LINK: Fantastic Fireflies

LINK: The Super Generation
Our knowledge of God is made larger with every new discovery about the world – Joseph H. Taylor, Nobel laureate/Physics

LINK: The Privileged Planet – How the latest scientific discoveries in astronomy is renewing faith in  God LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmIc42oRjm8 See advertisement at LINK: http://www.theprivilegedplanet.com/)

For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries. – Robert Jastrow (astronomer and agnostic) [[Reference Quote in GOD AND THE ASTRONOMERS, By Robert Jastrow (Published by Warner Books in 1978 on pages 105-106 Chapter 6 titled: The Religion of Science)]

John Lennox, Oxford University Mathematician, Discusses the Beginning of the Universe PLUS Other Issues. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKh51FxQ4io

LINK: Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines – Scientific arguments for and against irreducible complexity are presented with a review of major media’s selective edits to push a suffering scientific narrative upon an unsuspecting public. Dr. Gunter Bechly, a renowned German Paleontologist and coauthor of a popular science book on evolution, testifies of a major personal and intellectual shift after going past the media’s fraudulent spin in checking out the Intelligent Design sources directly. Scan to the 37-minute mark to hear his surprising discovery. See LINK: https://revolutionarybehe.com

LINK: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed– Ben Stein’s documentary of professionals who lost jobs because they dared to question and teach all the science. LINK: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=expelled+no+intelligence+allowed&docid=608047567526954070&mid=8EAC381CB50D89F15EC18EAC381CB50D89F15EC1&view=detail&FORM=VIREHT

Note: If the above links become unavailable, then order from LINK: Discovery Institute | Public policy think tank advancing a culture of purpose, creativity, and innovation. or Discovery.org. Significant discounts are available from http://go2rpi.com

Other Intelligent Design Videos

Peer-Review Paper: “Neo-Darwinism Must Mutate to Survive” LINK: https://evolutionnews.org/2023/03/peer-reviewed-paper-neo-darwinism-must-mutate-to-survive/

Extraordinary Engineers


J. Warner Wallace – Evidence For God So You Don’t Feel Crazy

ColdCaseChristianity.com (Look this site over carefully, because it offers apologetic materials for children too)


Intelligent Design Education Day


Dr. Stephen C Meyer on The Joe Rogan Experience – Podcast Episode #2008 July 13, 2023


Quote: “The chance of a world such as ours occurring without intelligent design becomes more and more remote as we learn of its wonders.”  Arthur Holly Compton – Nobel Prize – Wave Particle Duality

Test Dembski’s Design Inference




Two great DVD sets from TrueU.org are 1) Does God Exist? and 2) Is The Bible Reliable? First one reviews the latest science, the second one covers amazing archaeology discoveries.

Origin of Life: You Can’t Trust Everything You hear LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E501YvJgNdA

A secular Jew, mathematician and philosopher – David Berlinski’s book is outstanding: The Devil’s Delusion – Atheism and its scientific pretensions. 

A Jewish scientist discusses career, new profitable technologies, the origin of life problem, PLUS at LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq1ERH2LJJU&t=1145s

See also LINK: http://www.drjamestour.com/  AND LINK: https://jesusandscience.org/

Dr. James Tour Exposes Scientific Establishment’s Misleading Projections“They’re Lying to You!” LINK: https://www.therightreasons.net/topic/105393-theyre-lying-to-you-dr-james-tour-exposes-scientific-establishments-misleading-projections/

Dr. James Tour vs Dave Farina – Are we clueless about the origin of life?

Watch the above debate carefully. When Dr. Tour asks for life-as-we-know-it specifics in completing chemical equations, professor Farina reverts to reading research papers’ boldly asserted titles. Farina seems to accept any none-real-world environment with the most limited chemical functions, however remote from living cellular functions, with the hope it will evolve into such, while turning the debate from chemistry into a personal attack on Dr. Tour’s honestly. On the other hand, Dr Tour interrupts Professor Farina at each error point made. The debate could have been improved if interruptions by both had been ruled out and the topic strickly limited to chemistry and the problems associated with biogenesis.

Explore Evolution – THE ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST NEO-DARWINISM – Stephen C. Meyer, Scott Minnich, Jonathan Moneymaker, Paul A. Nelson & Ralph Seelke – 160 pages, First published in 2007 with second edition in 2013.  LINK 1: https://exploreevolution.com/ (www.exploreevolution.com) LINK 2: https://www.discovery.org/store/?s=Explore+Evolution&post_type=product [Hill House Publishers TM (Melbourne & London) c/o O’Brien & Partners Suite 4, 91 Station Street, Malvern, Victoria 3144, Australia]

Someone Must Have the Answer! (Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe, Ep. 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YngarAhh0M&list=PLR8eQzfCOiS2h6bO0dPkJn504dozh4Xmo

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis – Michael Denton (atheist/agnostic/now believer) – 368 pages, Published in 1986, Dr. Denton’s Bio, other papers and talks can be found at LINK: https://www.discovery.org/p/denton/  [Adler & Adler, Publishers, Inc. 4550 Montgomery Ave., Bethesda, Maryland 208914] See also: https://evolutionnews.org/2023/04/dentons-puzzle-of-perfection-now-and-then/

Evolution: STILL A THEORY IN CRISIS – Michael Denton – 353 pages, Published in 2016. LINK: https://discoveryinstitutepress.com/book/evolution/?hilite=Evolution%3A+Still+theory+crisis [Published by Discovery Institute Press, 208 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98101]

FORE SIGHT – How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose – Marcols Eberlin – 171 pages
This book is endorsed by three Nobel Laurates PLUS other Scientists. See LINK: https://www.discovery.org/store/product/foresight/?hilite=Fore+Sight

See also LINK: https://stephencmeyer.org/books/return-of-the-god-hypothesis/


Reality Apologetics  https://www.realityapologetics.com/

Stand To Reason  www.STR.org
On Stand to Reason’s Founder – Greg Koukl

More Stuff: https://dot.discovery.org/webmail/563722/1175992205/5415c4385cf0a9b0961a18031874435262be41ccfc57c49c83e1485a879814f4


ATP Synthase, an Energy-Generating Rotary Motor Engine

Another Link with Evidence for God: https://doesgodexist.org/

Thinking Man Films give archaeological evidence of Biblical histories LINK: https://thinkingmanfilms.com/

While not exactly an intellectual approach to God, the following is a powerful personal testimony of one lady’s experience. Her name and story  –  Adrienne Johnson    Why I am No Longer an Atheist  (Don’t miss the fact she’s on Dennis Prager’s show and he’s Jewish. You will not understand the significance of this until you hear who she attributes for her changed life.)

The Scientific Revolution (in a few minutes) – Most will be surprised what Sir Isaac Newton said

Are Progressive Christians Hijacking Jesus? (Plus pointers to evidence who Jesus was and is)

Watch Mormon Genetic Scientists Reveal the Scientific Challenges to The Book of Mormon.

Go to: DNA vs. The Book of Mormon – SourceFlix | Living Hope
Scan down and select “Watch full video” for free


1) Go to: www.sourceflix.com

2) Select “Shop” in upper right corner

3) Select “DVD”

4) Scan down and select “Select Options” under DNA Vs The Book of Mormon

5) Scan down and select “Watch full video” for free

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Can the Gospels be Trusted?

How Accurate Are The Gospels?

Other Gospels?

Messianic Prophecies

Supernatural Evidence

ANGEL STUDIOS has a new movie – After Death – Official Trailer Link here

Another After Death LINK

(12 min) Are near death experiences real? An interview ‘After Death’ producer, Jason Pamer
See Angel.com/LifeAfter for free tickets.

Bettina Peyton, Atheist Neurologist Transformed by Near Death Experience LINK: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Atheist+Neurologist+Transformed+by+Near+Death+Experience&hps=1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-IuJKabyx_g With cautioned spiritual advice from the apostle Paul, Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey – Romans 6:16a (NIV)

On Angels: By Brigadier General Charlie Duke, lunar modular pilot of Apollo 16 / astronaut. The following is taken from Moonwalker by Charlie & Dotty Duke, published in 1990, Nashville, Tennessee, by Oliver-Nelson Books, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Reference pages 278 – 280

During this same trip to Malaysia, while we were visiting a small village where I was scheduled to speak, I received a phone call from the United States and was puzzled when a man identified himself as the editor of The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, and asked, “What do you think of the accident?”

“What accident?” I replied.

“You haven’t heart?” he said astonished. “Heard what?” I asked.

He continued, “Twelve hours ago the space shuttle Challenger blew up and killed all seven astronauts!”
I was stunned and totally speechless. Finally I asked, “Who was on board?” He gave the names and to my grief, one was a good friend named Ron McNair from my home state.

When I hung up, I told Dotty the terrible news and together we prayed for the families.
I had to speak that evening and knew everyone would have heard the news. “Lord,” I prayed, “what am I to tell these people?” I had an urge to open my Bible and as I did, it fell open to Ecclesiastes 9:12, which I had highlighted and which jumped off the page at me. It read, “No man knows when his hour will come” (NIV).

That evening at the meeting, I told everyone, “When my friends, the shuttle astronauts, launched the Challenger, they didn’t know their hour was about to come. Astronauts may be brave, but they aren’t crazy and would not fly facing certain disaster.”

I continued, “No one knows when his hour will come. Are you ready for your hour when it comes? The Bible speaks comfort to us when it says. ‘I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life’ (1 John 5:13 NIV). Accept Jesus and be ready,” I encouraged.

One person I wasn’t sure was ready was my dad, so whenever I visited my parents in South Carolina, I would love to speak to them about the Lord and tell them stories about God’s power. They seemed to enjoy listening and Dad would humor me along, yet doubting most every word.
One time I was talking to them about angels and how they watch over us. I said, “Dad, every time some friends of mine get on an airplane, they pray that God will send some angels to protect them. One day as they were flying at thirty-five thousand feet, they looked out of their airplane window and sitting on the wing of the plane was an angel.”

Dad just cracked up! He thought that was the funniest story he’d ever heard. He laughed and said, “Well, I’ll tell you what, if I ever see an angel, he’d better have on a parachute.” Well, Dad,” I said, “I’m praying that you see an angel.”

Over the next few years, Dad began to weaken from the result of a slight stroke. He let me pray for him but would never confess Jesus and open his heart to God. Then he developed lung cancer and was put in the hospital. You could tell how much he was fearing death as his time drew nearer and nearer.

One day my brother was visiting him and knowing how fearful he was said, “Dad, can I read from the Bible?” Bill read from 1 John, “Perfect love casts out fear” (4:18), and then added, “Dad, Jesus is perfect love. Do you want to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and receive the peace of God?” Dad agreed and my brother led him to the Lord. Peace came to Dad, and everyone noticed how his fear had gone.

A month later I was in California when early in the morning I receive an urgent call from my mom, “You’d better get home; Dad doesn’t have much longer.”

I quickly made a plane reservation and asked Ilie Coroama, a good friend and brother in Christ, to drive me to the airport. As I got on the plane, I asked Ilie, “Please pray for my dad.”

When I arrived home in South Carolina, I rushed to the hospital and went into Dad’s room – the bed was empty. Dad had died at 5:30 P.M. I had missed seeing him by one hour. I was a little upset with God, “Why didn’t you let him last one more hour?” But the peace of the Lord came, and I knew Dad was with God.

I went home to see Mom and the rest of my family, and we had a tearful reunion. There was a message to call Dotty and after telling her about Dad, she said, “Ilie called and he wants you to telephone him. He has a word from the Lord for you.”

When Ilie answered the phone, I could tell he was very excited. “Brother Charlie,” he said, “I was praying for your dad at 2:30 this afternoon and God gave me a vision!” Now 2:30 California time is 5:30 in South Carolina, when my Dad died. Ilie continued, “God showed me in this vision, two angels who were coming to collect your dad and take him to heaven. The Lord said that your dad would die very soon, but for you not to worry because he’s with Jesus.”

Almost speechless, I responded, “Praise the Lord! Dad died as you were praying!” Then Ilie added, “But Charlie, there was something very strange about those angels, which I don’t understand – they both had on big parachutes.”

I had forgotten about my conversation with Dad, and I too was perplexed about the parachutes, so Ilie and I asked God to explain their meaning. A few days later, God brought to mind my Dad’s comment that if he ever saw an angel he’d better have on a parachute. Can you imagine! God in His love and mercy had given Dad two! The Lord’s humor, His compassion, and His personal caring for each one of us is shown in this story about my dad.

This is my God – the One who does not forget a single sparrow and tells us that we are each worth more than many sparrows. This is my God – the One who has numbered every hair on our head and the One who lovingly clothes the lilies of the field (see Luke 12:6-7, 28).

This is the Lord I love and serve. This is the Lord who transformed my life. This is the Lord who restored my marriage.

I used to say I could live ten thousand years and never have an experience as thrilling as walking on the moon. But the excitement and satisfaction of that walk doesn’t begin to compare with my walk with Jesus, a walk that lasts forever.

I thought Apollo 16 would be my crowning glory, but the crown that Jesus gives will not tarnish or fade away. His crown will last throughout all eternity (see 1 Corinthians 9:25).

[Editorial Note: Since Charlie referenced Luke 12, he should have brought attention to verse 3 as well, …What you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs (Luke 12:3 NIV)]

On Spiritual Out-of-the-body / Near-Death Experiences: By Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, former awarded-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. The following is taken from THE CASE FOR Heaven by Lee Strobel, published in 2021 by Zondervan Books. Reference pages 64 – 68.

The Errant Tennis Shoe

. . .  “I was impressed by the case in which the dying woman left her body, drifted toward the ceiling, and was able to see a red sticker on the hidden side of the fan blade,” I said. “Her description of the sticker was later confirmed to be correct. That kind of independent corroboration is helpful. Are there other cases like that?”

“Oh, sure,” came his reply. “Quite a few.”

“Give me some examples.”

“There are many cases where NDE patients leave their body, watch doctors try to resuscitate them, and are able to later describe the exact procedures and tools the doctors used. Cardiologist Michael Sabom was a skeptic until he investigated those kinds of cases. For instance, his patient Peter Morton underwent cardiac arrest and yet described the resuscitation efforts I such precise and accurate detail that Sabom said he could have used the tape to train other physicians.”

“Hold on,” I said, “Couldn’t the patient have been guessing? Maybe he was simply recalling what he had seen on medical shows on television.”

“That’s been investigated,” Burke replied.  “Dr. Penny Sartori did a five-year study and found that patients who claimed to be out of their bodies were ‘surprisingly accurate’ in their observations. She compared that with patients who were asked to guess what happened during their resuscitations.”

“How did those folks fare?”

“Not well. She said they all had errors and misconceptions of the equipment used and incorrect procedures were described. For example, she said many guessed that the defibrillator had been used when, in fact, it had not.”

“Interesting,” I said.

“One of the most famous cases comes from researcher Kimberly Clark Sharp, who describes the out-of-body experience of a heart-attack patient named Maria. During the time Maria was unconscious, she drifted through the ceiling and outside the hospital. When she did, she saw a tennis shoe on the hospital’s third-story window ledge.”

“How did she describe it?”

“A man’s shoe, left-footed, dark blue, with a wear mark over the little toe and a shoelace tucked under the heel. Sharp investigated, and sure enough – she eventually found the shoe, exactly as Maria had described it.”

I pondered the story for a moment. “Well, that’s impressive,” I said, “How often does this kind of corroboration occur?”

“Janice Holden studied ninety-three NDE patients who claimed to make multiple verifiable observations while out of their physical bodies. She said a remarkable 92 percent of the observations were ‘completely accurate.’ Think of that – nearly everyone was totally correct.  Another 6 percent contained just ‘some error.’ Only 2 percent were ‘completely erroneous.’”

I had to concede. “That’s a pretty amazing track record.”

And the Blind Can See

I gestured toward Burke to continue with examples of corroborated cases. He thought for a second and then began rattling them off, occasionally picking up his book and flipping through it for details to refresh his recollection.

“The Lancet published an account of a patient who was brought into the hospital comatose and not breathing after cardiac arrest. A male nurse removed the man’s dentures and tucked them into the drawer of a crash cart. A week later, in another room, the patient regained consciousness. When the nurse came in, the patient recognized him, saying, ‘You took my dentures out of my mouth,’ and he proceeded to precisely describe how the nurse had put them in the bottom drawer of a specific cart.

“The nurse said, ‘I was especially amazed because I remembered this happening while the man was in a deep coma and in the process of CPR. When I asked further, it appeared the man had seen himself lying in bed, that he had perceived from above how nurses and doctors had been busy with CPR.”

In another case, a seven-year-old girl named Katie was found floating facedown in a swimming pool. She was profoundly comatose, with massive brain swelling and no measurable brain activity. She didn’t have a heartbeat for nearly twenty minutes. She was hooked up to an artificial lung to keep her breathing. Somehow, though, she made a miraculous recovery in just three days – and stunned dotors by saying, “I met Jesus and the heavenly Father.”

Intrigued, the doctors questioned her at length. In fact, they had her draw a picture of the emergency room, and she succeeded in correctly placing everything. Then she said that in her out-of-body state, she followed her family home one night. She was able to give specific details about what she observed, including what her father was reading, how her brother was pushing a toy soldier in a Jeep, and her mother was cooking roast chicken and rice. She even knew what clothes each family member wore that night.

“Everything checked out,” said Burke.

What’s more, he added, there are cases where congenitally blind people can see during their NDE. For example, Vicki had never visually seen anything in her twenty-two years. Then she was in a car accident and found herself looking down on the crumbled vehicle, and later she watched doctors working on her body as she floated toward the ceiling.

After going down a tunnel to a wondrous place. Vicki encountered two schoolmates who had died years before. Though mentally disabled in life, they were now fully healthy. She then saw a playback of her early years. She was later able to provide various accurate observations, including about her childhood friends, which she could not have witnessed at the time but claimed to have seen in the life review.

Among the conclusions of Kenneth Ring, who interviewed twenty-one blind people who reported NDEs, are that “blind and visual impaired descriptions of the experience show visual, or ‘visual-like’ perceptions, and some of these reports have been validated by outside witnesses.”

LINK: Are Near-Death Experiences Science Now?

On Miracles: By Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, former awarded-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune.
The following is taken from THE CASE FOR Miracles by Lee Strobel, published in 2018 by Zondervan. Reference pages 101 – 105.

“One of the Most Hopelessly Ill Patients”

Keener went on to discuss another case, not in his book, for which there’s significant documentation. “I’ve personally interviewed Barbara, who was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with progressive multiple sclerosis,” Keener said, “I’ve confirmed the facts with two physicians who treated her.  There are numerous independent witnesses to her condition and years of medical records. In fact, two of her doctors were so astounded by her case that they’ve written about it in books.

One of those physicians, Dr. Harold P. Adolph, a board-certified surgeon who performed twenty-five thousand operations in his career, declared, “Barbara was one of the most hopelessly ill patients I ever saw.”

Another physician, Dr. Thomas Marshall, an internist for thirty years until his recent retirement, described Barbara as a budding gymnast in high school, playing flute in the orchestra. But symptoms began appearing: she would trip, bump into walls, and was unable to grasp the rings in gym class.

Eventually after her condition worsened, the diagnosis of progressive multiple sclerosis was confirmed through spinal taps and other diagnostic test. After thoroughly examining her case, doctors at the Mayo Clinic agreed with the dire diagnosis.

“The prognosis was not good,” Marshall said.

Over the next sixteen years, her condition continued to deteriorate. She spent months in hospitals, often for pneumonia after being unable to breathe.  One diaphragm was paralyzed, rendering a lung nonfunctional; the other lung operated at less than 50 percent. A tracheostomy tube was inserted into her neck, with oxygen pumped from canisters in her garage.

She lost control of her urination and bowels; a catheter was inserted into her bladder, and an ileostomy was performed, with a bag attached for her bodily waste. She went legally blind, unable to read and only capable of seeing objects as gray shadows. A feeding tube was inserted into her stomach.

“Her abdomen was swollen grotesquely because the muscles of her intestine did not work,” Adolph said.

“She now needed continuous oxygen, and her muscles and joints were becoming contacted and deformed because she could not move or exercise them,” Marshall said.  “Mayo [Clinic] was her last hope, but they had no recommendations to help stop this progressive wasting disease except to pray for a miracle.”

By 1981, she hadn’t been able to walk for seven years. She was confined to bed, her body twisted like a pretzel into a fetal position. Her hands were permanently flexed to the point that her fingers nearly touched her wrists. Her feet were locked in a downward position.

Marshall explained to her family that it was just a matter of time before she would die. They agreed not to do any heroics, including CPR or further hospitalization, to keep her alive; this would only prolong the inevitable.

Barbara entered hospice care in her home, with a life expectancy of less than six months.

“This Is Medically Impossible”

One day someone called in Barbara’s story to the radio station of the Moddy Bible Institute in Chicago. A request was broadcast for listeners to pray fervently for her. Some 450 Christians wrote letters to her church saying they were lifting Barbara in prayer.

On Pentecost Sunday, 1981, her aunt came over to read her some of the letters in which people offered prayers for her healing. Two girlfriends joined them. Suddenly, during a lull in the conversation, Barbara heard a man’s voice speak from behind her – even though there was nobody else in the room.

“The words were clear and articulate and spoken with great authority, but also with great compassion,” Marshall wrote.

Said the voice, “My child, get up and walk!”

Seeing that Barbara had become agitated, one of her friends plugged the hole in her neck so she could speak. “I don’t know what you’re going to think about this,” Barbara told them, “but God just told me to get up and walk. I know he really did! Run and get my family. I want them here with us!”

Her friends ran out and yelled for her family. “Come quick; come quick!”

Marshall described what happened next: “Barb felt compelled to do immediately what she was divinely instructed, so she literally jumped out of bed and removed her oxygen. She was standing on legs that had not supported her for years. Her vision was back, and she was no longer short of breath, even without her oxygen. Her contractions were gone, and she could move her feet and hands freely”

Her mother ran into the room and dropped to her knees, feeling Barbara’s calves. “You have muscles again!” she exclaimed. Her father came in, hugged her, “and whisked her off for a waltz around the family room,” Marshall said.

Everyone moved to the living room to offer a tearful prayer of thanksgiving – although Barbara found it hard to sit still. That evening, there was a worship service at Wheaton Wesleyan Church, where Barbara’s family attended. Most of the congregation knew about Barbara’s grave condition.

During the service, when the pastor asked if anyone had any announcements, Barbara stepped into the center aisle and casually strolled toward the front, her heart pounding.

”A cacophony of whispers came from all parts of the church,” Marshall said. “People started clapping, and then, as if led by a divine conductor, the entire congregation began to sing, ‘Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see!”

The next day, Barbara came to Marshall’s office for an examination. Seeing her in the hallway, walking toward him, “I thought I was seeing an apparition!” he recalled. “No one had ever seen anything like this before.”

He told Barbara, “This is medically impossible. But you are now free to go out and live your life.”

A chest X-ray that afternoon showed her lungs were already ‘perfectly normally,” with the collapsed lung completely expanded. “The intestine that had been vented to the abdominal wall was reconnected normally,“ Adolph said. “She was eventually restored to complete health.”

Barbara has now lived for thirty-five years with no recurrence of her illness. “She subsequently married a minister and feels her calling in life is to serve others,” Marshall said.

Both physicians marvel at her extraordinary recovery. “I have never witnessed anything like this before or since and considered it a rare privilege to observe the hand of God performing a true miracle,” Marshall wrote.

Said Adolph, “Both Barbara and I knew who had healed her.”

On Hell: By Dr. Maurice Rawlings. Dr. Rawlings is a cardiovascular disease specialist. He has been the physician at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which included Generals Marshall, Bradley, Patton, and Dwight Eisenhower before he became president of the United States. Dr. Rawlings was appointed to the National Teaching Faculty of the American Heart Association, specializing in teaching methods for the retrieval of patients from sudden death. Many more accomplishments can be listed.

The following encounter, that was a personal life-changing event for Dr. Rawlings, is taken from his book: To Hell and Back, published in 1993 by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Reference pages 35 – 37


The whole thing occurred late one day in 1977 when the other doctors had left Diagnostic Center to finish rounds elsewhere. Pam Charlesworth was finishing an EKG on a patient with chest pain.

“It’s normal,” she said.

I shook my head. “Hook him up again and this time exercise him enough to reproduce the pain. A smoldering heart attack could still be there.”

The treadmill rumbled to life, moving Charlie McKaig, a forty-eight-year-old mail carrier from LaFayette, Georgia, at a progressively rapid rate. Pain reappeared along with sweating and breathlessness. An unusual humming noise from the monitor caused us to look up to see an unexpected run of ventricular tachycardia (rapid, dangerous heartbeat). This was followed by very long pause in the beat and then followed by slow, widened beats and then by a flatline.

Surprisingly, Charlie continued to talk for a while, unaware that his heart had stopped. Four or five seconds later, he looked suddenly dumbfounded. It was as if he were about to ask a question. Then his eyes rolled up in his head and he fell, the treadmill sweeping the body away like so much trash.

This reminded me of similar problems occurring in the heart lab where the heartbeat stops for some reason, but amazingly, the patient continues to talk for a while. Hitting them on the chest or making them cough repeatedly usually starts them up again so the procedure can be completed as if nothing happened.

The CPR technique that we used on Charlie has since been modified by employing sequential chest/abdominal compressions at a rate of eighty per minute. The artificial breathing technique is the same. Details are available at your local American Heart Association or Red Cross, and the method is listed in the Appendix.

With Charlie’s head sharply extended, chin toward the ceiling, one of the nurses breathed “the kiss of life.” Another nurse started the IV for medicines. By then an underlying block in the heartbeat had appeared on the monitor. That means the heart was not conducting the beat properly and a temporary pacemaker would be needed for the heart to respond to the CPR.

Using a large-bore needle, I entered the big vein under the collar bone, then treaded the pacemaker wire in the right side of the heart and attached the wire to a pulse-generator box to initiate every beat, not missing a stroke.

But blood was spurting everywhere. Whenever I stopped pushing on his chest in order to adjust the pacemaker, the heart would stop, and Charlie’s eyes would roll up, he again would sputter, turn blue, and begin to convulse.

With bare hands, just like you can, I would reach over and start him up again. But this time he was creaming the words, “Don’t stop! I’m in hell! I’m in hell!”

Hallucinations, I thought. Most victims say, “Take your big hands off me, you’re breaking my ribs,” But he was saying the opposite: “For God’s sake, don’t stop! Don’t you understand? Every time you let go I’m back in hell!”

When he asked me to pray for him, I felt downright insulted. In fact, I told him to shut up. I said I was a doctor, not a minister and not a psychiatrist. But the nurses gave me that expectant look. What would you do? That’s when I composed a make-believe prayer.

I made him repeat the make-believe prayer word for word to keep him off my back. Meanwhile, I resuscitated with one hand and adjusted the pacemaker with the other. “Say it! Jesus Christ is the Son of God, go on and say it!” I said. “Keep me out of hell, and if I live, I’m on the hook. I’m yours, Go on, say it!”

And then a very strange thing happened that changed our lives. A religious conversion experience took place. I had never witnessed one before. He was no longer the wild-eyed, screaming, combative lunatic who had been fighting me for his life. He was relaxed and calm and cooperative. It frightened me. I was shaken by the events. Not only had that make-believe prayer blown out the soul of Charlie McKaig, but it backfired and got me too. It was a conviction I cannot express even to this day.

Since then, Charlie has outlived three permanent pacemakers, and it has been difficult to believe that this miserable prayer of mine had open the road to my own salvation. A spiritual bonus for the simpleminded. The lesson? Don’t say make-believe prayers. They can work. And they can dissect your soul like a surgeon’s scalpel.

And that’s what stimulated me to search for the mysteriously missing hell cases.

And that presented another problem. Why did the hell cases never question where they were or why they were sent there? And why did the heavenly cases, on the other hand, wonder if their experiences were bona fide? The quest for answers would prove to be my holy grail – to question those who were about to shake hands with death and those who had been beyond death’s door.

Link: Samuel Morris: The African Missionary to North America (What happens when a person prays as though God was his or her father.) If video link becomes unavailable, you can order the 58-minute DVD from christianbook.com (1-800-Christian). Stock No: WW014852

Jordan Peterson asks Eric Metaxas, “Why Did You Become a Christian?” Eric’s answer is surprising.

Examples of the Lying Media

It’s recognized now that a Conservative is as likely to get a fair trial in a deep-blue community, as a black man in the south during Jim Crow laws. The media is speading news of Sidney Powell’s and other’s plea deal in an effort to fight against the growing evidence of election crimes by both major parties. Don’t be confused or buy into it. Lawfare against the good guys by the corrupt DOJ and FBI is real. That evidence of election fraud in Georgia and other places is captured in this website. Be sure and select the STATES tab above.

From Sidney Powell’s “Good  News Saturday: 10/21/23” . . . “With a jury culled from deep-blue Fulton County, the risk of a conviction on even one of the felony counts, and the consequential loss of her law license, would be just too great of a chance for any defendant to take — especially when the plea only involved misdemeanors that would be discharged from Powell’s record following probation. Under these circumstance, it would have been lunacy for Powell to have rejected the plea offer.”

(8-min) Rep. Nancy Mace reports of Biden’s treason with the Chinese communists on the first day of his impeachment hearing. (Why isn’t major media reporting this? They’re not stupid!)

Major FBI corruption the major media is not reporting

(5 minutes) Lying Liars https://www.prageru.com/video/lying-liars (Please remember, you must select PragerU videos again to enable the audio)

(5 minutes) Russian Collusion and the Death of Journalism (You must select PragerU videos again to enable audio)

Four young black men DESTROYS the Donald Trump racism myth PLUS

Arab, Israeli, & Proud (What our most popular media isn’t reporting – PragerU videos must be selected AGAIN while playing to enable the audio)

6-minutes – How we are being manipulated

15 minutes & You’ll wish it was longer – Elon MEGA OWNS BBC Interviewer

Another Example of Bold-Face Lying Media

The Power of Truthful Information – Matt Taibbi and Douglas Murray DISMANTLE two Mainstream Journalists in a heated debate. Before the debate only 48% of the sold-out crowd of 2630 agreed that mainstream media should not be trusted while 52% believed it could be. After this debate Matt and Douglas won over 39% ending with 67% believing the media should not be trusted, leaving only 33% who thought the media could still be trusted. Does this give anyone the idea that we must work hard to let everyone know what’s not being reported to them or the tyrannts will take away more of our freedoms and go unpunished?

Share this 35-minute clip of the highlights while it’s still available. It’s a YouTube Video and can be taken down LINK: https://youtu.be/HdPQV6xDdcc See also report of the event at: https://news.yahoo.com/matt-taibbi-douglas-murray-dominate-200519037.html (This was discovered on RattlesnakeTV.locals.com and seems to be another interesting place to find news.)

CIA Knew 5 Years Ago That Data Tying Trump to Russia Was Fake. Yet They Kept That Information to Themselves | Truth Over News (theepochtimes.com) Link

CNN Finally Admits the Russian Collusion Hoax They Peddled All During Trump’s Presidency was a Lie

Kavanaugh Accuser Confesses to False Claims

Why we are laughing at the LEFT:
See AwakenWithJP from the Media Room – LIES YOU CAN TRUST
The Travel Mask Mandate is Over! – YouTube

The Narrative is Falling Apart!!! (Also titled: The Narrative is Crumbling – 16 Reasons Why) We Lie to You News – The American Catholic (the-american-catholic.com In the above link at 10:32 you will learn that Dr. Satoshi Omura was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery and development of Ivermectin. Much cheaper and safer than vaccines, and effective against Covid-19 if used early, Ivermectin was mocked as a horse de-wormer by major media and suppressed by our government. (William C Campbell was also the co-discoverer.)

LAB LEAK “Conspiracy Theory” MASHUP – From New York Post: Top Biden officials now believe COVID lab-leak theory. Why? Fauci’s emails show that he was warned by top scientists that the virus was genetically modified and was lab-leaked. Does this short video give any lessons to not trust major media?

Private Messages Show that Fauci group thought COVID came out of lab, but lied anyway

Will Witt & Amala Ekpuobi bring multiple examples of major media lies in the first few minutes of this show

The Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care (FLCCC), an alliance of physicians and scholars known for its defense of various early treatment protocols for COVID-19, commented, ”brilliant scientists and lifesaving science are systematically being gagged.” Source: YouTube deletes 2015 video of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Satoshi Ōmura discussing ivermectin | Covid Call To Humanity

Jim Jordan Intensifies Censorship Investigation Into Stanford

SCIENCE, and the TRANSGENDER Phenomenon and the YOUNG – Abigail Shrier
Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young | Abigail Shrier – Bing video

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News – What’s Really Going On AND Who controls the media groups?

Deception is Safe & Effective

Lesson Learned 1: Never be controlled by what’s “trendy” or “fashionable,” because major media are liars.

Lesson Learned 2: If you want the bad guys punished, you must share this information, support those with legal actions, and encourage others to contact their representatives via populistrevolt.com.


Political Cartoons - Political Humor, Jokes and Pictures


Archive of Documented Abortion Patient Death Reports By Operation Rescue

What Pastors & Churches May Do Politically + Helpful Resources

The most important thing is to win the lost. The second most important thing is to preserve the freedom to win the lost. William J. Federer (See Questions for Ministers & Christians why we are losing this freedom.)

“If we don’t awaken from the coma of complancey we will slip into the nightmare of tyranny” – Kevin Sorbo


Eric Metaxas – Letter to the American Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tCtIdIM5Ls&t=2s

Movie Trailer Link

Metaxas Media (3 min, 3 sec)

(6min 29 sec) Should The Church Be Involved With Politics? No Reason To Hide #1 with Dr. Erwin W Lutzer

Urgent Prophetic – Warning & a Plan to Restore America – Mario Murillo

(28 min) Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Story of Courage & Faith


Dear Ministers,

Here is almost a 4-hour hearing on the FBI Weaponization. Early in this hearing you can hear Ms. Plaskett implying that “racist” and “hate” speech are not constitutionally protected. This is to give you insight that your future preaching against sin, will be taken as “hate” speech and the cause of you being arrested later.  Please also notice how the opposition is embolden with deceptions. They have the political power to come after you now. In this hearing you will hear of parents, who complained against school officials and where arrested. LINK:https://justthenews.com/government/congress/two-fbis-whistleblowers-accuse-dc-hq-trampling-constitution-field-offices
(See “Two FBIs’ Whislteblower Accuse DC HQ of tampling Constitution, field offices” and then scan to 18 minutes to see start of hearing.)

Pastors, Pulpits & Politics
– A publication of the National Center for Law & Policy
Free Digital Copy Accessible at Link: Layout 1 (squarespace.com)

If you agree to speak out boldly on moral issues in the manner discussed in the balance of this (brief, small 27-page, $3.95) booklet, and are challenged by the IRS, ACLU or anyone else, we commit to stand with you. We will provide pro-bono legal defense to you and your church. (It is worth noting that no church, when following our directives, has ever required legal assistance despite our guarantees of pro-bono representation.)

Dean R Broyles
President & Chief Counsel
The National Center for Law & Policy

539 West Grand Ave
Escondido, CA 92025
Tel (760) 747-4529
Fax (760) 747-4505

Don’t wait until your freedom of speech, religious expression, or parental rights are under attack before you decide to act. Be prepared.

Note: This link is also available at: Pastors — Judeo-Christian Caucus (judeochristiancaucus.com)
or https://www.judeochristiancaucus.com/pastors   then click on “E-booklet – Pulpits, Pastors & Politics”

A Single Sheet Summary of Legal Dos and Don’t are at: libertycouncilchart+(1).pdf (squarespace.com)
or at https://www.judeochristiancaucus.com/pastors then under “Rules for 501(c)3 Organizations” click on “LEGAL DOS AND DON’T FOR CHURCHES

 Must See videos include:

Pastors’ Political Rights (3 min. 15 sec) – Learn the rights pastors have to speak on political issues and candidates, all while keeping their tax-exempt status.

“Why Are We Quiet?” – 9-minute video from Judeo-Christian Caucus (judeochristiancaucus.com). Dr. Jim Garlow discusses the challenges we face for Pastors speaking about tough issues in today’s times.

Important Points:

1) In 2015 Pew Research showed, for the first time, more church-people wanted their pastor to speak out on political / social issues than those who did not. (You can be sure more people are concerned about socialists’ control of our government via fraudulent elections and desire School Choice)

2) In 2015 George Barna discovered that over 50% congregants wanted their pastors to speak on twenty-two political-social topics.

3) The Johnson Amendment has censored pastors, even though it’s limited to only supporting or opposing candidates.  (Why when pastors may promote legislation issues against election fraud or for school choice?)

4) Between three to four thousand pastors have intentionally violated the Johnson Amendment and mailed their sermons to the IRS and said, “Sue us.” The Alliance Defending Freedom’s three thousand attorneys are ready to do battle with the IRS over the unconstitutionality of the Johnson Amendment.

See Dr. James Garlow’s book: Well Versed – Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues. The above information is provided by: Judeo-Christian Caucus (888) 725-8654 http://www.wellversedbook.com/

Doug Giles says Churches/ministers can move their 501c(3) organizations to 508(c)(1)(A) status and get all the benefits of 501c(3) status without government controls on anything you say toward politics/candidates. (By the way, 501c(3) are not limited from influencing legislation, educating citizens on issues, or petition drives – NOTE: THAT’S A LOT OF POLITICS, BUT NO CANDIDATE SPEECH) See Eric Metaxas’ interview of Doug Giles and scan to the 14min 21 second at: Doug Giles | Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap (rumble.com) AND LISTEN FOR 2.5 MINUTES!

Tina Peters caught Colorado’s Secretary of State and Dominion deleting 29,000 election records and then storing the results in separate election books – obvious evidence of criminal election fixing. Proof is in the captured evidence – 3 reports from Mesa County, Colorado. Now Tina faces federal criminal charges. Watch Selection Code in the Colorado box and see the latest update at LINK: https://cspoa.org/the-sheriff-mack-show/the-sheriff-mack-show-sheriff-richard-mack-sam-bushman-ft-tina-peters/ See what Tina Peters, the Mesa County Election Clerk, saw that forever changed her life. Link: https://selectioncode.com (Be sure to quickly unmute the speaker icon on the lower right) Please check the Colorado box under the States category on this website for updates and access to the Tina Peters’ story.

Bob McEven – Our Nation is on a Tipping Point

Dear Minister, why cushion your congregation in smooth happy-talk, without warnings to their coming freedom loses? Your largest Sunday-morning crowd is ignorant of a Christian lady’s (Tina Peters) fight against a corrupt judicial system’s hell-bent on sending her to federal prison, while criminals keep their “elected” offices.

Notice what our unchanging God, who is no respecter of persons, says of you. Because you stood back silently in your neutrality while Jerusalem was attacked, I will judge you as though you attacked Jerusalem. Obadiah 11 (paraphrased) Your continued silence will ensure your day of injustice is coming.

Two years of unchecked election crimes, US political prisoners and covid-vaccine deaths, because ministers failed to warn Americans against the specifics of lying and censoring God-hating media, must be the supreme examples of ignorance, selfishness and sin on their part! The initial value of petitions are as tools to help the uninformed communicate abuses to others and was the major tool eliminating slavery without a war in the British Empire. Legal support for Tina, recall petitions, omicron’s naturally providing immunity against the initial deadly COVID, and warnings of boycotts to businesses still supporting false COVID fears must be widely shared. See and share the Colorado box and other evidence at CensoredEvidence.org if you want to remain free and your churches open.

Elementary Lesson on Politics: Even wicked men [King Saul (1 Sam 15:24) and Herod (Matt. 14:5)] were afraid of the people. Don’t be silent!   PASS THE WORD!!!

 Helpful Links for Pastors:

On training to oppose the secular darkness see worldview.org

A Biblical Citizenship Training Ministry, https://saltandlightcouncil.org/

Equip Pastors & Church Leaders to Protect Religious Liberties, https://www.pastortownhall.town/

A Source for Biblical Voter Guides & Election Tools, http://www.biblicalvoter.com/

Providing Parents & Churches an Opportunity to Rescue Children, https://www.publicschoolexit.com

Renew censored histories of Black people of faith with honest evaluation of community issues, https://www.contentofcharacterseries.com/

A resource of organizations to agree in and pray with, https://www.randrprayer.org/

Eric Metaxas shows: https://metaxastalk.com       http://socratesinthecity.com/
Eric’s new book: Letter to the American Church is a must read for pastors.  Get it at: https://ericmetaxas.com/

Kevin Freeman has Eric Metaxas on his show at this link: https://xotv.me/channels/233-economic-war-room/vod_videos/15362-are-we-in-the-early-1930s-again-with-many-churches-asleep-guest-eric-metaxas-ep-222
(Kevin makes the brief comment, “not that faith-works saves you.” Question: Could it be we Evangelicals have over emphasized the truth via Ephasians 2:8-9 that no one can work-to-earn their salvation, but have failed to remind souls that works-to-obey is very much a part of the sanctification process toward salvation as Philippians 2:12 and other verses teach? Would not such failure to teach the full Gospel produce cheap grace and deceived “Christians” with little to no idea what the Father requires of them?)

Charlie Kirk’s website: https://www.tpusa.com/
Charlie Kirk’s Radio Show: https://thecharliekirkshow.com/
Charlie has outstanding resources for pastors here: https://tpfaith.com/


Christian Law Association

Are you sure you want to attract young people to your church? See and hear John West’s review of the long history of the devaluation of human life and how the latest scientific discoveries is changing this. Why should the latest discoveries be censored? The God of Natural Revelation is also the God of Divine Revelation. Why should we permit any cult to change its message?

OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! - America’s Future with Evidence via an Open Prophetic Letter to Pastors

Dear American Pastor,

If you remain silent during this critical time in our history, your congregation will eventually curse you because you failed to educate and motivate them for action against the antichrist spirit in all its cultural, scientific, social and political forms.

Your continued silence will promote the most horrendous state-crimes ever committed in America against Christians and liberty lovers. Such crimes are just beginning now. Holy Scriptures, history and America’s Jeremiads have been warning us for decades with very little to no repentance from most pastors or Christians due to ignorance and fears. But the main rebellion has been against Christ as clearly reported in this letter.

Churches will be closed again, but with added penalties – pastors in jail, bank accounts seized and children taken from good parents by the state. New federal incentives exist for the last option and are being tested in some states now.  Parents who disagree with their “public” schools’ agenda are being arrested now and children in mass will be taken away in the next phase of the political power grab if we do not stop it now. Current military terrorist training puts Evangelicals at the top of that list and Catholics following other very bad actors. (See The Enemy’s Plans box,  The Great Awakening in the Censored Documentaries box on this site’s Home page and the newly passed California Senate Bill AB 957 that will take children from parents who disagree with their public school’s transgender indoctrination, referenced in the Gender Confusion box.)

The Sons of Issachar for our time, who see America’s coming tyrannical abuses, is a growing contingency. They are calling pastors cowards behind your backs and in some public meetings now. They are disgusted with their own churches and are looking to make a change to pastors who will speak out. You should see the smiles of hope as I try to assure them of attempts to awaken pastors before it’s too late. The following is a pathetic small sampling of brave authors / sources who have spoken out against pastors/Christians with upcoming losses of liberties. Other references/sources could have been added, but focused briefs are the goal here.

– Eric Metaxas’ new book: Letter to the American Church is a must read that provide shocking parallels between American Christians now and German Christians under Hitler.

Eric Metaxas: “The silence of the German Church led to hell on earth.”  Link: https://youtu.be/6E34XoDLJ4I

How could this ever happen in America? Answer: It already is happening. Too many “Christians” are ignorant of the Father’s will and Christ’s heart, as revealed by the OT prophets to work for the good in their communities. (Remember – Jeremiah’s God commanded this – Jer. 29:7) Others are willfully defiant against the Father’s will because of fears. Isn’t this a horrible sin? How many Christians dared to remove phantom voters from voter rolls? How many demanded election malfeasances to be researched and prosecuted? Who’s supporting the various lawsuits now?  Didn’t Christ teach that only those who do the Father’s will enters into heaven? How serious are “Christians” with their salvation again? Failure here means: Increased godless tyrants ruling over us now and Christ later at our judgment saying, “I don’t even know you.”

Eric Metaxas with Seth Gruber – “Just Preach the Gospel” was Hitler’s Favorite Phrase too. Link: https://youtu.be/Q68up7u_czc  You will learn that if Martin Niemoller, German Lutheran pastor, had awakened one year earlier to Hitler’s antichristian schemes, Germany could have been saved. Eric Metaxas leaves the thought that we are at the very edge of falling under atheistic tyrannical controls while the American Church sleeps.

July 18, 2023 – Be Strong in Your Faith – Joe Oltmann is first and good. It gets better with professor David Clements. Scan to 44 minutes and know why challenges are coming to the American Church 

See Seth Gruber, of the White Rose Resistance, preach against the American Church at Jack Hibbs’ church. Link: https://sermons-online.org/jack-hibbs/the-white-rose-resistance(Be sure and scan down and play the video option.)

Speak out & Confront Evil Before It’s Too Late (6 minutes): Eric Metaxas’ Letter to the American Church at link: (2) Speak Out & Confront Evil ‘Before It’s Too Late’: Eric Metaxas’ Letter to the American Church – YouTube

See Eric Metaxas Newmax National Report brief 8-minute interview at link: A Warning to the American Church | Eric Metaxas on Newsmax’s National Report – YouTube

Eric is interviewed again with his serious warnings to the American Church at link: Special Guest Videos – Pastor Allen Jackson

Please spread this God ordained warning far and wide NOW if you want to protect American and religious liberties!

His older, but recent books provide even more details: If You Can keep It – The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty and Bonhoeffer – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (mystore.com is a good place to order Eric’s books since this source is financing electronic election fraud research, cataloging the growing fraud evidence and supporting legal actions. More help is needed. See https://lindelllegalfund.org/

The Heritage Foundation’s USA vs YOU – THE FLOOD OF CRIMINAL LAWS THREATING YOUR LIBERTY is a very short read. This is a small 24-page pamphlet. Go to heritage.org or call (202) 546-4400. As one example of overcriminalization see the Lawrence Lewis’ (8-minute) story at the link: USA vs YOU: Federal Government Unfairly Targets Maryland Father – YouTube  Don’t miss the government’s bullying tactics of trying to force Mr. Lewis into blaming and framing others who had no such knowledge of his supposedly malfeasance against an obscure regulation. Upon further research the government was also guilty of breaking their same obscure regulation.

This models the FBI and DOJ’s criminal tactics today. Many of the Jan 6th protestors were permitted into the Capital when security purposely unlocked doors and gave no warnings to stop their entry as you can see from the Jake Lang video. Too many have been held for months in solitary confinement awaiting their trials on bogus trespassing charges. They have been beaten for praying or singing the Star Spangled Banner, given food with insects crawling over it and denied medical treatment. Clear violations of the US Constitution Amendments 1, 6 and 8. Captured real terrorists have been treated better. The ACLU would demand it. Where are they now? Should they hear from us?

The DOJ/FBI have pressured state legislatures/DAs/SOSs to prohibit canvasing after the 2020 election, because such were finding phantom voters. (I provided affidavits to the USEIP for the phantom voters I personally discovered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unfortunately, no minister was willing to help us or even announce that the USEIP needed canvassers. There’s no doubt that more phantom voters could have been found. Phantom voters are needed to swing elections to designed ends. Authorities know who didn’t vote and will use phantoms to their own political power-grabbing advantages. This is why the populist needs to demand clean voter rolls. Yes, our Colorado primary and midterm elections were stolen. See the “Colorado” box at CensoredEvidence.org.) The DOJ/FBI will continue to hide their lawlessness. The DOJ/FBI has also arrested those wanting election integrity forensics and investigations as you will see. The latest news is that the FBI is purging its ranks of conservative (think Christian) employees. Stripping them of their security clearances is the first step to discharging them. Now FBI director, Garland, warned whistleblowers “Do not to contact Congress.” American citizens are now threatened with job losses if they contact Congress. Will your congregants simply buckle to this tyranny with their employers too? It seems only a few are willing to stand. Is this the America you want? If more pastors speak up it will make a difference. Would the bold apostle Peter speak against antichrist tyrants who would suppress the Gospel or would he meekly comply?

The Great Evangelical Disaster, Dr. Francis Schaeffer (1984).

You’ve Heard It Said – 15 Biblical Misconceptions That Render Christian Powerless, Gary DeMar (1991)

Why You Can’t Stay Silent – A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture, Tom Minnery (2001)

What is the evidence for future closed churches, jailed pastors, bank accounts seized and children taken from good parents by the state? Let us first review the censored science on COVID and vaccines. They’re connected.

The Censored Science on Covid box support the following narratives:

Dr. Robert Malone developed the mRNA technology needed for the covid vaccine and explained how viruses evolve. Virus mutations or later antigens, become much more transmissible, less fatal and provide natural immunity because they produce antibodies against the first more deadly virus form. Yes, Omicron provides nature immunity more robust than vaccines, as you can see and hear Bill Gates “sadly” admit. Gates’ is not likely to get his 20-to-1 returned investment with big pharma now. Dr. Malone also explained that subsequent vaccinations (boosts) will diminish the natural immune response. (Biden and Fauci have been multiple vaccine-boosted and still contacted covid.) Question: Could this natural immunity be a gift from God to show us how militant secularists and globalists will control us if we are not wise and responsive to their evolving tyranny?

See Dr. Andrew Hill’s self-incriminating testimony that suggests he is responsible for millions of covid deaths, because he failed to advise the World Health Organization (WHO) of something he recommended to save his own brother’s life – Ivermectin. Note carefully that an undefined outside source seems to have influenced Dr. Hill to backtrack from his initial favor of Ivermectin and remain silent instead, as is evident from Dr. Tess Lawrie’s direct questions to him and analysis from others.

Listen to Senator Ron Johnson’s POWERFUL 38-minute summary link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=9jMONZMuS2U of a condensed 5-hour medical committee report or the short 8-minute video https://plandemicseries.com/ and then ask yourself, 1) “Are there legitimate reasons to suspect that government bureaucrats/policies are responsible for covid and experimental vaccine deaths?” 2) “Do we want unelected government bureaucrats to have the power to mandate how medical experts do their jobs?” 3) “Do we realize that accountability and justice will only occur if Americans are informed and demand it?” 4) “Are we really the government of, by, and for the people?” and 5) Does Christ’s Church have any responsibility to tell the true when evil is called good that results in loss of life?

I personally cut up my Colorado professional engineering license and mailed it back to Colorado’s licensing board when they stepped outside their lane and demanded medical personnel get the vaccine despite the fact some already had contacted covid and were more protected naturally than what the vaccine provided. See Science article: Natural immunity is up to 13 times stronger than vaccinations. Colorado’s licensing board were totally operating against science and the safety of these employees, since subsequent vaccine booster shots also diminished the natural immune response. But such confusion is what a society gets with big pharma, big tech, and government censorship and lies. I couldn’t be more ashamed of a licensing board operating outside their professional lane. They have abdicated professionalism. No professional should be associated with them. Others may want to consider if unelected bureaucrats should decide their personal health care too. Without premedical conditions, the Covid recovery rate at always 99 percent or better, and natural immunity more robust than vaccines, why is the military discharging thousands of Christians?  Should a popular protest arise to our state legislatures over such bureaucratic/military abuses? Shouldn’t legal restrictions be in place to avoid future safety abuses by bureaucrats? Very easy to do via PopulistRevolt.com. 501c(3) organizations (churches) may influence legislation too. See What Pastors and Churches May Do Politically box. Even with the unjust judge, Christ taught that the widow’s continued persistent petition paid off for her (Luke 18:1-8).  The wicked tetrarch Herold was also momentarily hindered from plans to kill John the Baptist by his fear of the populist (Matt 14:5). Any public protest that hindered the “Pax Romana” or the “Peace of Rome” would eventually reach Rome. This meant Herold could be called in for a review by Caesar with results of a possible loss in his government position.

In the Examples of the Lying Media box and then link The Narrative is Falling Apart!!! at link: https://the-american-catholic.com/2022/01/15/we-lie-to-you-news-13/ one can see that Dr. Satoshi Omura was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery and development of Ivermectin that has saved lives. YouTube deleted Dr. Omura’s video on the benefits of Ivermectin with their Fact Checkers claiming, “He does not understand the science of Ivermectin.” Does the American Church have any responsibility to correct popular lies or censorship for the protection of life? If one knows the truth, but is silent with the publishing of lies, doesn’t that make one partner to the lies? How pro-life are we?

Former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon, with impeccable credentials and experience in drug research and respiratory diseases, said that the public is being lied to. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are highly effective and safe. He said the covid pandemic was never as bad as projected and believes 500,000 Americans have died due to the vaccines and suppression of cheap, safe and effective treatments against covid. Instead of the public officials working to diminish public fears they are keeping it going. Dr. Yeadon said, “It’s clearly fraudulent.” See link: Former Pfizer VP (Dr. Michael Yeadon) reports of “Massive Fraud on a Global Scale” in the Censored Science on Covid box –  Link: Dr. Michael Yeadon: ‘Massive Fraud Playing Out on a Global Scale,’ Reckless to Vaccinate the Whole Population “In order to get an insider’s view, Facts Matter spoke with Dr. Michael Yea (ugetube.com)   Note: If this link stops working, use duckduckgo and search for “Dr. Michael Yeadon on Massive Fraud Playing Out on a Global Scale.” I had to search for and update this link multiple times. Yes, I’m suspicious.

Dr. Yeadon warns that if this remains unopposed it will lead to digital IDs as a means to control people on a massive global scale that will not be possible to undo. This includes removing your rights to buy, sell, enter restaurants, or travel without digital IDs that are not also periodically renewed via vaccine booster shots and other state controls dictated by the globalists. His shocking analysis matches Revelation projections. 

What influence does a raptured Church have on society? The same as a disengaged Church – NOTHING! The results in society are equivalent. We are not living in the last days, but the last days accelerated. God, who’s in control, will make sure we reap what we have sown. We have been disobedient to the Father.

See Pfizer director admit vaccines were never tested for stopping virus transmissions. Why then the false narrative, “Get vaccinated for others” AND why were people, with no premedical conditions, forced to get vaccinated? Will our military stop violating Americans’ Constitutional First Amendment rights, whose religious convictions prohibit vaccines that do nothing for the supposedly “public safety”?  When will the American Church represent Christ and oppose this darkness and hold their representatives and military leaders accountable? For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8b).

Outright Fraud: Congressman & Former Admiral Decry Ongoing Military Vaccine Mandate


Evidence for future Closed Churches:

Because the America Church is silent on the full science on covid, vaccines and the very questionable deaths surrounding them, as well as, the ongoing silent tolerance of symbols of fears in our society (business with plexiglass barriers and signs suggesting face masks are still recommended), churches will be demanded to be closed again.

One Costco had their water fountain turned off with a sign, “For Your Safety.” A protest letter was sent that included the science mentioned in this brief essay with references and awareness that their competitor, Sam’s Club, had their water fountain turned on. If Costco didn’t comply with this request and remove their token covid lie, then a boycott will be initiated against their store. Costco immediately complied, removed the lie and turned their water fountain on. Interestingly, the Costco store across town removed their Plexiglas barriers. All that was from just one letter. Can you imagine what would happen if more businesses receive multiple complaints in their emails and regular mail to remove their token covid lies? Should the Church remain silent when they know lies are spread to keep the public in fear? Be sure to include the scientific evidence when protesting any business.

Our godless government politicians and bureaucrats have already decided that churches are not essential. Many of these people either hate God or dismiss Him altogether. They will minimize and oppress anyone who speaks against their lifestyles and will again establish rules to punish people of all traditional faiths. Is there a place for boycotts against businesses that continue to spread fears and lies? Will the American Church be a source for viable scientific knowledge to dimmish public fears? If public fears are allowed to grow unabated, churches will be locked down again. Those who don’t comply with the appearance of public safety, however unscientific and false, will be demonized and targets of the state again. See Dr. Robert Jeffress warning and Pastor Michael McClure on Their Church’s David & Goliath Battle Against California at these links or in The Enemy’s Plans box. As more people learn they have been lied to, societal, cultural and political pressures will build for the protection of American churches, especially when citizens learn churches are fighting to protect their liberties too. What an outstanding opportunity for the American Church to build strong reputations of integrity with communities for real public safety and American freedoms!

This author attended the Colorado GOP state convention with over 3,000 delegates from all over the state. We sat shoulder-to-shoulder for hours last April of 2022. This included shuffling through very crowded hallways multiple times. No one wore a facemask except for one janitor. No signs of a major pandemic flare up existed in Colorado anywhere months afterward or even now. Yet individuals can still be seen walking alone outside with facemasks. Why? Shouldn’t our hearts cry out for their deliverance from the bondage of fearful deceptions? Shouldn’t they know Omicron, which is much less fatal, provides natural immunity better than vaccines? Why don’t you tell them and give access to this website: CensoredEvidence.org? Be sure and see Natural immunity is up to 13 times stronger than vaccinations. Source: Science, Vol 373, Issue 6559 in the Censored Science on Covid box. See and hear Bill Gates “sadly” regret this fact.

Despite all the scientific evidence that the pandemic is behind us, including the fact that the healthy young are best at acquiring natural immunity with no risks of dying from covid and the survival rate of covid for the general population with no premedical conditions has always been over 99%, why do symbols of covid fears remain in our culture? ANSWER: If you can keep a population in fear, you can manipulate their elections via phantom voters. Evidence that both major parties are cheating is available on this website. More evidence of a manipulating god-hating authoritarianism and tyranny is coming in this letter.

Evidence for future Jailed Pastors:

The Enemies Plans box supports the following narratives:

Dr. Simone Gold is an outspoken critic of fake covid/vaccine science. In return for her honest work to save lives, she spent 60 days in jail on a bogus trespassing charge.

Parents who question CRT or challenge gender fluidity at school board meetings are now classified as “domestic terrorists.” Some have been arrested at their homes if not at the school board meetings.

This author witnessed a military briefing that stated, “We will accept medical vaccine exemptions, but proponents with religious exemptions will be discharged.” Our military has defiled their oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies by refusing Americans their First Amendment rights to exercise their religious convictions without harassment. Shouldn’t the military receive a continuous barrage of public shaming for breaking their oaths? Remind them and your legislature representatives that military recruitment goals will become more challenging until they uphold their oaths to defend the US Constitution.

Thousands of Christians have been expelled from our military such that all branches are having problems filling entry quotas now.  Some military leaders recognize that this is immediately weakening our military. If US military strength helped to maintain world peace, then its weakening will have devastating worldwide effects. You can see military personal who lost careers and retirements with the Epoch Times interview link titled: INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Whistleblowers Reveal How Pentagon Discriminates Against Religion With Vaccine Mandates (theepochtimes.com) https://www.theepochtimes.com/investigative-report-military-whistleblowers-reveal-religious-discrimination-under-covid-19-and-prior_4285531.html?&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Epromo&utm_campaign=etv-2022-02-24

We have permitted Christian “public” school teachers to be second-class citizens, while the humanists have had full freedom of speech to indoctrinate unsuspecting children for decades. Why shouldn’t they not take away all religious freedoms under the guise that Christians are terrorists now? If anyone had captured the National Education Association’s inside anti-School Choice political materials against California’s Proposition 174 – School Choice in 1993, they would have seen the NEA label Christian organizations as extremist groups. Many of your smiling, friendly-on-the-surface, “public” school teachers will hide what they are teaching your children and their true opinions of you if you are a traditional believer.

Current military terrorist training puts Evangelicals at the top of that list with Catholics following other very bad actors. You can see this at the Epoch Times video link INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Whistleblowers Reveal How Pentagon Discriminates Against Religion With Vaccine Mandates (theepochtimes.com). These religious people are some of the most benevolent in our society. Who’s targeting them and why? We will answer these questions.

FBI agents armed with rifles descend on the home of a Catholic pro-life activist and arrested him in front of his seven children. See link: FBI Agents Armed With Rifles Descend on Home of Catholic Pro-Life Activist and Arrest Him in Front of His 7 Kids › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

Two Colorado Christian ladies, Sherronna Bishop and Tina Peters, have been terrorized by FBI raids on their homes in early morning hours. Sherrona had her unlocked front door busted in while she was homeschooling her children. Both ladies had their electronics taken and arrested. What did these ladies do?

Sherronna and others in Mesa County, Colorado had questions about strange things occurring in their local elections. Tina Peters, with no initial suspicions, began to look into the allegations and accidently discovered Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jena Griswold and Dominion using election software that created two separate set of “election books” for election manipulation in previous elections plus other election criminal actions, including removing election materials against state and federal laws. (NOTE: Sherronna and Tina were practicing their Christianity by standing against wickedness in the public square. If you remain silent when evil is called good, Satan will not touch you, but God eventually will. Choose carefully.) Of course, Colorado’s SOS with media support, is doing everything possible to paint Tina as the criminal. They want Tina in federal prison. Be sure and see the three Mesa County reports found in the Colorado box that have the criminating evidence of election fraud pointing to Jena Griswold and Dominion. See also the https://selectioncode.com documentary link. We have reasons to believe Colorado is the gold standard of electronic election fraud which is copied and used in other states. Dominion once had an office in Denver. Major media is sinfully silent on all this. Is the American Church sinfully silent too? The Church’s silence will put Tina in prison, then ministers later.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Selection from Hosea 4:6).

We already addressed political prisoners who have been held for months in solitary confinement awaiting their trials on bogus trespassing charges. Why should we permit anyone to be tortured for praying or singing our national anthem? Why should we permit violation of Constitutional rights of any person’s religion? (See the US Constitution Amendments 1, 6 and 8.) How does Christ view “Christians” who ignore his word concerning, “Remember those in prison” (Heb. 13:3), but silently don’t seem to care for Christ’s Words nor political prisoners by their too-busy-to-care daily actions? One church’s staff, with their outside “YOU ARE LOVED” church sign, are so fearful of repercussions of being politically involved that they refuse to send protest letters to the Air Force Academy for its rejection of Christian cadets who in turn rejected vaccines on religious convictions. How real is their love for others again? These cadets not only face discharges, but major financial burdens of their college expenses they were first contracted to pay back with their service to our country. Kinda makes the “YOU ARE LOVED” sign sadly phony and a public lie. Are those people really Christian?

Pastor Michael McClure is still fighting legal battles/costs over his church opening. Are we really all brothers in Christ and suffer when one of us suffers? Why is the American Church silent on such injustices? Why are they not upholding this brother in Christ by opposing the wickedness raised up against him? (I have no idea what denomination he is associated with and that doesn’t matter anyway, because his battle will become yours too if you remain silent.) See link: https://rumble.com/vryho0-pastor-michael-mcclure-on-their-churchs-david-and-goliath-battle-against-ca.html

Don’t forget that Houston’s mayor subpoenaed pastor’s sermons in 2015. The God-hating tyrants will be back when their political power is solidified, because they know they can pick us off one at a time due to cowardice behind too many pulpits. Houston Mayor Initiated Subpoenas of Pastors’ Sermons, Notes to Congregations Despite Recent ‘Back Peddling,’ Says Pastor at Center of Battle | U.S. News (christianpost.com)

The present evidence strongly suggests militant socialists in the Democratic party and globalists in the Republican party, together with the DOJ/FBI/CIA/CISA and possible other government organizations have been stealing elections for years. Americans are just waking up to the massive level of electronic election corruptions. Will our ministers arise to this occasion and fight against tyranny as our early American ministers did by communicating the coming British tyrannical abuses at their time? Early American ministers not only communicated tyrannical abuses, but motivated their congregations to fight against tyranny. Do ministers understand that political involvement is now required to preserve our religious freedoms? Are ministers willing to use all the legal and political tools God has blessed America to protect religious liberties? Are ministers willing to educate their people to vote in person on election day? Do not vote early and only use mail-in ballots for those with real needs for them? This will jam the voting computer’s algorithms. Election fraudsters will attempt to delay election results with phony excuses again, but we must raise a louder demand for full forensic audits after all elections until the electronic voting machines are eliminated no matter who wins. Anticipate that they will stall because so many voters showed up at the last minute. We can kill that argument, if we also have large numbers willing to volunteer and help with the voting process. We can count the votes better than corrupt machines can anyway. We must be ready to demand recalls of legislature representatives who refuse to fight for election integrity in all needed areas. We must be ready to petition our sheriffs to uphold all election laws. Why? Electronic election fraud is real and not all manipulators have been caught yet.  (They will be back.)  However, we have a very good idea who some are even now. If the American Church had been alerted to all this and active against it when the controversy first arose, our election systems would be much cleaner and transparent than they are now.

Evidence we have seriously grieved and disobeyed Christ and are just beginning to reap what we have sown for decades

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.  – Jesus the Christ in Matthew 18:6 (NIV)

What’s the difference between drowning with a millstone or being shot by a firing squad?

The first method includes a burial to the lowest place on this planet absent of any lasting memorials, the second method doesn’t. Wouldn’t you rather be remembered after you’re gone at least? Christ could have easily said, “Such should be shot through with an arrow, spear or sword,” but he didn’t. Does this give any indication of Christ’s passion on the subject of abusing children in educating? Can we recognize that even Christ didn’t just preach the Gospel? Now how does our passion match Christ’s when a School Choice policy is being decided in our communities? Do you think maybe Christ would have done everything possible to remove unsuspecting children from atheist / agnostic indoctrination? Is there any wonder why our “public” schools are in such a mess and getting worse because the American Church has been silent and indifferent to the heart of Christ for decades on “public” school policies? Are you aware that if you just vote for School Choice, School Choice will never win? The National Education Association has almost three million members are ready to go door to door and financially support their right to spread radical socialistic and atheistic lies to America’s children. How willing is the American Church to represent Christ to our world? Could it be that militant, secular “public” school teachers are more willing to sacrifice for their ideologies (LGBTQ, CRT – which is Marxism, and atheistic evolution), than “Christians” ready to protect children from hell’s lies? How Christ-like are we? Does the Church recognize the public climate is ripe for School Choice considering the child abuse of sexual harassment of force pornography on children, mutilating their bodies with sex changes without parental knowledge, permitting pervert boys into girl’s bathrooms, or unfair competition in their sports? Do you understand that “public” school teachers will contact Child Protective Services (CPS) for the removal of your children from you if you don’t go along with their plans for your children?

It is said of Apollos that “He was a great help . . . For he vigorously refuted the Jews in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ.” (Selections from Acts 18:27-28) How effective are our Sunday Schools in developing more Apollos? Are our children really ready to be witnesses for Christ in “public” schools against master-degreed antichrists? If not, why are they in a “public” school? “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge” (Prov 19:2a). “The heart of the righteous studieth to answer” (Prov 15:28 KJV). The Southern Baptist Convention did a self-study and found that 88 percent of youth from SBC homes deny their faith before they graduate from college. The latest research by Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group shows that 89 percent have begun to walk away from their faith by the time they enter college. Apparently, the damage to faith occurs in grades 1 to 12. I’m not Southern Baptist, but almost became an atheist in the sixth grade because of what schools are still doing and churches are still NOT doing.  Is anyone else bothered enough to do something about it? How Christ-like are we again?

Check out the Censored Science on Covid and God’s Existence box for the following:

Antony Flew was a famous British atheist for over fifty years. He went public in 2007 with his book: There is a  God – How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind. Professor Emeritus Dean Kenyon, with a colleague, wrote a leading college textbook on chemical evolution in the 70s. You should see his turnaround today in the Unlocking the Mystery of Life link. The German paleontologist, Dr. Guntor Beckley of the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, German has written several scientific papers and coauthored a textbook on evolution. After reading materials from the Discovery Institute, he had a major revision in his evolutionary views. See the Revolutionarybehe.com link. The Discovery Institute was a major factor shaping all these men. All video links in this section come from the Discovery Institute and are viewable for free.

Would Christ want all students aware of scientific evidence pointing to His creative involvement? Does the Church have a role to play in this plan? Why does the American Church permit censorship of this in our “public” schools supported by our taxes? Is it possible for Christians divided into young-earth and old-earth camps to put aside their favored time scenarios/interpretations and look at the scientific evidence pointing to God and problems with evolution instead? One pastor confessed that ministers are hesitant to consider creation apologetics for fear of controversy between the two creation-time camps in their congregations. Is there room for repentance from everyone here, ministers including? So it really wasn’t the Johnson’s amendment, but the primary fear of people, simular to King Saul’s sin, that is muzzeling “pastors.”

Are Christians aware that Darwin was once a Bible-quoting Christian with scripture interpretations that all species were fixed and without variations? Because Darwin saw empirically this wasn’t true, it led him to reject all scripture creation accounts. What a shame. Does this have anything to say about holding to dogmatic interpretations? (This is meant for both parties of dogmatic creation-time models / interpretations.) Actual scientific evidence points to fixity at taxonomy levels higher than the species level. Be sure to see the Darwin’s Dilemma video link for this evidence. Scientific evidence for microevolution (small scale change) exists. Problems with macroevolutionary (large scale change) theories continue to this day so much so that Dr. Michael Denton, not a believer, wrote: Evolution – A Theory in Crisis over 30 years ago. His latest book: Evolution – Still A Theory in Crisis should be widely circulated. You can be sure that such science books are banned and censored from “public” school libraries. Thomas Nagel, atheist and professor in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Law at New York University wrote: MIND & COSMOS – WHY THE MATERIALIST NEO-DARWINIAN CONCEPTION OF NATURE IS ALMOST CERTAINLY FALSE. Kinda looks like he could be the next one in transition. I highly recommend Discovery Institute’s EXPLORE EVOLUTION – THE ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST NEO-DARWINISM.

The Censored Documentaries box includes the SalemNow.com link. Uncle Tom II is a must see! It shows Marxism’s influencing elements on American youth and how the truth can change hearts and minds. If Christ opposed the Sadducees’ doctrinal lies (Luke 20:27-38), should the Church have the same passion of Christ to combat Marxism too? Shouldn’t any lie that prohibits a soul coming to Christ be opposed? Marxism is atheistic. If the Church doesn’t oppose Marxism, Marxism will take over America by its deceived youth. Why are so many churches silent and other churches falling for this deception from hell? Is it because they want to look progressive? Uncle Tom II rebuts Marxism with strong evidence. If left unchecked, why shouldn’t militant socialists and godless globalists steal elections by any means possible to secure their tyrannical political power over us without shame? A world without God, means we can define our own moralities. Nothing is wrong.

Why shouldn’t bank accounts be seized by the state, as happened in Canada, if “Christians” hold their jobs and vacations as more important, like precious idols, than opposing wicked social/political ideas, issues and politicians that grieve Christ’s heart, or fail to support those who take a stand for righteousness in politics or legal contests? (I accidentally contacted one Christian couple, who happened to be on a cruise, and mentioned stolen elections. She immediately responded, “We’re not into that, but I will tell my brother, because he is.) God brought judgment on his people multiple times for their idolatries – idolatries tied to personal pleasures and profits – something valued more than Christ’s desires. Approximately half of all Evangelicals are registered to vote and of that half actually do. Can you imagine if people of faith voted their Godly convictions what impact it could have on our nation? What if Christians actually cared enough to financially supported the passage of Godly propositions? What does it mean to be salt and light again to our world? Someone’s morality will always be encoded in our laws. Because of our absence from the public square, Satan gladly filled it with his representatives.

Was Jesus Political?

Let’s ask another question first. Were the Old Testament prophets political?

On many occasions the prophets challenged kings and people’s lifestyles that were unquestioned and widely accepted, because God commanded the prophets to speak against evil. God was grieved and had his prophets publicly cry out many things including, “My people don’t know me!” (Jer. 4:22; Hosea 4:6; Amos 3:10). If lifestyles are socially accepted policies driven by culture and politics, then politics applies since political involvement challenges or defends social policies including lifestyles. All laws are an expression of someone’s morality. Amos, under the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, said to “establish justice in the gate. (Amos 5:15 KJV) The gate was the popular place where legal and public policy decisions were made. Jeremiah said to seek the good of the city (Jer. 29:7) and on one occasion sent a protest/warning letter to God’s people at the temple that finally found its way into king Jehoiakim’s hands (Jer. 36:4-25).  Mordecai’s protests (Esther 4:1-8) matches that of political activists today. Make a scene, attract public attention and protest public evils to educate citizens. God speaking through Isaiah, which is in agreement with Christ’s heart, said,

Is not this the kind of fasting (religious activity) I have chosen; to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke. (Isaiah 58:6)

This speaks of combative ministries many do not want to touch. It’s offensive.  It’s not nurturing. One can make enemies by doing this. But don’t be mistaken. Love of the world means the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15 paraphrased).  Many other OT examples could be added.

Note carefully Peter’s Holy-Spirit-inspired message to New Testament believers that includes Christ’s heart and command in the following passage:

I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through your apostles (2 Peter 3:2).

Shouldn’t this be in red letters too? Peter is saying when the apostles speak, Christ speaks. In this same passage, Christ via the Holy Spirit is saying to recall the Holy-Spirit-inspired words of the OT prophets too. Why? It’s the living Word of our unchanging God expressing His moral character for all of life. It would be wise for those that seek Christ’s heart to take serious note of it and align their lives with Christ’s command. Otherwise, their rebellion will be judged by Christ’s question that was asked of two kings – Saul (1 Sam 15:19) and David (2 Sam 12:9), “Why did you reject my Words?

I didn’t want to do it, but finally conceded to the nagging pressure that someone should visit various churches in my area to ask questions: “Did you hear about the two Colorado Christian ladies that were arrested by the FBI for practicing their Christianity in the public square?” “Do you know what’s happening to Christians in our military?” No one knew anything and that’s from a random sampling of a few churches. Shouldn’t everyone know when the state or our military are not operating under the supreme law of our nation – the US Constitution? I’m only one man. Shouldn’t this spread like wildfire among all Christians? Who else will help spread the word? Then the follow up question, “Was Jesus political?”

It was a bright beautiful morning on the outside, but inside a spiritual battle as I walked toward the church offices with my first visit and thought. “Jerry, What are you doing?!” The assistant minister was quick to tell me that their pastor was away on a spiritual retreat, but he assured me that my visit was ordained by God, as he walked from behind his desk to sit next to me. After we talked for a while, he shared that persons on their staff were against sharing voter guides with the congregation. I should have asked, “Why?” He assured me, “We’re waiting on the Holy Spirit to reveal His direction for our church.” I walked away, but then inspired to send the following single page message back to him and their staff:

On Doing the Father’s Will . . . or A Reply to:

“We’re waiting on the Holy Spirit to reveal His direction for our church.”

It’s always good to have a heart that directly seeks Christ’s heart and the Father’s will on Earth.

Matthew 7:21-23 speaks to this. Jesus said that “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name …’

Jesus didn’t deny their association to him, their prophetic ministries or the miraculous.  When God’s Word goes out and is believed, isn’t that the real reason for Christ meeting needs?

Yet these same nice and friendly people of Christian ministries, who met real human needs with prophetic ministries, are described by Christ as “evildoers!”  (NIV has “!“)

Could it be because they ignored the Father’s already-written revelation and will in other areas of their lives?

Remember those in prison” (Heb 13:3). Where is the Christian outcry for the U.S. political prisoners held for months?
See CensoredEvidence.org

Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).  Where is the Christian outcry for all the growing evidence of election fraud by both major parties?  See CensoredEvidence.org

They set up kings without my consent” (Hosea 8:4) or “[E]stablish judgment (justice) in the gate” (Amos 5:15 NIV/KJV) or “[L]et justice roll on like a river” (Amos 5:24).  Where is the Christian outcry and action for the Father’s will in public offices and policies? See CensoredEvidence.org

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin . . . ” (Matthew 18:6). Where is the Christian outcry against children indoctrinated in LGBTQ, CRT, or evolution with absolutely no School Choice option? See CensoredEvidence.org

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice …” (Isaiah 58:6). Where is the Christian obedient action against injustice in the media / public policies / covid rules, that have killed thousands and paralyzed children, or children taken from good parents via federal incentives now, or Christian military personnel who lost retirements and careers. See CensoredEvidence.org

Note carefully the Holy Spirit’s message via Peter to New Testament believers which Christ commanded:  “I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through your apostles” (2 Peter 3:2).

Seriously seeking to do all the Father’s will and Christ’s heart is fundamental to the Gospel and salvation. He (Jesus) became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him (Heb 5:9b).  Didn’t Jesus directly teach that this was fundamental to salvation in Matthew 7:21-23?

Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”   See CensoredEvidence.org

“Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”
– Willian Penn & Old Testament confirmed repeatedly by God’s disobedient people

Why not expect jailed pastors, church closures, accounts seized, and children taken by the state, if full obedience to Christ was never emphasized, since such will eternally damn souls with false “salvations”?

The timing to visit that first church when their pastor was away seeking spiritual guidance hit me later. Could the timing be more divine than any of us first perceived, despite the assistant’s initial comment that “Your visit was ordained by God”? I didn’t think the timing was so special at the time, but now wonder about it. Their pastor was seeking divine guidance when a stranger walked into their church with questions of their spirituality and warnings of coming godless tyranny. Problem is, people tend to not think such is divinely inspired after they are challenged with critical questions. However, doesn’t God provide answers from sources we least expect sometimes to questions we are not asking, but should be? Are we truly seeking to know all the Father’s will? Are we listening? Are we really “loving the world for Christ”? How can we if we are afraid to share truth that will save lives and preserve personal freedoms which will enable the continued open public Gospel preaching? Do we realize that we do not have the choice of specializing in the nurturing ministries only? Isn’t partial obedience still disobedience? Will Christ be asking you, “Why did you reject my Words?”

In Jeremiah 26:17, the elders reminded everyone of their history to motivate a right moral, social and political decision to the question, should Jeremiah be executed? They helped people see that if the wrong decision was made, then horrible social and political consequences will follow. They will reap serious consequences. God ensures justice eventually follows. Their examples included two kings. The good one was Hezekiah and an evil one, Jehoiakim. Everyone already knew the consequences of these kings’ actions. History rightly taught helps in right decisions. In this case it saved Jeremiah’s life. Let us use history for the right reasons too.

Is the American Church Coming Under God’s Judgment?

On May 22, 1787 twelve British Christian men met in a London print shop and developed what has been described as “The most ambitious and brilliantly organized citizens’ movements of all time.” (1)  What did they achieve?

Answer: Starting with 9-out-of-10 culture that saw nothing wrong with slavery, they eliminated slavery for 800,000 black men, women and children though out the British Empire without a war, twenty-three years before our Civil War. Why were American Christians resistant to the heart of Christ for political activism on the slavery question? Why didn’t they learn from the British Christians? Could it be that too many “Christians” doubted that God would even dare bring horrible judgement on them since they were so loving and good “Christian”? Too many Americans mistakenly thought, “Obviously, we couldn’t be that evil.”

We shouldn’t be so mistaken in the presence of a holy God that demands perfection (Matt 5:48). The North was as guilty as the South, by stalling and resisting the controversial slavery question out of political expediency, their own self-serving cohesion and profits as well. Then God said “Enough is enough!” as he gave Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a vision of a black man being beaten to death as a Christian martyr while she was served communion at her church. When Abraham Lincoln met her for the first time, asked, “So this is the little lady who made this big war?”(2 ) The reply should have been, “No Mr. President, God did. He was grieved by his disobedient children that mistakenly thought they were pleasing to Him.”

Amos asked his generation, “Why do you long for the day of the Lord? That day will be darkness, not light” (selections of Amos 5:18). It’s the same as Christ’s Words, “But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt 8:12). Why? Because God’s people, subjects of the kingdom who should have known better, didn’t really perceive their true grievous relation to Him. It’s happening again, but in America!

Christ was seriously grieved, but too many “Christians” were driven more by centuries of culture than God’s Word, despite words of warnings from some abolitionists. That resistance to the heart of Christ on the slavery issue resulted in the death of 600,000 Civil War Americans later. Thomas Jefferson foresaw this coming judgment more than most “Christians” about 100 years earlier.

Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever. Commerce between master and slave is despotism.  Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. (3)

Those who saw it in the book of fate or God’s Word, clearly understood God’s view on the slavey question and God’s judgment coming on them.

How did so many American Christians miss Christ’s heart on this issue?

Why are American Christians still resistant to Christ’s heart on the issues of their time?

 In 1982 Dr Francis Schaeffer asked, Where have the Bible believing Christians been in the last forty years? This country is close to being lost, not first of all because of a humanists’ conspiracy. I believe there are those who conspire, but that is not the reason this country is almost lost . . .  This country is almost lost  . . . because the Bible believing Christians in the last forty years . . .have done nothing about it as the consensus has changed! There has been a vast silence.” (4)

The British Christians developed successful public policy influencing techniques still used by activists today, but are totally ignored by most American Christians/ministers to this day. Why have American Christians and ministers not learned from the British Christians? Why are “Christians” ignoring Christ’s warning of being treated as trash if they lose their salt and light preserving effects on society?

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness . . . it is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.  Selections from Matthew 5:13 (NIV)

We have accepted the easiest of terms for salvation (Just believe and repeat this prayer, despite the fact we are to hunger and thirst for righteousness, work out our salvation in fear and trembling, plus other sanctification requirements toward salvation. See Mat 5:6; Phil. 2:12; 1 Tim 4:16; 2 Pet 1:10). We are lazy in our apologetic youth training, saltless and silent in opposing popular lies with a total blackout on political involvement in our sanctuaries on even the preservation of our own religious liberties. Why shouldn’t militant socialists and globalists control us? They know they have the “true,” because we failed to give them the real TRUTH as it pertains to all of life including science and politics. We have been embarrassed and fearful of controversies. Do we not have reasons to repent?

Since you stood by in your neutrality while Jerusalem came under attack, I will judge you as though you attacked Jerusalem.  Obadiah 11 paraphrased

Do we not realize that our unchanging God (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8) will bring judgment on us too if we do not repent and make Christ our Lord in all of life?

Do we really mean it when we pray  . . . Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven? Then what are you going to do about it? Faith, with or without prayer, is dead without works (Matt 6:10 & James 2:26 paraphrased).

In His Service,

Jearell C. Kelley, P.E.
Former Technical Consultant to the US Space Force
Headquarters Space Operation Command
Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado


  • Bury the Chains – Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves, Adam Hochschild, page 3.
  • Why You Can’t Stay Silent – A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture, Tom Minnery, pgs 160 – 167
  • Jefferson Quote taken from Thomas Jefferson Memorial + America’s God and Country, by William J. Federer, page 333.
  • A Christian Manifesto, Dr. Francis Schaeffer in audio recording with Truths that Transform coralridge.org 1-800-229-9673)
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Disciples Christian Fellowship – Paul Weston Eden (webmaster of this website) and Bear Deardorff bring expository preaching from the Word of God with an emphasis on applying the Word in today’s culture. DCF is a not a 501(c)3. DCF-Church.org

Kudos! Ministry, SSM is a non-profit (not a 501(c)3) Christian discipleship training ministry to equip and exhort Christians to be powerful, effective disciples of Christ.

The Church is not fighting well as a body—an army. God designed us to be cohesive, but we are a dismembered body in America. The “Church” is the worldwide body of believers and is also described as local communities of believers. The body of Christ cannot function effectively, much less fight spiritual warfare, being lone ranger Christians. The army of God must be “tactical” in our Christian faith in these challenging times.

Kudos! Ministry Spiritual Warfare Training will use the Holy Bible to present biblical principles and precepts that God has given his body to

  • resist and fight evil as the body of Christ in our specific roles and assignments,
  • protect ourselves from self-inflicted wounds and spiritual attacks,
    advance the Good News of Jesus Christ,
  • maintain the freedoms God has given us in America.
Resources for Getting Organized and Working with Others

New Book!

That Other Jesus

We Don’t Talk About

How we’ll lose our souls & country if we remain silent – 1st Edition.

(See 2nd Edition box how to get this edition for free)

Jearell C. Kelley, P.E.; ESD CPM

What would Jesus’ response be to the socialists’ political power grab with election fraud or to their culture manipulation with critical race theory? Early American ministers not only recognized Christ in the prophets and apostles, but their sermons proclaimed That Other Jesus for the protection of religious liberties that were foundational to all American freedoms. These motivational sermons against tyranny have been censored for decades. Did we think our freedoms were forever secure?

That Other Jesus motivates serious rethinking of our spirituality and its application to America’s problems with the family, education, politics and the government’s tyrannical overreach in personal liberties. Today, as massive election fraud evidence grows, many remain disengaged to protect their vote or their freedoms. Thus illegal/tyrannical political power is not fully contested. After Hitler gained full power, the sleeping German Church later regretted their missed opportunities. Is the American Church asleep to their Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s or Christ’s warnings? It’s time for another Great Awakening! Will Christians self-examine, repent and fully obey Christ as revealed in both Old and New Testaments as it pertains to all of life or will state-induced fear defeat and control us?

Otherwise, extreme future abuses against Christians are coming. Christians are discharged from the military for religious exemptions surrounding vaccines now, while medical exemptions are honored.  More job losses, small business bankruptcies, and children taken away from Christian parents are coming. Expect new definitions of “child abuse” by militant, secular, godless, deceived, and lying tyrannical bureaucrats, claiming to protect us. They are coming for those who forget That Other Jesus, who is the truth that will set us free.

The Holy Scripture’s missed applications are connected to many “Christians” misunderstanding of salvation’s full requirements. Shockingly, many “Christians” don’t even know they are lost! Practical scriptural advice on the “public” school challenge and help for struggling broken families in crisis of affairs and divorces are also given. It’s time for another Great Awakening, but will Christians do the necessary work Paul via the Holy Spirit (including Christ) advised for self-examination, repentance, and full obedience to Christ as revealed in both Old and New Testaments?

That Other Jesus motivates serious rethinking of our spirituality and its application to America’s growing problems with the family, society, education, government, and politics.

Sampling of Topics Addressed:

  • Why is Sin So Bad If No One is Hurt?
  • Our Popular Theology on Sinning
  • When God Spoke on Public Policy Issues and Sins
  • Answers to Objections Like:
    * God does not intend to reform the world via political activism.
    * If God’s in control, why should I get involved?
    * We’re living in the last days, and things are supposed to get bad.

Science on covid and vaccines are censored. Election fraud / crimes are censored. Scientific evidence for God has been censored for decades in our “public” schools, which is the foundation of a militant, socialistic-leaning, godless culture. But scientific-based FACTS are available now!

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